Weekend of May 1, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with great things like going to the A Night to Remember prom, horseback riding, baseball, seeing my brother Eric and my sister in law Alex, going to my last Shooting Stars event of the year, seeing the play Big Fish, and going to Souplantation.

On Friday, I put on my pristine dress and Mary, my dad, and I drove to Eastlake Church in Chula Vista. I met 2 really amiable buddies, Michaela and Tawni. I looked like Katy Perry because I got my hair and my makeup done. I had eye makeup, concealer, blush, and lipstick, and I looked so pretty. Then we got into the meticulous limousine and when we got there, I walked down the red carpet and I thought, oh my gosh look at these kids dancing! Oh what fun! I danced Intermittently. Everyone looked beautiful and no one looked haggard. It was ideal! I genuinely had a good time.



Saturday, I woke up and it was pretty, not dreary outside. I went horseback riding (not on a nag!) and after that Elizabeth and I went to baseball. It was so great! After we got home, I saw my brother Eric and his wife, Alex.


Sunday I went to my last Shooting Stars event of the year with my dad at a church in La Jolla Shores. We sang You are my Sunshine. We also learned a dance to the song, One Day.


Later, I came home and got ready because my grandma, my uncle, my dad and I saw a play called Big Fish. My grandma’s friend’s daughters were in it. We sat up front, I was behaving like a subtle teen totally. I was quiet. I liked the story. It was about a son and his dad who tells him stories and the son doesn’t believe that it’s true but they are… so there was one part with adversity when an ardent giant came in and he talked to the boy. He told him this isn’t true. It was scary. At the end there was copious applause. After the show was over, we decided to go to Souplantation.


My favorite part of the weekend was Big Fish because it was so funny. I also liked the Prom because I got my makeup and hair done. I wanted to go to the Children’s Pool in La Jolla, but it wasn’t feasible. My least favorite part was nothing because I liked it all. Overall, my weekend was fantastic. Next weekend I will go see West Side Story. I also want to either see the Sound of Music or go to the beach to hang out. I want to do one of these things because it will be so swell!


2 thoughts on “Weekend of May 1, 2015

  1. Marjorie Latz says:

    What a vocabulary. You are doing great. Grandma M

    On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 12:07 AM, I Have a Lot to Say (for someone who can’t

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