Weekend of May 22, 2015

My weekend was awesome. It was filled with great things like going to the Zoo, [my senior] Prom, the Natural History Museum, and Legoland.

On Friday, I went to the Zoo with Linda and Arlie. When we arrived to the Zoo we walked on the way to the bird aviary, tiger trail, and we saw lots of animals, like Hippos, Otters, and Flamingos. It was a very long walk down to the Panda who was right in front of us, sleeping. I am so glad I saw the Panda.


On the way to Australian Outback with my class, we saw the Koala bears. Some are sleeping and there are a few that were yawning and went back to sleep. We had lunch at the Sydney Grill. “Wow,” I thought. It was meticulous. Then we left for home. I am so frustrated that the Carousel was closed.


Saturday, I stayed home and hung out. I saw half of Into the Woods. In the afternoon, I got my hair styled, makeup, and it was glorious!


Around 6:30 Arlie came over and guess what? We are going to my Senior Prom! My dress for prom was so tight that it didn’t fit well [it was so tight the zipper broke!]. Finally, my other dress fit.




We took pictures and then I got in the car and we drove to the prom. It was outdoors and like a maze. I saw all these pristine dresses and ties. It was ideal because all of the couples were so pretty. Also, the prom was in a pretty garden like setting. I entered the dance floor and danced for an hour. Near the end of our night, the music was too loud, and I felt so tired and sleepy. Then we came home. It was a wonderful night to remember!


Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and Ms. Frizzle was about sea lions. When I got home, my dad and I finished the classic movie Into the Woods and I liked it.

Monday, I went to Legoland and there was a new area called Heartlake City and they had a Lego Friends show.


Mia, their friend, owned a carousel and I went on her ride. I thought after my ride, “Thanks Mia for your ride!” Then we missed the 11:30 showing of the fire show so we watched the 1:30 shows instead. Also, there was Lego Trivia and I took a survey. I won a lego toy and a mini lego figure. We then went on a big boat ride with a very amiable captain. We went home so tired. My Dad and I had an awesome jazz band practice that night.


My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because of that new area. My least favorite part was nothing because it was all so great. Overall, my weekend was so fabulous! Next weekend I will fly to San Francisco and I want to either go to a piano store or go to a museum. I want to do one these things because it will be so swell!


Weekend of May 15, 2015

My weekend was great! It was filled with many busy things, like having another barn lesson, playing a Horseopoly board game, my last baseball game for the season, going to the aquarium with Arlie and Sheana, and going to Boomers.

On Friday, I went home and rested because it rained intermittently and was dreary out. Some people think it is not ideal, but I love the rain!!

Saturday, I had another barn lesson. I practiced my two point again on a rocking nag named Boss. Boss? Hey boss? Huh? That’s right Boss was my fake horse. I genuinely enjoyed it.


Then when I went to baseball, I experienced some adversity. I was in the batter box and I was thinking, “Time to hit, right?” But, I was wrong, I thought I hit first when really we were out in the field. Then it was time to go up to bat and my buddy said, it’s my last time for the season. Guess what I then did. I was crying too hard even though I tried to conceal it. It was my last time up to bat. Please….no no… I was miserable because it’s my last game of the season. I felt haggard. My dad came over. He said, “Listen to me. When you hit, (I felt happy again) give it all you got.” I was like, so? “So you can get a home run.” I thought, wow. I can do it. I then thought, I don’t like it that’s ok I can do it anyway. I then swung and it was not subtle. I felt much better! I hurried ardently and got to second base. When the game was over, I got a trophy but I was still a little sad that the season is over until the fall. Later, my dad and I played a meticulous game of Horseopoly, a verson of Monopoly and I felt better.


Sunday, I looked outside and it was pristine. Arlie takes copious care of me and she and Sheana came to my house. They were both amiable. Arlie showed her how to do morning care and then we drove to the aquarium. It is not feasible for Sheana to come every Sunday, so she will come every other Sunday. After the aquarium, my dad and I went to Boomers. Jaydon was there also. People were dressed up because there was a golf tournament. I stayed late. It ended at 4. But I decided to stay and watch people play. I had so much fun!




My favorite part of the weekend was Boomers, because I went on so many rides. My least favorite part was being sad for baseball. Overall, my weekend was good. Next weekend, because this Thursday is the grand opening of Lego friends at LEGOLAND, I want to either go to LEGOLAND or go to a mall. I want to do one of these things because it will be new and exciting! I also will go to the prom in Point Loma.


My Profile May 13, 2015

Joan and newborn Casey 1995

I was small when I was born. I have a bunny doll, and it has the outfit I wore. I was a really cute baby. I couldn’t eat or swallow because my muscles were weak. The doctors installed a G tube. It was also hard for me to get around because my arms and leg muscles are weak. I cried a lot. I wasn’t able to talk, but my mom and dad taught me sign language. My mom was a violinist, and my dad was a great clarinetist and saxophone player. I would hit the piano with one finger, but I could not even make a sound. I kept trying and began to make sounds on the piano, and it felt happy. When I started school, I was scared, and I told my mom. She told me it was ok because starting school is scary. I went to Carmel Del Mar, and there was homework. I had aides to help me. The kids and teachers were nice. I saw a boy I liked. I took piano lessons. I had a golden retriever named Charlie, and I loved him. I always liked Disneyland. I had a lot of activities. For example, I was in a play, our school had a fun music class, and we learned to sing and dance in a play called “Stone Soup”, which was about the gold rush and America. I learned to play bells in the band. I took horseback riding lessons, and dancing lessons.


Weekend of May 8, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic. It was filled with fun things like going to OT, having a barn lesson, playing some baseball, going to the aquarium, and [seeing] the play West Side Story.

On Friday I went to OT. There was a new therapist and I loved her, because I could talk to her on my iPad and she listened to me. Next time when I see her I will sign Roar, by Katy Perry.

On Saturday it was too muddy to ride outside, so I went to the barn and I had to practice my two point. A two point is when the rider stands up in the saddle. I practiced on an artificial horse named Boss.


Then, Gretchen, my teacher, taught me about some of the different foods that horses likes to eat.


I got to feed Mark and Noodles some hay. In the afternoon I had baseball.

P1020733 - Version 2

[1st pitch hit!]

What was weird was they played our national anthem before our game started. Usually, they don’t play it at all. They played it during the opening ceremony wow! Weird isn’t it? Later, I met my new nurse Sheana who was very amiable.


On Sunday I went to the aquarium. After that, I got ready and my dad and I went to JCC to see West Side Story. The main actor, Toni, sang like an opera singer. The play is about 2 gangs, the Sharks and the Jets. The people on the Sharks are Puerto Rican and the Jets are Italian. Toni is ardently trying to meet Maria and he sang “Maria, I just met a girl named Maria, and suddenly that name would never be the same to me.” The gang members sometimes looked haggard and Maria looked pristine. Their costumes were meticulous. Maria and Toni concealed their love, because everyone would nag them if they knew. Intermittently, there were copious fighting scenes and it was a bit dreary. There was some adversity when Toni died at the end and I didn’t think it was ideal. I genuinely enjoyed the play.


[with ‘Action’, aka Julia Price]

My favorite part was the play because the music was so pretty. My least favorite part was also the play because it ended sad. It was not feasible for me to go to the beach last weekend like I wanted to. Next weekend I want to either go to the Torrey Pines beach or go to Del Mar beach to hang out. I want to do one of these things because it will be nice!!


Weekend of May 1, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with great things like going to the A Night to Remember prom, horseback riding, baseball, seeing my brother Eric and my sister in law Alex, going to my last Shooting Stars event of the year, seeing the play Big Fish, and going to Souplantation.

On Friday, I put on my pristine dress and Mary, my dad, and I drove to Eastlake Church in Chula Vista. I met 2 really amiable buddies, Michaela and Tawni. I looked like Katy Perry because I got my hair and my makeup done. I had eye makeup, concealer, blush, and lipstick, and I looked so pretty. Then we got into the meticulous limousine and when we got there, I walked down the red carpet and I thought, oh my gosh look at these kids dancing! Oh what fun! I danced Intermittently. Everyone looked beautiful and no one looked haggard. It was ideal! I genuinely had a good time.



Saturday, I woke up and it was pretty, not dreary outside. I went horseback riding (not on a nag!) and after that Elizabeth and I went to baseball. It was so great! After we got home, I saw my brother Eric and his wife, Alex.


Sunday I went to my last Shooting Stars event of the year with my dad at a church in La Jolla Shores. We sang You are my Sunshine. We also learned a dance to the song, One Day.


Later, I came home and got ready because my grandma, my uncle, my dad and I saw a play called Big Fish. My grandma’s friend’s daughters were in it. We sat up front, I was behaving like a subtle teen totally. I was quiet. I liked the story. It was about a son and his dad who tells him stories and the son doesn’t believe that it’s true but they are… so there was one part with adversity when an ardent giant came in and he talked to the boy. He told him this isn’t true. It was scary. At the end there was copious applause. After the show was over, we decided to go to Souplantation.


My favorite part of the weekend was Big Fish because it was so funny. I also liked the Prom because I got my makeup and hair done. I wanted to go to the Children’s Pool in La Jolla, but it wasn’t feasible. My least favorite part was nothing because I liked it all. Overall, my weekend was fantastic. Next weekend I will go see West Side Story. I also want to either see the Sound of Music or go to the beach to hang out. I want to do one of these things because it will be so swell!