Weekend of April 24, 2015

My weekend was entertaining. It was jam-packed with breathtaking things such as meeting my new relatives, horseback riding, and going to the friendship circle walk.

On Friday, I met my new cousin Steven, his mom and his dad who are my grandfather George’s mom’s grandson from Russia. Cool! They all came for dinner. They were amiable.


Saturday I woke up, l looked outside and it was dreary. It rained intermittently all day! I went horseback riding on a nag and then I had some adversity. I was so sick my stomach was squeezing and I had a bad day. It was not subtle. I slept and stayed home. Not fun!! But I played a horse game with my dad and I won!


Sunday, Elizabeth, my dad and I went to the friendship walk and there was not a lot of things to do or see because I was expecting a circus like last year but, there was a snare drum player.



The walk was so so tiring an I felt haggard, but I did have fun.

After the walk, there was a festival for Israel independence day and OMG, there was folk dancing. Traditionally, they did circles and a line dance. They had a band and I danced a lot. It was weird that there was no belly button circus, they usually have one at the festival. Acts are done by kids who are meticulous!



My favorite part of the weekend was the festival because, 1: there was a fun drummer boy and 2: it was amazing. My least favorite part was when I didn’t feel good on Saturday because it was terrible. Overall, my weekend was all right. Next weekend, I expect the weather to be pristine and I will go to the a night to remember prom. I also want to go to the children’s pool in La Jolla or go visit my mom’s grave. I want to do one of these things because it will be so nice!


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