Week of April 10, 2015

My week last week was so awesome, dude. It was filled with numerous things like going to Bonnie, Zumba, LEGOLAND, Safari Park, Zoo, and Seaport Village. Also, I saw my friend Jaydon, went horseback riding, played baseball and went to the Natural History museum. On Monday, I went to Bonnie and it was nice to see her. After that, I went to Zumba and it was a good workout. Tuesday, I went to LEGOLAND and I saw the fire show, it was so funny. There was a buddy dance party area near the big boat ride in Mini land and everyone danced and played games like the limbo. It was a fantastic springtime celebration. IMG_0998 Wednesday, I went to the Safari Park and I saw some baby deer, some antelopes and some butterflies; it was so pretty. Thursday, I went to the zoo and I saw some wild condors, and more antelope, but I could not see the polar bears. I also saw the giraffes and elephants. The area Africa Rocks is closed because they will make it new in 2017. IMG_0996 On Friday, I went to Seaport Village and I saw these rocks stacked up next to the water. It was so weird. I also went on the carousel and you know, I also listened to a guy who played this pan flute and a high flute; it was like a tropical place like Hawaii. When I got home, I saw Jaydon and he played a piece by Erik Satie on the piano which was called Gymnopedies Number 1. It was like a jazzy song. Saturday, I went horseback riding and then I went home, and got ready for baseball. My dad was my buddy and I played so well. Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and Omg, there was no parking near the museum. So I thought ok where to park, hmm maybe by the carousel, so Elizabeth, who was my nurse, found a spot near the street. It was already 11:30 am and when we got to the museum, Ms. Frizzle’s topic was about mountains and I raised my little hand and told her, “we are in a drought and that it doesn’t rain very much in California, so we don’t have enough water, and it snows in the mountains.” Also, she asked us what kind of animals migrate or hibernate in the winter, I said, ”Butterflies” another kid said, “bears”, bears do hibernates right? So do spiders. Cool! Then the kids took a magic school bus ride to the mountain and it was snowing and it felt like it was real. When we went on the carousel, 1, it stopped in the same place every time and 2, I tried to reach not for the sky but for the brass ring and this made me distraught because I didn’t get one. I was so prevent. On the contrary, I rode a horse and a giraffe. IMG_0994 My dad and I played Uno and I won! P1020646 My favorite part of the spring break was the zoo because next Wednesday our ASL class will go there. Also it was neat how most of the animals were either awake or asleep. My least favorite part was that I didn’t have any school or jazz band because I felt like it was so lonely. Besides that, overall, my weekend was fantastic. Next weekend I will go to a music festival. The Sunday after that, I will go on a friendship circle 5k walk to raise money. Also, in the last week of May, I will go to San Francisco for a bat mitzvah. During senior week, our class will go to Disneyland. Then, guess what, I will graduate… This weekend, I want to either play with Legos or get a new game on Wii. I want to do one of these things because it will be so spectacular!!!!


One thought on “Week of April 10, 2015

  1. Rachel Parks says:

    Great to see you today, Casey! Thanks for coming out to support Craig, it means a lot to him! Tell your dad that I’d love to see the picture he took of you, me and Neshama!

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