Weekend of April 3, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with numerous things. Some of the things I did were attend Passover Seder, go to an Easter celebration, do a treasure hunt, etc.

On Friday, I came home, and Oh my Gosh I thought, “tonight is Passover…” I was so excited. Everyone came over for the Seder at my house and my dad was the leader who made the hidden bread or Afikomen really easy this year. I kinda made a joke, I thought the bread was hidden on the bench of the piano, no I was so shocked… it was in my music binder… isn’t that funny or what? Ha ha ha! My cousin Alison helped me. I did pretty well.


Saturday, I got up and I rode on my horse, Mark. Then I came home and got ready to go to this hotel which is called the Hilton Mission Bay Hotel and omg it is like a kitty land you might find at a theme park. It was the most cutest hotel you have ever seen. There was an Easter celebration and my best friend was there even the Easter bunny. The sad part was when I was there having a good time, I suddenly got a text from Daniel that he broke his arm. I couldn’t believe it, “What the heck with that? Huh?” Also he said that he would not come today. I was like boo hoo!!!!



When I asked for a map of the hotel in the lobby, it had a map with a treasure hunt game with 6 questions. Some of the questions were, 1. What are the colors of the sails on the sailboats at Action Water Park? Blue and yellow. 2. What is your favorite item on the kid’s menu in Aqua Restaurant? Pizza. The prize for the hunt was a sundae, but I didn’t have time to go get a sundae because it was too late.



Sunday was Easter. Elizabeth and I went to Seaport village and omg this guy sang old songs like a Frank Sinatra guy. But it was more meaningful than Frank Sinatra you see. Well, I saw a couple dancing and they were on the beat.

My favorite part of the weekend was visiting the hotel because it was a calm place. My least favorite was getting ice cream because I didn’t get any. Overall, my weekend was great! In addition to that, I got candy as my Easter egg hunt prize. Next weekend, I want to either get more ice cream or learn how to play lacrosse. I want to do one of these fabulous things because it will be a super duper weekend!


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