Weekend of March 27, 2015

My weekend was so great. It was filled with awesome things like going to the best buddies Ball, going horse riding, having baseball, Daniel, and going to the Science Center. Also, I started a new barbie movie and played wii.

On Friday, I got dressed in my elegant dress, and I went to the pre-party at Charlie Quigg’s house with my dad and my nurse Elizabeth.


I saw Ryan, Jason, and Sheila there, and I played chopsticks on the piano with Elizabeth. Then Sheila, Elizabeth and I drove to the ball at a place called Doubletree Golf Resort.


OMG, I was so scared going in!!!! But contrary to how I felt going in, when we got inside, I danced and danced and had so much fun!


Then there was a big, huge problem that I have to divulge. I left early, because I thought the balloon drop would have a countdown, like New Years, and I HATE countdowns you know, ….. well… it didn’t but I got so distraught that I decided to leave because it later became too much for me and I was so tired. I got so upset over nothing. That’s aggravating.

Saturday, I woke up disheveled and I got dressed. Then, I went horseback riding on Mark and I wanted to play red light green light. So, my teacher asked Jonah’s teacher, if Jonah could play red light green light at the end of our lesson, and he said, “Why not! Sure.” He was then like, “but I will win.” After riding, I went straight home to get ready for baseball and I played pretty well.


Then Daniel came to my house and he played pieces out of my new book. Music evokes in me happiness. Daniel is very nice, not stingy.

Sunday, I slept in again till 830 and then around 10 to 11 Elizabeth and I went to the science center and there were a lot of interactive things. I liked kid city the best, because there was an area that I thought was erratic and cool. Erratic because there was a conveyer for grocery food and if you put the food on it, it ends up on the floor instead of the counter. So funny I thought. But cool, like food shopping how you put food on the conveyer and then the worker scans your groceries. Also there was a computer which was for little kids and the games were basic. So I was thinking wait… the games seemed too easy.


After that I walked outside and there was a man playing steel drums.


Then we rode the carousel and I almost got the brass ring. When I got home, I played Animal Crossing on the wii. It is a game where you are in a town and you start picking where you live, then you meet the people, then get a part time job, and lastly, you are free to do whatever you want to do. The prevalent theme in Animal Crossing is city living. I also started watching the movie Barbie.

My Favorite Part was the science center because it was so interesting. My least favorite was the ball because I got upset over nothing. Overall my weekend was ok.


4 thoughts on “Weekend of March 27, 2015

  1. Marjorie Latz says:

    What a beautiful post. Your vocabulary is improving tremendously. Love, Grandma M

    On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 11:35 PM, I Have a Lot to Say (for someone who can’t

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