Weekend of April 24, 2015

My weekend was entertaining. It was jam-packed with breathtaking things such as meeting my new relatives, horseback riding, and going to the friendship circle walk.

On Friday, I met my new cousin Steven, his mom and his dad who are my grandfather George’s mom’s grandson from Russia. Cool! They all came for dinner. They were amiable.


Saturday I woke up, l looked outside and it was dreary. It rained intermittently all day! I went horseback riding on a nag and then I had some adversity. I was so sick my stomach was squeezing and I had a bad day. It was not subtle. I slept and stayed home. Not fun!! But I played a horse game with my dad and I won!


Sunday, Elizabeth, my dad and I went to the friendship walk and there was not a lot of things to do or see because I was expecting a circus like last year but, there was a snare drum player.



The walk was so so tiring an I felt haggard, but I did have fun.

After the walk, there was a festival for Israel independence day and OMG, there was folk dancing. Traditionally, they did circles and a line dance. They had a band and I danced a lot. It was weird that there was no belly button circus, they usually have one at the festival. Acts are done by kids who are meticulous!



My favorite part of the weekend was the festival because, 1: there was a fun drummer boy and 2: it was amazing. My least favorite part was when I didn’t feel good on Saturday because it was terrible. Overall, my weekend was all right. Next weekend, I expect the weather to be pristine and I will go to the a night to remember prom. I also want to go to the children’s pool in La Jolla or go visit my mom’s grave. I want to do one of these things because it will be so nice!


Weekend of April 17, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with amazing things like celebrating my uncle Robert’s and my brother Matthew’s birthday, going horseback riding, seeing cousin Carole, playing baseball, and going to a music festival.

On Friday, cousin Carole and my dad came home and I played my Sonatina by Chemeni on the piano. Then Carole played piano for a little while which was fun.


After that, the rest of our guests came, and we had Shabbat; you know the prayers… for the wine. Baruch atah adonai, eloheinu melech hoalam, borai prei hagofen, amen… for the bread. Hamotzi lechem min haaretz, we give thanks to God for bread, our voices join in song together, as our prayer is humbly said, Baruch atah adonai, eloheinu melech hoalam, homotzi lechem min haaretz, amen… Finally, for luck, Shabbat shalom [the song]. It evoked feelings of thankfulness in me. After dinner… “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Robert and Matthew, happy birthday to you.”


On Saturday, I woke up disheveled and got dressed and I went horseback riding. Baseball was great! Why? I had a new buddy named, I think its Shaman and she was super nice! Aw! I saw some college boys and I wanted them to be buddies with me and they did. They were so nice that I thought I will marry them! I played really well.



Then, Cousin Carole, my dad and I went to this restaurant called Naked Café. Funny/weird name for a café right? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, then we dropped Carole off by the train station. She went to Orange County.

Sunday, Elizabeth and I drove to Shooting Stars [Friendship Circle teen girls club], and we decorated a poster for the friendship circle walk. I made a bouquet of flowers for the performance that we will do in 2 Sundays. Guess what song we will do? Ok I will divulge it to you… Taylor Swift’s Shake it off. Then my dad and I went to a music festival at our temple. It was so fun and erratic, because there were different people and things to do. My friend Craig was performing the Camp Simcha Greatest songs. Basically, these are the same songs that are played at a camp I always attend in the summer. There are skits and songs and it’s always fun. Contrary to what you might think, the camp is 5 days long, but I only go for 1 day. We stayed for 4 hours at the festival!!!!



My favorite part of the weekend was the festival because I got a butterfly from the balloon maker.

P1020659 small

There was nothing to aggravate me, and no one was stingy. I didn’t feel distraught, only happy, so I can say my prevalent feeling was joy and my weekend was wonderful!! Next weekend I will go on the friendship circle 5k walk and there will be a snare drum player leading us.


Week of April 10, 2015

My week last week was so awesome, dude. It was filled with numerous things like going to Bonnie, Zumba, LEGOLAND, Safari Park, Zoo, and Seaport Village. Also, I saw my friend Jaydon, went horseback riding, played baseball and went to the Natural History museum. On Monday, I went to Bonnie and it was nice to see her. After that, I went to Zumba and it was a good workout. Tuesday, I went to LEGOLAND and I saw the fire show, it was so funny. There was a buddy dance party area near the big boat ride in Mini land and everyone danced and played games like the limbo. It was a fantastic springtime celebration. IMG_0998 Wednesday, I went to the Safari Park and I saw some baby deer, some antelopes and some butterflies; it was so pretty. Thursday, I went to the zoo and I saw some wild condors, and more antelope, but I could not see the polar bears. I also saw the giraffes and elephants. The area Africa Rocks is closed because they will make it new in 2017. IMG_0996 On Friday, I went to Seaport Village and I saw these rocks stacked up next to the water. It was so weird. I also went on the carousel and you know, I also listened to a guy who played this pan flute and a high flute; it was like a tropical place like Hawaii. When I got home, I saw Jaydon and he played a piece by Erik Satie on the piano which was called Gymnopedies Number 1. It was like a jazzy song. Saturday, I went horseback riding and then I went home, and got ready for baseball. My dad was my buddy and I played so well. Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and Omg, there was no parking near the museum. So I thought ok where to park, hmm maybe by the carousel, so Elizabeth, who was my nurse, found a spot near the street. It was already 11:30 am and when we got to the museum, Ms. Frizzle’s topic was about mountains and I raised my little hand and told her, “we are in a drought and that it doesn’t rain very much in California, so we don’t have enough water, and it snows in the mountains.” Also, she asked us what kind of animals migrate or hibernate in the winter, I said, ”Butterflies” another kid said, “bears”, bears do hibernates right? So do spiders. Cool! Then the kids took a magic school bus ride to the mountain and it was snowing and it felt like it was real. When we went on the carousel, 1, it stopped in the same place every time and 2, I tried to reach not for the sky but for the brass ring and this made me distraught because I didn’t get one. I was so prevent. On the contrary, I rode a horse and a giraffe. IMG_0994 My dad and I played Uno and I won! P1020646 My favorite part of the spring break was the zoo because next Wednesday our ASL class will go there. Also it was neat how most of the animals were either awake or asleep. My least favorite part was that I didn’t have any school or jazz band because I felt like it was so lonely. Besides that, overall, my weekend was fantastic. Next weekend I will go to a music festival. The Sunday after that, I will go on a friendship circle 5k walk to raise money. Also, in the last week of May, I will go to San Francisco for a bat mitzvah. During senior week, our class will go to Disneyland. Then, guess what, I will graduate… This weekend, I want to either play with Legos or get a new game on Wii. I want to do one of these things because it will be so spectacular!!!!


Weekend of April 3, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with numerous things. Some of the things I did were attend Passover Seder, go to an Easter celebration, do a treasure hunt, etc.

On Friday, I came home, and Oh my Gosh I thought, “tonight is Passover…” I was so excited. Everyone came over for the Seder at my house and my dad was the leader who made the hidden bread or Afikomen really easy this year. I kinda made a joke, I thought the bread was hidden on the bench of the piano, no I was so shocked… it was in my music binder… isn’t that funny or what? Ha ha ha! My cousin Alison helped me. I did pretty well.


Saturday, I got up and I rode on my horse, Mark. Then I came home and got ready to go to this hotel which is called the Hilton Mission Bay Hotel and omg it is like a kitty land you might find at a theme park. It was the most cutest hotel you have ever seen. There was an Easter celebration and my best friend was there even the Easter bunny. The sad part was when I was there having a good time, I suddenly got a text from Daniel that he broke his arm. I couldn’t believe it, “What the heck with that? Huh?” Also he said that he would not come today. I was like boo hoo!!!!



When I asked for a map of the hotel in the lobby, it had a map with a treasure hunt game with 6 questions. Some of the questions were, 1. What are the colors of the sails on the sailboats at Action Water Park? Blue and yellow. 2. What is your favorite item on the kid’s menu in Aqua Restaurant? Pizza. The prize for the hunt was a sundae, but I didn’t have time to go get a sundae because it was too late.



Sunday was Easter. Elizabeth and I went to Seaport village and omg this guy sang old songs like a Frank Sinatra guy. But it was more meaningful than Frank Sinatra you see. Well, I saw a couple dancing and they were on the beat.

My favorite part of the weekend was visiting the hotel because it was a calm place. My least favorite was getting ice cream because I didn’t get any. Overall, my weekend was great! In addition to that, I got candy as my Easter egg hunt prize. Next weekend, I want to either get more ice cream or learn how to play lacrosse. I want to do one of these fabulous things because it will be a super duper weekend!


Weekend of March 27, 2015

My weekend was so great. It was filled with awesome things like going to the best buddies Ball, going horse riding, having baseball, Daniel, and going to the Science Center. Also, I started a new barbie movie and played wii.

On Friday, I got dressed in my elegant dress, and I went to the pre-party at Charlie Quigg’s house with my dad and my nurse Elizabeth.


I saw Ryan, Jason, and Sheila there, and I played chopsticks on the piano with Elizabeth. Then Sheila, Elizabeth and I drove to the ball at a place called Doubletree Golf Resort.


OMG, I was so scared going in!!!! But contrary to how I felt going in, when we got inside, I danced and danced and had so much fun!


Then there was a big, huge problem that I have to divulge. I left early, because I thought the balloon drop would have a countdown, like New Years, and I HATE countdowns you know, ….. well… it didn’t but I got so distraught that I decided to leave because it later became too much for me and I was so tired. I got so upset over nothing. That’s aggravating.

Saturday, I woke up disheveled and I got dressed. Then, I went horseback riding on Mark and I wanted to play red light green light. So, my teacher asked Jonah’s teacher, if Jonah could play red light green light at the end of our lesson, and he said, “Why not! Sure.” He was then like, “but I will win.” After riding, I went straight home to get ready for baseball and I played pretty well.


Then Daniel came to my house and he played pieces out of my new book. Music evokes in me happiness. Daniel is very nice, not stingy.

Sunday, I slept in again till 830 and then around 10 to 11 Elizabeth and I went to the science center and there were a lot of interactive things. I liked kid city the best, because there was an area that I thought was erratic and cool. Erratic because there was a conveyer for grocery food and if you put the food on it, it ends up on the floor instead of the counter. So funny I thought. But cool, like food shopping how you put food on the conveyer and then the worker scans your groceries. Also there was a computer which was for little kids and the games were basic. So I was thinking wait… the games seemed too easy.


After that I walked outside and there was a man playing steel drums.


Then we rode the carousel and I almost got the brass ring. When I got home, I played Animal Crossing on the wii. It is a game where you are in a town and you start picking where you live, then you meet the people, then get a part time job, and lastly, you are free to do whatever you want to do. The prevalent theme in Animal Crossing is city living. I also started watching the movie Barbie.

My Favorite Part was the science center because it was so interesting. My least favorite was the ball because I got upset over nothing. Overall my weekend was ok.