Weekend of March 20, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic! It was filled with great things like going horseback riding, baseball, seeing my friend Daniel, the zoo, a piano recital, and seeing my cousin.

On Saturday, I woke up disheveled and my nurse helped me get dressed. Then, I went horseback riding early because my dad and I needed to hurry to baseball. When I had my picture taken, contrary to the past, I smiled the first time. Plus, I got a home run!!!!!!!!!!!! When we got home, Daniel, my friend came over and we played piano. First, he played his music, then my music. Sometimes I am stingy and want him to play only my music.


Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to the zoo and on the bus, I was distraught because I was so hot and tired. I was on the upper level of the bus and I fell asleep (like a log!). After that, we saw Rio and we laughed, and then I went on the carousel 2 times.


[Easter bunny at the zoo]

When I got home, my dad and I went to the Museum of Making Music because there was a piano recital with my piano teacher’s students. They were all from ages 5 to 14 and it was so nice. One song was called Fur Elise; and I must divulge it is the most wonderful piece! It was so pretty, it evoked feelings of melancholy in me. It was like a Katy Perry song. My favorite song was My Heart Will Go On. It reminds me of a Taylor swift song.


When we got home, my grandma and Robert came over, and Allison my cousin, who is on spring break came. She didn’t come on Friday because on that day in Oregon, contrary to San Diego, the weather was erratic and it snowed. The prevalent weather in San Diego is sunshine. Wow, snowing in springtime.

My favorite part of the weekend was the piano recital because it was so pretty. Nothing was aggravating, it was all superb! Next weekend I will go to the Best Buddies Ball. I also want to either go look at worms at a swamp park (EW!) or hang out with Allison my cousin. I want to do one of these things because it will nice!


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