Weekend of March 6, 2015

My weekend was so fun. It was filled with awesome things like going horseback riding, having opening ceremony for baseball, seeing my friend, sleeping in, seeing the play Annie, and seeing the movie Sleeping Beauty.

On Friday, I went home and rested.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding. First, Mark my horse and I plodded to the barn and found a lot of beanbags, so that I could have a beanbag throw. I had to tell my teacher a horse word, or a horse part, and then I could throw a bean bag. I knew mane, star, and stirrups. Cool right? I threw 4 bean bags into either the hula hoop or the beanbag holes.


After that, I descended down from my horse and my dad and I were off to our next destination, the baseball field. Come on!!!! It was so loud, because everybody was signing up for their teams and getting their shirts. I am number 9. I am one away from 19, which is my birthday and it felt so cool. Then everybody went out onto the field, because it was time for the opening ceremony. When the announcer called our team, the Red Sox from Boston, I cheered. Oh woo woo. We walk up to the line of the bases. I got a special chance to sign our national anthem while the kids sang. Luckily they said play ball afterwards. When we got home, Daniel came over and I asked him what music is like for him. Different composers have different moods and I didn’t quite get that for some reason. I was bewildered. Then he played a powerful song for me.



Sunday, since it was day light saving time, I slept in till 10:30! OMG is that astonishing? After I woke up, I got dressed and ate before my dad and I went to see Annie, at the JCC. We sat in row ee5 and ee7 and we had good seats. The play was about an 11 year old girl in an orphanage. Ms. Hainan [Hannigan], the kids’ servant and teacher, was mean, drab, but also funny. Initially, the song it’s a Hard Knock Life, was my favorite, but then I changed my mind and decided that Tomorrow is my favorite. It is about following your dreams. The stage was immense and the setting was vivid.


After meeting the characters, we drove all the way to Bob and Julie’s house, because we had a birthday gift for Bob. He is 70 years old. His gift was from Nordstrom and it was the funniest shirt. I forgot what it said, but he adored it. We were laughing. I am telling you, it is a funny black and white shirt. It reminds me of Dumb and Dumber.


Then we saw my old school, Carmel del Mar, for preschool and elementary, and we stopped by our old house. Then I played the piano for the longest time and I played my Sonata in C k.545 by Mozart. Then I saw part of Sleeping Beauty and her dress was elegant. The last thing I did was played more of Lego Harry Potter.

My favorite part was the play, because I thought the music was so beautiful. I also loved sleeping in. My least favorite part was nothing really. Overall my weekend was super great! Next weekend I will have my very first Miracle league baseball game. I also would like Lena, my friend from ASL, to come over and play piano with me.


One thought on “Weekend of March 6, 2015

  1. Rachel Parks says:

    Hi Casey! It’s great to hear about your weekend.With baby Neshama in the house I am not getting much sleep so I am jealous that you slept until 10:30!!!
    🙂 Rachel

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