My Goals March 5, 2015

I set high goals that I can achieve in the future.

My goal for horseback riding is to have gentle hands and not hold on my horse Mark’s mane when I am dismounting off my horse. I am improving in the way I ride.

For baseball, my goal is to take off to first base as soon as I am finished hitting and I am also doing great on that. Also, after someone after me hits, I zoom to second base, and for some games I go slow like a turtle.

For writing, which I am doing right now, my goal is to edit my work, write a strong intro to my paragraphs, and have lots of fun doing this goal.

Finally, for piano, I always learn a new piece too fast so you might think my goal is to go slowly… yeah but there is a twist to it. For piano lesson/practicing/ performance, I must learn each part separately. In other words, I just do first the left hand only, and then do the right hand only, finally, put both hands together.

In conclusion, these goals are really important for me because if I am good about doing these goals I can achieve them.


6 thoughts on “My Goals March 5, 2015

  1. Rachel Parks says:

    This is so great, Casey! Jonah has just started learning about setting goals for himself . I am going to share this with him and I know it will inspire him just like it did for me!

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