Weekend of March 20, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic! It was filled with great things like going horseback riding, baseball, seeing my friend Daniel, the zoo, a piano recital, and seeing my cousin.

On Saturday, I woke up disheveled and my nurse helped me get dressed. Then, I went horseback riding early because my dad and I needed to hurry to baseball. When I had my picture taken, contrary to the past, I smiled the first time. Plus, I got a home run!!!!!!!!!!!! When we got home, Daniel, my friend came over and we played piano. First, he played his music, then my music. Sometimes I am stingy and want him to play only my music.


Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to the zoo and on the bus, I was distraught because I was so hot and tired. I was on the upper level of the bus and I fell asleep (like a log!). After that, we saw Rio and we laughed, and then I went on the carousel 2 times.


[Easter bunny at the zoo]

When I got home, my dad and I went to the Museum of Making Music because there was a piano recital with my piano teacher’s students. They were all from ages 5 to 14 and it was so nice. One song was called Fur Elise; and I must divulge it is the most wonderful piece! It was so pretty, it evoked feelings of melancholy in me. It was like a Katy Perry song. My favorite song was My Heart Will Go On. It reminds me of a Taylor swift song.


When we got home, my grandma and Robert came over, and Allison my cousin, who is on spring break came. She didn’t come on Friday because on that day in Oregon, contrary to San Diego, the weather was erratic and it snowed. The prevalent weather in San Diego is sunshine. Wow, snowing in springtime.

My favorite part of the weekend was the piano recital because it was so pretty. Nothing was aggravating, it was all superb! Next weekend I will go to the Best Buddies Ball. I also want to either go look at worms at a swamp park (EW!) or hang out with Allison my cousin. I want to do one of these things because it will nice!


Weekend of March 13, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic! It was filled with awesome things like going to American Sign language class, relaxing at home, playing baseball, seeing Eric and Alex, watching a behind the scenes episode of Lawrence Welk, getting my toenails painted, going the Natural History Museum, and going to “Good Deeds Day” with the friendship circle.

On Friday, ASL class was really fun because the kids signed Disney Songs like what you would hear at Disneyland/Disney movies. Then I came home, tried on my old, vivid, pants to see if they still fit. They all fit perfectly…I think.

Saturday I did not have horseback riding, so I slept in until 8:30 just like the journal from 3-2-2015. Wow! Eight thirty sounds nice, aw! After I got up, I needed to warn my dad, “Text Daniel” and guess what happened…. he was supposed to come to play piano with me before my game, but he did not show up because he was busy. Initially, I was so upset and bewildered, but later I was ok. Then my dad descended our stairs, so that he could take me to the immense baseball field for the Miracle League game. It was really hot; therefore, I stayed in the dugout, and when it was time to go up to bat, I plodded there. Carly was my buddy for 3 years, and she was my buddy for the opening ceremony, but then she introduced me to her sister who goes to Torrey Pines. She was my buddy and I got a home run!! Isn’t that astonishing? We tied as always. We always end with a tie score! We were the last team to play against the Padres (so I got to see my friends, awesome Rachel and funny Jenna). Cool right?


When we got home, I played my new Pokémon game on the DS, and now I have 3 badges. After that, I saw my brother Eric and my sister in law Alex. It was her birthday last week and her gift was an elegant scarf, ooh la la! She does not like drab at all!!! After that I watched Lawrence Welk. I liked it a lot. Lastly, I got my toenails painted.


On Sunday, my first destination was the Natural History Museum. We parked right next to the carousel and it was only 9:30, which was too early for the carousel to be open. It opened at 11:00 so we went in the museum first.


In the museum, it was family days and there were different stations. One station had colored paper and there was an outline of a butterfly. I had to color the butterfly in and then have wings stapled on.


Also I got 2 tattoos. On my right hand was a dragonfly, and on my left hand it was a little ladybug. Aww!


Then we went upstairs and there was a new exhibit called Coast to Cactus with a video about listening to the animals in the desert. After that, it was time for Ms. Frizzle. The topic was Chaparral. We left early to go on the carousel.


Finally, Elizabeth and I went to the Friendship Circle. It was “Good Deeds Day”. Jaydon was my buddy and we did music, made a card for the soldiers, and danced. OMG it was really fun!



My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Jaydon and going to the Natural History Museum because I had a blast! My least favorite was when Daniel didn’t come over because it was disappointing. Overall, my weekend was really spectacular! Next weekend, I want to go buy a special Seder plate for Passover, go to the beach, and go to the Best Buddies Ball because this weekend will be awesommmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Weekend of March 6, 2015

My weekend was so fun. It was filled with awesome things like going horseback riding, having opening ceremony for baseball, seeing my friend, sleeping in, seeing the play Annie, and seeing the movie Sleeping Beauty.

On Friday, I went home and rested.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding. First, Mark my horse and I plodded to the barn and found a lot of beanbags, so that I could have a beanbag throw. I had to tell my teacher a horse word, or a horse part, and then I could throw a bean bag. I knew mane, star, and stirrups. Cool right? I threw 4 bean bags into either the hula hoop or the beanbag holes.


After that, I descended down from my horse and my dad and I were off to our next destination, the baseball field. Come on!!!! It was so loud, because everybody was signing up for their teams and getting their shirts. I am number 9. I am one away from 19, which is my birthday and it felt so cool. Then everybody went out onto the field, because it was time for the opening ceremony. When the announcer called our team, the Red Sox from Boston, I cheered. Oh woo woo. We walk up to the line of the bases. I got a special chance to sign our national anthem while the kids sang. Luckily they said play ball afterwards. When we got home, Daniel came over and I asked him what music is like for him. Different composers have different moods and I didn’t quite get that for some reason. I was bewildered. Then he played a powerful song for me.



Sunday, since it was day light saving time, I slept in till 10:30! OMG is that astonishing? After I woke up, I got dressed and ate before my dad and I went to see Annie, at the JCC. We sat in row ee5 and ee7 and we had good seats. The play was about an 11 year old girl in an orphanage. Ms. Hainan [Hannigan], the kids’ servant and teacher, was mean, drab, but also funny. Initially, the song it’s a Hard Knock Life, was my favorite, but then I changed my mind and decided that Tomorrow is my favorite. It is about following your dreams. The stage was immense and the setting was vivid.


After meeting the characters, we drove all the way to Bob and Julie’s house, because we had a birthday gift for Bob. He is 70 years old. His gift was from Nordstrom and it was the funniest shirt. I forgot what it said, but he adored it. We were laughing. I am telling you, it is a funny black and white shirt. It reminds me of Dumb and Dumber.


Then we saw my old school, Carmel del Mar, for preschool and elementary, and we stopped by our old house. Then I played the piano for the longest time and I played my Sonata in C k.545 by Mozart. Then I saw part of Sleeping Beauty and her dress was elegant. The last thing I did was played more of Lego Harry Potter.

My favorite part was the play, because I thought the music was so beautiful. I also loved sleeping in. My least favorite part was nothing really. Overall my weekend was super great! Next weekend I will have my very first Miracle league baseball game. I also would like Lena, my friend from ASL, to come over and play piano with me.


My Goals March 5, 2015

I set high goals that I can achieve in the future.

My goal for horseback riding is to have gentle hands and not hold on my horse Mark’s mane when I am dismounting off my horse. I am improving in the way I ride.

For baseball, my goal is to take off to first base as soon as I am finished hitting and I am also doing great on that. Also, after someone after me hits, I zoom to second base, and for some games I go slow like a turtle.

For writing, which I am doing right now, my goal is to edit my work, write a strong intro to my paragraphs, and have lots of fun doing this goal.

Finally, for piano, I always learn a new piece too fast so you might think my goal is to go slowly… yeah but there is a twist to it. For piano lesson/practicing/ performance, I must learn each part separately. In other words, I just do first the left hand only, and then do the right hand only, finally, put both hands together.

In conclusion, these goals are really important for me because if I am good about doing these goals I can achieve them.


Weekend of February 27, 2015

My weekend was so cool. It was filled with awesome things like relaxing at home, going horseback riding, to UTC, having my friend over, going to Boomers, going to the Purim festival, and going to Anne Marie’s house for Astrid’s birthday dinner.

On Friday, I came home from school. Lisa and Rick, our family friends, came for happy hour.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and my horse plodded around the arena. When we were done I descended from the saddle.


Then I went to UTC [a mall] with my dad.  We went to the piano store and we listened to music [with Byron]. The store is immense and I was astonished! I actually heard the piano twice that day, because Daniel played piano at my house later on when we got home.


Sunday, I went to Boomers with Elizabeth, and initially I played Dance Dance Revolution. It was like really hard to play.  I was bewildered. But luckily, I was good at the Lost Island game and Deal or No Deal. Altogether, I won 67 tickets, so I bought 2 dinosaur toys and 5 necklaces. Our next destination was home and I put on my vivid clown costume, because I was going to the Jewish Academy for the Purim festival. I had so much fun! Jaydon was there and I saw clowns from the friendship walk. One clown painted a musical note on my face and she also put flowers on my hands. After that, the rabbi told everyone the story of Purim.  Esther the queen was elegant in her gown and Mordecai her uncle was drab when he put on sack cloth. Then we danced.



Later I went home and I got ready because my dad and I were going to Anne Marie’s house for her mom’s birthday. Very nice!!! So we sang happy birthday to her. By the time we got home, I was so tired.


My favorite part of the weekend was the Purim festival because I met some very cool people. My least favorite part was when I was outdoors because it was raining a lot! Overall, my weekend was so thrilling. Next weekend I will see the play Annie. I also want to either go to Linda’s house or go to a lake. I want to do one of these things because it will be so swell!