Weekend of January 30, 2015

My weekend was so exciting. It was filled with fun things like going horseback riding, having a friend come over, going to the food pantry to help the homeless, going to a organ concert in Balboa Park, and seeing the Super Bowl.


On Friday, I went home and that was the end of the day. On Saturday, I went horseback riding and it was okay. Then, my dad had to drop off things at Grandma’s house. When I got home, I did piano and drums. After lunch, my friend Daniel came over and I asked him if he knows a chinese song on the piano. He looked some songs up on my ipad and so he played the famous sunflower piece.


Sunday morning, Arlie and I went to the food pantry for friendship circle. We helped pack food for the homeless and I was so tired after that. In the afternoon, my dad and I picked up my grandma because we drove down to Balboa Park. Why did we go there, you might be wondering? Maybe because we haven’t been down there for a long time? Well, there was an organ concert every Sunday from 2:00 to 3:00 pm and Carol Williams was like a superstar because she always played the organ for many years. In addition to that, the famous Von Trapp grandkids from the Sound of Music were our special guests for the concert and they were so great because they had such good showmanship as they sang. They were accompanied by one person who played guitar and of course Carol Williams accompanied them too. My favorite part of the concert was when they sang Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. After the concert, I got a chance to go inside the building where there were pictures and a small museum of the history of the organ. When we got home, I was so tired.




That evening, my dad turned on the Super Bowl and omg it was between the Seahawks vs Patriots. When the woman sang the song about our flag and how we fought for freedom, oh say…. her voice was like screaming in my ear, but it was the greatest version I ever heard. Ever! When the football started, I was so bored because the first half was not exciting but when the halftime came, I stopped my ipad and when I saw Katy Perry, I was yelling woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved how she was riding on a tiger and it roared and it seemed to me that it was echoing to me. I almost thought I jumped because the roar was so loud. Anyways, there was also a part when they had the pop star flying in the sky while they had fireworks and it was the best halftime so far.



My favorite part of the weekend was the halftime because most of the people I have talked to and seen so far watched the halftime. My least favorite part was nothing because it was so great. Overall, my weekend was like a girl-who-goes-crazy-weekend. In other words, it was a crazily fun weekend. Next weekend, I want to see if we can build a small museum in my house because it will look cool.


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