Weekend of February 6, 2015

My weekend was super great!! It was filled with great things like seeing friends, going horseback riding, going to the pre-party at Nikki’s house, going to the Zoo, and going shopping.


On Friday, I came home and got ready for my friend Savi because she came and we had fun. We chit-chatted a little and did a little of dancing. Also, we played Lego Harry Potter.


On Saturday, I thought, maybe while i wait for my dad to finish eating, I have to practice my goldilocks story. There was a video i have and it’s called Sign me a story. One woman was deaf and the other interpreted what the other woman was signing. So, they had lively music with the stories. The first story was called Little Red Riding Hood, and one part i liked, “I told you to be careful. You certainly were right. But what happened to my poor grandmother?” I thought, “aww, she’s ok.” Next was my turn to sign “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”


Then, I got ready for horseback riding. My time the first try for the obstacle course was 3.15 minutes so slow. For the second try, I got 2.45 minutes, a much better time!  After I got home, I practiced piano. Soon, I was done with lunch, and Daniel didn’t show up on time, and i was thinking nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I practiced drums I was behind because I think daniel came at 2:00 pm.  When he came I was like so excited to see him. I first showed him my vacation journal and he read it aloud to me. Then i asked him if he knows any jokes, he said, “Nope!” I told him 2 jokes. the Timber,and highway 22 jokes that were both really funny. What was so funny about the highway joke was in the end, a man  said, “is your husband all right? The woman said, “yes, we got off on highway 119.” The man was so scared that the police thought the speed limit is 22,  but really its highway number 55 and so the police realized that when he asked if his husband is alright, the woman noticed that they got off at the wrong highway number, so if its highway 119, then that means that they were going 119 mph, that’s fast! get it? Anyhoo, I then asked daniel, “Let  us play wii music” but daniel replied,”I have to leave at 2:40. so how about this; spend the first 15 min piano, and the last 15 min playing wii.  At around 5 pm vincetta my dad and I drove to Nikki’s house near my friend jaydon’s house for the pre-party.  All my friends from the Tap class were there. It  was so nice. i missed lawrence welk because of the pre-party. they had teen music like happy. it was a good pre-party.


Sunday, i went to the zoo with Elizabeth and OMG, i went in the snake house. i saw a baby komodo dragon. aww! then for some reason, camp critters was not happening because they will change the show, maybe it becomes a ride, i don’t know. so we saw RIO and Elizabeth liked rio because it was her first time she had seen that movie because we saw the polar express during the christmas break there.  After that area, i decided to go over to the petting zoo and i met a girl named lyn i think and i shook hands. she told me that the little horses were a boy and a girl horse, the girl horse was named Elmo and the other was named Sparky. aww. We then went inside this insect house and there was these insects that was running around the cages, and guys, it is the most cutest and most cleverest thing you ever seen in a insect house. Check it out sometimes; it was really cool.  After all that, (Phew, that was so tiring) we went on the carousel 2 times and it was so fun.

When I came home my dad and i picked up my uncle robert because we went shopping at the Home depot and Best Buy. at the Home Depot store, my dad and robert bought a cap for the bbq because as you know my dad wanted to remove the knobs and replaced it with a cap for the rental house. He also bought a smoke alarm and at the end of the aisles, there was a truck and flags driving back and forth between the aide closest to the light area like a small train/parade.  At best buy we saw so many tvs for sale. One i liked was sony. it had good sound.

My favorite part of the weekend was actually a tie between the Zoo, the pre-party and going to Best Buy and i think best buy wins the favorite part award. for the least favorite award, i think it is when i didnt see lw [Lawerence Welk] on the day it was recording. finally, the big winner is best buy! yay, congrats!!!! woooo!!!!

Overall, i had a awesome weekend!!!!


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