Weekend of February 20, 2015

My weekend was so pleasurable. It was filled with awesome things like resting at home, going horseback riding, seeing friends, walking on the beach, and watching the Oscars.

On Friday, I came home and my grandma came over for happy hour. My dad and grandma talked.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding and Mark was the name of my horse, just like Linda’s husband. Ha! So, I rode through and competed in different obstacle courses; I did pretty well. Then I visited with my friend Craig Parks for a little while. Soon, I was back in my cozy little house and I pretended to be Tom Sawyer, because you see, I didn’t know that my dad is not engaged now that my mom died, and so I was like Tom in that he didn’t think Becky would be engaged right? Huh? Well anyways, after I got home I got ready to play my piano and drums. I finished my music and ate my lunch. Oh, I watched the High School Musical concert DVD that I have not seen in a long time, while I ate. I just loved it! Then, ding dong, my friend Daniel showed up right at 1:30. Yay!!!!! So, he read part of the Boxcar children’s book to me. Then he played piano for me. I asked him to play a song based on 5 random notes. I forgot the exact notes, but I think it was a, c, b flat, d, and e, but he was bewildered and said, “I think they’re too wide apart”. So, he tried and I thought the notes d, b, a, g, and b belong to a song called Shake It Off, and Jasmine Flower. Cool, right?

Sunday OMG, I slept in till 8:30 can you believe it? 8:30 am! So, that’s twelve and a half hours. Wow, I was astonished! (I need to tell Ms. Starr that.) Anyways, it was a nice Sunday sleep in day, s s i d, get it? (Sunday sleep in day.) funny? Yes, well, after I woke up, it was a beautiful morning, so I got dressed with Elizabeth. Then, I ate, and soon we were on our way to the JCC. Why? Because it was a Teen Shooting Star event. A Shooting Star event is a program for Jewish teen girls with disabilities, and they have a room for the event, and these kids have arts and crafts projects. It’s like best buddies. My favorite part of that day was dancing, making masks, and having my makeup done. Then I called my dad, “Can we go to the beach?” He said, “What beach?” Well, we were thinking our initial destination would be La Jolla cove, but we only had 20 minutes. At La Jolla cove, I pretended that the sky was lifting me up while I plodded over the dirt, because it felt so immense and it made me feel tired. I went up and descended some stairs and it was already 2:00, so I didn’t go all the way up to see the seals. Too bad. After that we went home and my friend Savi came over and I played my drum piece and I was pumped up! Later I turned on the Oscars and OMG, I liked the host; he was so funny! The women all had elegant dresses on and no one looked drab. I also liked when the Lego people with vivid clothes sang Everything is Awesome!!! One part I thought was funny, was when the host looked naked and… OMG, I was laughing so hard, because it was very funny!!!!


My favorite part of the weekend was the Oscars, because it was the funniest show I have ever seen. Overall, my weekend was fabulous. Next weekend is Purim at the Jewish Academy and I will go to and participate in that. I also want to go to the Natural History Museum, maybe go to Disneyland, or maybe see the new SpongeBob movie. I want to do one of these things because it would make it a thrilling weekend.


Weekend of February 13, 2015

My weekend was so cool. It was filled with awesome things like going to the Safari Park, going horseback riding, going to the aquarium, going to the best buddies party, and etc.

On Friday, I went to the Safari Park with Arlie, my nurse,  and we saw so many animals like there were elephants, a baby cheetah, and it was so hot that day.


Saturday, Carole, my cousin, was visiting me, so we went to horseback riding for Valentine’s day.  Then we went over to the aquarium and we saw sharks feeding, which was so cool. Soon, we went back to my house and that was Saturday.



Sunday,  Elzabeath and I  went to the aquarium again and we saw a show about the kelp forest and divers who were cleaning and feeding the fishes.  The giant sea bass came down and ate most of the fish. The diver’s  name was David. Afer the aquarium, I  went home and got ready to go to Rachel’s house for the best buddies party. it was cool because they had a piano in her house, so i played piano for the kids. also, after the party, Daniel came.


Monday I  went to Legoland and it was so crowded omg.  There was an area it was supposed to be the water works area, but they had many signs for their newest lego friends Heartlake city which will opening this summer. i’m so excited because they will have a carousel, imagine a carousel at Legoland, will that be cool? for their first time in history! yeah! Anyways, we saw the fire show and it was so so funny.  We also went on the project x roller coaster, the Lost Kingdom Adventure ride, the dragon ride, this ride called the beetle bounce, and the spinner ride, Bionicle Blaster. In addition to that, we went on the boat ride called Skipper school. We also went to the Sea life aquarium, and saw another shark feeding this time this huge shark ate the fish.

My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because it was so great! My least favorite part was nothing because it was so fun. Overall, my weekend was so awesome. Next weekend, I want to either see Corbin Bleu live or go on a hike in mission bay. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fantastic!


Weekend of February 6, 2015

My weekend was super great!! It was filled with great things like seeing friends, going horseback riding, going to the pre-party at Nikki’s house, going to the Zoo, and going shopping.


On Friday, I came home and got ready for my friend Savi because she came and we had fun. We chit-chatted a little and did a little of dancing. Also, we played Lego Harry Potter.


On Saturday, I thought, maybe while i wait for my dad to finish eating, I have to practice my goldilocks story. There was a video i have and it’s called Sign me a story. One woman was deaf and the other interpreted what the other woman was signing. So, they had lively music with the stories. The first story was called Little Red Riding Hood, and one part i liked, “I told you to be careful. You certainly were right. But what happened to my poor grandmother?” I thought, “aww, she’s ok.” Next was my turn to sign “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”


Then, I got ready for horseback riding. My time the first try for the obstacle course was 3.15 minutes so slow. For the second try, I got 2.45 minutes, a much better time!  After I got home, I practiced piano. Soon, I was done with lunch, and Daniel didn’t show up on time, and i was thinking nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I practiced drums I was behind because I think daniel came at 2:00 pm.  When he came I was like so excited to see him. I first showed him my vacation journal and he read it aloud to me. Then i asked him if he knows any jokes, he said, “Nope!” I told him 2 jokes. the Timber,and highway 22 jokes that were both really funny. What was so funny about the highway joke was in the end, a man  said, “is your husband all right? The woman said, “yes, we got off on highway 119.” The man was so scared that the police thought the speed limit is 22,  but really its highway number 55 and so the police realized that when he asked if his husband is alright, the woman noticed that they got off at the wrong highway number, so if its highway 119, then that means that they were going 119 mph, that’s fast! get it? Anyhoo, I then asked daniel, “Let  us play wii music” but daniel replied,”I have to leave at 2:40. so how about this; spend the first 15 min piano, and the last 15 min playing wii.  At around 5 pm vincetta my dad and I drove to Nikki’s house near my friend jaydon’s house for the pre-party.  All my friends from the Tap class were there. It  was so nice. i missed lawrence welk because of the pre-party. they had teen music like happy. it was a good pre-party.


Sunday, i went to the zoo with Elizabeth and OMG, i went in the snake house. i saw a baby komodo dragon. aww! then for some reason, camp critters was not happening because they will change the show, maybe it becomes a ride, i don’t know. so we saw RIO and Elizabeth liked rio because it was her first time she had seen that movie because we saw the polar express during the christmas break there.  After that area, i decided to go over to the petting zoo and i met a girl named lyn i think and i shook hands. she told me that the little horses were a boy and a girl horse, the girl horse was named Elmo and the other was named Sparky. aww. We then went inside this insect house and there was these insects that was running around the cages, and guys, it is the most cutest and most cleverest thing you ever seen in a insect house. Check it out sometimes; it was really cool.  After all that, (Phew, that was so tiring) we went on the carousel 2 times and it was so fun.

When I came home my dad and i picked up my uncle robert because we went shopping at the Home depot and Best Buy. at the Home Depot store, my dad and robert bought a cap for the bbq because as you know my dad wanted to remove the knobs and replaced it with a cap for the rental house. He also bought a smoke alarm and at the end of the aisles, there was a truck and flags driving back and forth between the aide closest to the light area like a small train/parade.  At best buy we saw so many tvs for sale. One i liked was sony. it had good sound.

My favorite part of the weekend was actually a tie between the Zoo, the pre-party and going to Best Buy and i think best buy wins the favorite part award. for the least favorite award, i think it is when i didnt see lw [Lawerence Welk] on the day it was recording. finally, the big winner is best buy! yay, congrats!!!! woooo!!!!

Overall, i had a awesome weekend!!!!


Weekend of January 30, 2015

My weekend was so exciting. It was filled with fun things like going horseback riding, having a friend come over, going to the food pantry to help the homeless, going to a organ concert in Balboa Park, and seeing the Super Bowl.


On Friday, I went home and that was the end of the day. On Saturday, I went horseback riding and it was okay. Then, my dad had to drop off things at Grandma’s house. When I got home, I did piano and drums. After lunch, my friend Daniel came over and I asked him if he knows a chinese song on the piano. He looked some songs up on my ipad and so he played the famous sunflower piece.


Sunday morning, Arlie and I went to the food pantry for friendship circle. We helped pack food for the homeless and I was so tired after that. In the afternoon, my dad and I picked up my grandma because we drove down to Balboa Park. Why did we go there, you might be wondering? Maybe because we haven’t been down there for a long time? Well, there was an organ concert every Sunday from 2:00 to 3:00 pm and Carol Williams was like a superstar because she always played the organ for many years. In addition to that, the famous Von Trapp grandkids from the Sound of Music were our special guests for the concert and they were so great because they had such good showmanship as they sang. They were accompanied by one person who played guitar and of course Carol Williams accompanied them too. My favorite part of the concert was when they sang Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. After the concert, I got a chance to go inside the building where there were pictures and a small museum of the history of the organ. When we got home, I was so tired.




That evening, my dad turned on the Super Bowl and omg it was between the Seahawks vs Patriots. When the woman sang the song about our flag and how we fought for freedom, oh say…. her voice was like screaming in my ear, but it was the greatest version I ever heard. Ever! When the football started, I was so bored because the first half was not exciting but when the halftime came, I stopped my ipad and when I saw Katy Perry, I was yelling woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved how she was riding on a tiger and it roared and it seemed to me that it was echoing to me. I almost thought I jumped because the roar was so loud. Anyways, there was also a part when they had the pop star flying in the sky while they had fireworks and it was the best halftime so far.



My favorite part of the weekend was the halftime because most of the people I have talked to and seen so far watched the halftime. My least favorite part was nothing because it was so great. Overall, my weekend was like a girl-who-goes-crazy-weekend. In other words, it was a crazily fun weekend. Next weekend, I want to see if we can build a small museum in my house because it will look cool.


Vacation journal January 21, 2015

My trip was so fun. It was filled with awesome things like going to the Everglades Holiday Park, going swimming, going to restaurants, and meeting a new friend.

On Wed, Mary, my nurse got me ready to go to the airport. Meanwhile, my grandma and Robert came and the 4 of us drove to the airport. So I had my wheelchair and grandma borrowed a wheelchair.   omg after getting through security, we waited for a long time because our plane American Airlines was leaking so I thought, NO!!!!!!! Around 10 there was an announcement saying that the plane will leave at 11, I was so shocked. “11? Really?” I thought. Finally, we were on our way to Miami. When we got there we took a taxi to Grandma and Grandpa M’s place in Key BIscayne and it is a one story house [actually 9th floor in a 12 story building] and it has a kitchen and it’s so pretty.

Everglades Holiday Park - Version 2

On Thursday, we went to the Everglades Holiday Park and we got tickets for the airboat and omg, the airboat was so loud as it went fast like a ride, I saw cattails and alligators and it took 1 hour.




And after that we saw an alligator show and omg, it was so cool. They were so huge.



On Friday I went to the beach with my dad, aww, and my 2 grandmas. I made a house and we also made a pond in the sand.



After lunch, we went swimming and the water was warm, and the spa was hot but I always like it. Then we went to a bar for my first time for happy hour and was it loud or what?

On Saturday, we went to feed the turtles and fishes and aww it was so cute.


After that we waited by the first floor for Tammy and grandma’s friend Edythe, to have lunch with, and so we ate, and it was fun.


After that. My dad, Tammy, and I walked down to the beach and Tammy loved it. Then in the mid afternoon I decided to watch tv so there was a figure skating championship on tv and it was marvelous. Then we waited for my new friend Julie and she was 19 and taking care of dogs. She doesn’t play piano unfortunately but she was so nice but she didn’t want to talk to me because I guess she was shy right? Anyways, soon we were out of apt room number 929, and to the restaurant called Origins and it was so tasty.

Sunday, we went back to the miami airport and the last time we were there, we didn’t get a wheelchair until they checked our bags. Stupid right? Anyways, we waited and it took a long time finally grandma’s wheelchair came and we were at gate 21 for the first flight, for the second fight we were at gate 23. So we flew home, got there around 530.

On Monday, Arlie and I went to Legoland! It rained I was so surprised we didn’t see the fire show because I felt a mist and I didn’t know it rained it looked like it was raining. In the evening I had my jazz band concert and it was so so great. But my solos were not loud, it was soft.



Tuesday I went to Boomers and had a lot of fun playing video games all day. Not a lot of people there so I really got to play all my favorite games.

My favorite part of the weekend was the concert because it was so entertaining. No least favorite because everything was awesome. Next weekend I will go help with the food pantry for the homeless with the friendship circle. I also want to either watch the super bowl or play with Daniel. I want to do one of these things because it will be exciting!!!