Weekend of January 16, 2015

My weekend was so fun. It was filled with awesome things like seeing my friend, going horseback riding, going shopping for my new games for my trip, and going to the zoo.

The first day of the weekend was on Friday. On Friday, I came home and David, my cousin came with Aunt Laurie and Uncle Steven. On Saturday, my dad drove me to the horseback riding place. I rode Mark and I told my teacher, Gretchen that Mark is a flea-bitten gray. I just knew that. Wow!!!!


Then after riding, we drove over to the Del Mar Highlands shopping mall. In one area there was Gamestop. I bought 4 new games, 2 of which are wii games, and the other 2 for 3DS so it’s half and half. Why? Half of 4 is two 2s so half of the wii game 2, plus the 3DS game, 2 2+2 = 4 right? So cool!!!!! When we reached our destination, I tried both the 3DS game and the wii game but I liked the 3DS game better because it was so cool. Let me tell you what I got. I got Scribbanauts Unmasked, and Pokémon Omega Ruby. And for wii, I got…. An African safari game and a game called Bang Bang, kinda hard. Also, Daniel my friend came over and I was so excited for his concert Sunday. He played a clip of it, the Beethoven piano concerto number 5, the third movement of his famous emperor piece and the third movement was so lively.

Sunday, my new nurse Tiffany came and she was not allowed to drive, so we walked up to the Ashley Falls park and I saw soccer. It was nice. In the afternoon, I played my new game on my ipad. It was Lego Harry Potter. It was so hard at first, I couldn’t believe how hard it was. Meanwhile we picked up Laurie and David and we drove to Escondido. First this saxophone quartet played and I was very impressed. The wind ensemble played excellently. Next was Daniel’s turn to play so I thought good luck Daniel, you can do it. He played with an orchestra and omg it was marvelous! So in the intermission, I talked to him and said, “Good Job”. His family all congratulated him and his bro gave him flowers like what fans do when a pop star did great.

On Monday, Arlie and I went to the Zoo. While we are walking, we saw a sign next to the electric wire fence saying, “caution on electric wires. Do not touch it.” There came a man walking in front of us and he grabbed the wires fence and pretended he was electrocuted. He looked like having a seizure. and it was so so so soooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg we laughed so hard. We saw this parrot named Taylor. He was talkative and he sang. I remembered him. We saw him before and we recorded him. Then it was time for Camp Critters and this sea lion Riley was so funny. Then we saw RIO 4D movie. Next, we rode on the bus tour and the driver was Kelly. I had fun. There were some baby giraffes. Then we rode the train twice and the carousel twice. It was a great day. Then I had jazz band practice for my concert next week.


My favorite part of the weekend was Daniel’s concert because it was so fantastic! I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was fabulous! Tomorrow I will fly to Florida for the weekend. There, I want to either go to the Everglades, or go to Legoland there.


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