Holiday week of December 29, 2014

My winter break week was awesome!!!! It was filled with great things. Some of things I did were going to Arlie’s house, seeing a movie, going to LEGOLAND, and etc.

On Monday I went to Zumba and omg it was fun. There were just two students who were there. The next day, I went to the AMC movie theater to watch Annie and it was so hilarious. On New Year’s eve [day], I went to Arlie’s house there was laser light. On New Year’s day, I went to LEGOLAND and it was fun.


When I was home, I watched the Tournament of Roses parade, and the theme was inspiring stories. After that day, I went to the zoo with Arlie and we watched the movie past Elephant Odyssey and it was so funny . On Saturday, we went to the old house near Carmel del Mar because we will sell it. Then, I exercised for 20 minutes… ah, it was so nice. Next, at 11:00, Jaydon, my friend came and I played my Sonata in g major by Haydn on the piano, and Jaydon played his song by Diabelli. After that, we played a game called WII U PARTY and so it was so fun. We played a board game called Mii Fashion plaza. It’s a fun shopping, clothes game and I lost at the end, I’m like really…. I lost? Oh no! Then when Jaydon left, I went up the stairs…. Ding dong… my new friend Daniel came and he plays piano too. He played a Beethoven sonata and a concerto by Rachmaninoff.


Sunday I went to the JCC with my nurse Elizabeth because it was only girl’s friendship circle shooting stars in the teen lounge. There was a puppet show and they had Muppets and sesame street characters like Kermit Ernie, Bert, cookie monster, and even Grover, and a hawk. One part I liked was when these turtle dudes sang. Also, I made a frame art project. I painted a like frame with black, blue yellow, pink etc. At the end, I had to say “Hi my name is Casey, and my favorite part of today was the puppets show.” Then, Elizabeth and I drove to UTC and I looked around Macy’s and something smelled good. So there was this girl singing. It was great.


My favorite part of the break was friendship circle because it was so pleasing. I also liked the zoo because the polar express was always my favorite movie. My least favorite part was not having any work to do because I had no school. Finally a vacation to remember! Next weekend I want to either watch the Polar express movie again or go fishing. I want to do one of these things because it will be a great 2015 weekend!!


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