Weekend of December 19, 2014

My weekend was so awesome! It was filled with things that were so special to me for the holiday season. Some of the people in my weekend were so nice because I got to spend time with family, nurses, and friends. I hope you enjoy it . Oh, I forgot, if you want to know some of what I did… I rested, went to three parties, I had a friend over, etc. Now sit back and enjoy!

On Friday, it was THE most fun day ever because at school that day… we had an end of the year/Christmas party. We did secret Santa, and saw a scary movie called the Nightmare before Christmas, some of it was so creepy and funny but I loved it. Then, at CCA there was another party and for 1st period there was a girl who sang Part of your World. It was so pretty. Then for our class, the kids signed and talked. There was also a deaf person who came and told us about how she goes to Riot, which is a special college for deaf students.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding and Gretchen, my riding teacher, gave me a cute card with the horses all dressed up and we brought a special card and some cookies for them too. I thought, “you know, this is so sweet.” I said, “Thank you!” After riding my horse in the barn, I went back home and Natalie, my friend came who is in college now, came. So I am sorry dad but I miss her now I thought… Anyways, I played piano for Natalie and we you know fooled ourselves with the song Love is an Open Door from Frozen. We had fun fooling around. From the song, “Jinx! Jinx again!” Anyways… Sorry why do I always say anyways? Go on? Yes? Ok.

Helen Woodward holiday 2014 - Version 2


Sunday, I went to the zoo and omg the 4d movie was supposed to be rio, but there was a problem. Can anyone tell me what you think the problem was? Uh the movie was at a different time… nope. I will tell you. They changed the movie. Oh…. why you ask? Because remember Christmas, they must change it. They did and now they changed Rio, r i o, to the Polar Express. The p o l a r… e x p r e s s… That’s right once again it’s the Polar Express and watchers, you must know that it snows in this movie. It is true, there is real snow that pops out of the movie scream. Wow! It was an amazing movie. Make sure you see it. Mmm? After that, dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! I went to Matthew and Anne Marie’s house for dinner. And when it was time for gifts I got lucky why? Because as a gift this year I got Peter Pan Live DVD. I wanted the DVD Sound of Music last year… anyways getting to the end…



My favorite part of the weekend was the dinner because man was it awesome? Yes it was…. Woo! My least favorite part of the weekend was nothing because again it was an amazing and wonderful weekend. Next weekend, I want to either go to a park or watch football. I want to do one of these things because if the Chargers lose this game remember no playoffs but if they win, however, yes playoffs. Oh I hope they will win!


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