Weekend of December 12, 2014

My weekend was so fun. It was filled with awesome activities like going to Zumbathon, watching a movie, going to the nutcracker, seeing Savi, and watching football.


On Friday, after ASL (which was in a Japanese classroom) I went home and I practiced piano not drums.


On Saturday, I got up and I hung out at home until we got ready to go to Mira Mesa because it was a Zumbathon and this small band played some types of Latin music, while we did choreographed moves to songs like Old Black Magic and Féliz Naviadad. I was so tired.




Then at home, I practiced my music. After that, I watched a cute movie called Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I loved it. I saw the first half of the movie with my dad, and the rest with Vincenta and she also loved it.


On Sunday, my nurse, Delanee, was supposed to come at 8 but she didn’t show up so I thought as I was exercising and was watching Barbie’s Nutcracker, “Oh no, what? No nurse? Aw man!” Anyways, so I saw Barbie Nutcracker and it was so good. Then around 12:15 I saw a signing video where the Bravo family brought their son Scott to the hospital because he hurt his leg. Then my dad and I drove to CCA because All Star Dance performed the ballet Nutcracker. The sad thing is Ms. Sarah, who is my dance teacher, was on the program but she didn’t come because she was sick. I was very upset about my teacher, but I liked the ballet a lot.


What’s even more upsetting was last night I watched football and they [Chargers] lost big time.


My favorite part of the weekend was the Nutcracker because it was at my school, Canyon Crest Academy. My least favorite was football because I couldn’t believe they lost. Overall, my weekend was great. Next weekend I want to either to a bay or go see holiday lights. I want to do one of these things because it will be the best!


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