Thanksgiving week November 24, 2014

My Thanksgiving break was super-duper great. It was filled with amazing and awesome things. Some of the things I did were going to Bonnie’s house, going to Arlie’s house, going to LEGOLAND and having an awesome Thanksgiving.

I want to talk about Thanksgiving first because I would like to tell you what I did on that special and heartwarming day. Thursday morning I woke up and realized it was Thanksgiving and, are you ready to hear this? You need to, ok? This will be fun. Get ready….to hear…this. Da da da! I recorded and watched the whole Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


There were marching bands and the famous ROCKETTES. I LOVED THAT.


There was also singing and dancing and floats. There was a SEAWORLD float.

Seaworld float

Also they had balloons like Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas engine float

And Spiderman. Also, the band, American Authors was there. And finally, the elves said, “Hey look everyone Santa’s coming!” Santa was on his reindeer float.

Santa float

Next, two weird things happened. After the parade there was a dog show and I watched it. Then, there was another showing of the same parade from 2 to 5. “What!” I thought it was only in the morning. The second thing that was weird was on Friday I think, I suddenly erased the parade. But, I will try to record the tournament of roses parade.

Anyways, back to the beginning.

On Monday, I had Bonnie and after that I went to Arlie’s house and had fun.

Tuesday, I went to LEGOLAND, and the Lego girls sang Christmas carols and songs like rocking around the Christmas tree.


Wednesday, I went to the zoo and it was so exciting. The theme of the zoo was jungle bells not jingle bells.

Thursday afternoon, [cousin] David, Matthew, Anne-Marie, Arlie, my grandma and Uncle Robert came for thanksgiving dinner.

Friday, I went to the Safari Park and I first went on the tram and I saw some baby giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, and lions. Then, we ate lunch and we walked to the carousel and the fairground organ played some Christmas songs like Santa Clause is coming to town.

Saturday, I woke up and there was no horseback riding because it was thanksgiving break. I asked my dad can you ask Jaydon to come please? Dad sent a text and so around 12:30 to 1 my dad got a text saying Jaydon will come at 4:00, the same time Vincetta came. So Jaydon came and I said to him, “You look like Harry Potter.” Soon, I played a wonderful piece by Yiruma on the piano for him. After that, I played Wii and I won.


Sunday, I went to the zoo with Elizabeth, my nurse, and we first went on the bus tour and our tour guide was a girl who sang popular songs with funny words like, “Do you wants to take a bus ride?” instead of “Do you want to build a snow man?” from Frozen which is perfect for this season, right? There was also a California condor. What was so funny near the end, while we drove back to the loading dock, was Amy our driver sang, “Somewhere in San Diego, far away, conserve water and plants too, also animals too,” just like the song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I then went on the carousel. When I arrived home, I saw football and later I also saw Harry Potter.

My favorite part of the weekend was the parade because it was the best parade ever. Also I liked seeing Harry Potter because he looks just like Jaydon, my friend. My least favorite part was Harry Potter because in number 3 Harry almost caught the golden Snitch. Also there were Dementors that freaked me out. Finally, I didn’t like the game on TV because the Chargers were losing almost the whole game until the last quarter at 30 seconds when Chargers got a touchdown and won. I couldn’t believe it! Overall, my break was so righteous. Next weekend/break I want to either go to Seaport Village or the Museum of Man. I want to do one of these things because it sure sounds like a lot of fun.


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