Weekend of November 7, 2014

My weekend was so so great! It was filled with great things like going on an airplane, staying in a townhouse, going to a Bat Mitzvah and going to Washington.
On Friday, Mary my nurse came and Rick,who also came, dropped my dad, me, Mary, grandma, and Robert off at the airport. Then, my grandma and Robert were lost. It turned out they were at the security line. We waited and waited a long time because there was no one there to help us get through security. Finally we were on our way to Washington DC. yay! It was 4 hours I thought, “woah, thats long.” I was so bored. When we arrived, we rode on a train to the baggage claim, and a bus to the rental car place. It took us forever to pick a car, drive to the townhouse and go to my cousins Savanna, Scarlet and Sam’s house for dinner.  At their house, I toured downstairs and Savanna had an awesome basement. She had some Wii games, guitar, bass, and cello. Savanna always says, “Hi, Casey, and I love you Scarlett.”
Saturday, we went to see Aunt Yvette and saw Aunt Marilyn’s new apartment. Then we went to a restaurant and I forgot the name, but it was so fun because I saw my brother, Eric, and my sister in law, Alex. They gave me a cute card with a camera, blinking. Then, when we were in temple for Savanna’s bat mitzvah, I covered my ears I was so scared that I almost went to sleep. But when everyone needed to follow Savanna into the next room, I didn’t want to go but when I finally went in, there was music and a dj. I thought and said to my dad, “I was right! it IS a party.” So I played some of their games and I won all of them. There was a helper who helped the kids so I wasn’t scared. Also, Scarlett made a speech and one part of the speech was really funny. It was when Scarlett told a story about how Savanna was at Disney World and she asked Scarlet,”Where are my shoes? I dont have them.“ Later, Scarlett said, ”mom has them.” The party ended at 9pm.
Sunday, around 9 to 9:30 Mary, my dad and I drove to a different hotel for brunch and I saw Jay and I was so glad to see him. Savanna was glad too. After that, Jay, his friend Lorie, Mary, my dad, and I drove to Washington DC and I was amazed. We went to the Air and Space Museum, the Smithsonian Castle, and they had a carousel like Balboa Park and I went on it. Then we walked over to the Natural History Museum and I  loved that museum. Next, we walked back to the van and drove back to the townhouse in Virginia and got ready, because we then went back to my cousin’s house for dinner and only  Sam and Savanna were there. Scarlett went back to Virginia Tech College.
Monday, we waited til 10 because we first went to Subway because I won a gift card from the game, musical scavenger hunt at the party Saturday night. It was like musical chairs. Anyways, we bought a sandwich. Then, we drove to this other museum which was my favorite museum because they had airplanes and space so it was another Air and Space museum. We took a guided tour and one plane looked like a shark. After that, we had lunch and we drove to the bus because we dropped off the Avis car. So the bus took us to the airport. Cool! Then we had trouble finding Southwest line to check in and get our tickets. After finding it, we went through security and took a train to C gates and I thought, “hmm gate C64 is where?” My dad misspoke it was B64 not C. I thought…”ohhhhhhhhhhhh it’s B not C.” So again we went back on the train and took 2 trains and 3 elevators. Finally, we were at B64 and grandma and Robert were there so my dad, Mary and I split up and my dad bought a smoothie and a sandwich. The plane ride this time was 5 hour 41 minutes, “too long” I thought…
Tuesday was fun cause we went to Balboa park and the friendship circle had not arrived yet so I thought either it  was on Sunday, or it was at 1:30. It was at 1:30 so finally they were here and I asked my buddy Id and Nathan, “Will Jaydon come?” Arlie said, “No.” I was so disappointed. “No Jaydon” I thought. Oh man. So Id, Nathan and Eddie and I went over to the grassy area to play parachute with the group. Then we explored a lot and we rode the tram all over the USS midway museum, past the science center, and back in the El Prado area. We listened to a guitar, a banjo,and a fiddle player.  The duo sang “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes.” We also saw a statue who was so funny. In fact, he waved at me; it was hilarious. Then we walked back to the organ pavilion, but I didn’t talk to my buddy because I was SHY!!
My favorite part was when I was at the party because the games were super fun. My least favorite part was the airport because wrong gate number! Overall, my weekend was so fun. Next weekend, I will go to a concert in JCC. I also want to either go to the zoo, or go to the park. I want to do one of these things because it will be super exciting!!!!!
With cousins Savanna, Scarlett, and Sam
With Eric and Alex
Party girl!
With Jay (now you’re almost famous because you’re mentioned in her blog!)
Tourist in D.C.

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