Spooky weekend of October 31, 2014

My weekend was so great! It was filled with great things like getting my tires fixed, going trick or treating, going to the horse barn, to baseball, watching a movie, and going to see Peter Pan.
On Friday, it was Halloween so we went to have my tires fixed and some kids were trick or treating around the stores. Kids came to the tire place to get candy and it was fun. Later, I came home and there was no time for piano or drums because I ate while watching a movie called Mt. Carmel tournament of bands, which my nurse Mary brought. Then, I got  into my costume and Skyler and Tracey,  his 2 nurses and his stepdad also came. While we started trick or treating around 6:30, his stepdad stayed home and waited for kids to get candy. So we went around my neighborhood and we went across the street and got a lot of candy; I  got around 76 pieces of candy. Oh what was so funny was when I went to David’s house, I saw a piano in his house so I got candy, but, Michael the boy played piano for me. You would think,”what, you can’t go in peoples house!” It was just because I didn’t know that he played piano too like me. It was a special treat.
Saturday, it was too muddy to ride so I instead took care of Mark in the barn.  I brushed him with the curly comb. Then I also went trick or treating because I gave carrots to all of the little and big horses. Next, I went to baseball and I was awesome, because I played great!! Next, I went home and had lunch.  Then, l did thank you emails for my birthday on the 19th of last month. I said, “thank you from Casey,
Dear __,  thank you for my gift, and for coming to my party, I enjoyed having  you there. From, Casey.”
Sunday, Delanee and I first exercised, then we saw a cute movie for a late Halloween classic called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s about a boy named Harry Potter who gets a letter from Hedwig inviting him to the Hogwarts School of Magic and the school is like a sleepaway camp or school. So I ate my lunch around 11:30 because at 12:30…ding, we were on our way to JCC to see their version of that popular Disney classic, Peter Pan.
My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Peter Pan because it was so exciting to see all the pirates, even Wendy. I also liked Halloween because it was so fun too. My least favorite was not being able to go riding because it was too muddy to ride. Overall, my weekend was awesome! Next weekend I will go to a bat Mitzvah of Savanna, my  second cousin in Washington DC.
Happy Halloween!
With Skyler (right) and the gang for trick or treating
Cleaning up Mark
Feeding carrots to Noodles the horse
With Peter Pan
With Tinkerbell
With the Mermaids

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