Weekend of October 24, 2014

My weekend was so fun. It was filled with great things like going to the Haunted Aquarium, seeing my aunt and cousin, and going horseback riding.
On Friday, I did some errands, then I got in my costume because my aunt, cousin, grandma, dad, and I all drove to the aquarium because it was called The Haunted Aquarium. Each halloween guest got a bag before you enter the aquarium, because then people can give you things to go in your bag. There was also Billy Lee and the Swamp Critters band, with an accordion, wash bowl, fiddle, two guitars, and a drumset. Plus, there were cool games like one game you spin a wheel and the color needs to match the prize. My favorite part of it was in the classroom, one was dark and there were different stations for bioluminescence and one station that my dad created was when the kids grabbed any piece of animal like a shark and throw it in this water, and you see it glow and shake down.
Saturday, I went horseback riding, then when I came home my cousin and aunt played a game that was fun. You pick 21 tiles and instead of making a word and wait for your next turn you keep making words like a crossword puzzle. I played too. Then we went to Souplantation and it was so enjoyable. After that, I went to baseball in my costume, and it was also celebrity pitcher day so the pitcher and the catcher both wore a turtle costume and my buddy was a vampire.
Sunday, my aunt, cousin, Mary Jane my nurse, my dad, and I went to this animal shelter called Humane Society in Encinitas  and Sid, my dads cousin [friend], read his new children’s book about this cute dog named Danny. The book is called, Danny Dog.  Also, people got the chance to buy the book. If you have read it I love it, if not tomorrow I can bring it. After that we walked over to see the homeless animals and one dog was named Grandpa and it was an arrival pet. There were also cats but I didn’t go in there. There were rabbits, and a sign near the end of the rabbits area  said, ¨this way to doggy playground¨ so my dad explained what a doggy playground was to me. Then, Mary Jane and I went to the Making Music Museum and she loved it because she loves music. I saw some girl scouts and they were hanging out in the store right when you walk through the door to your right. I also saw this mini xylophone and so I played it, then I walked through the gallery 2 times. There was one area where they have samples of music and under vocals one song was a tisket a tasket. I tried their Clavinova keyboard and I loved it. I tried to play a bach song. I then went home and at 5:30 David, Aunt Lorie and my family came for dinner.
My favorite part of the weekend was the Haunted Aquarium because it was the most fun. My least favorite part was nothing because it was so fantastic. Overall, my weekend was so fabulous!!! Next weekend, I will go trick or treating on Halloween. I also will go to see the Peter Pan show at JCC. Next week, I will go to Washington DC for a bat mitzvah of Savannah, my cousin. I also want to either have my dad eat pumpkin pie or buy a new game. I want to do one of these things because it will be great!
It’s time for the Haunted Aquarium. Check out my costume!
With the band at the Haunted Aquarium
Pitched to by a Ninja Mutant Turtle…
…who is Heath Bell, former Padres relief pitcher
With Aunt Laurie and a squirmy Danny Dog

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