Weekend of October 10, 2014

My weekend was so amazing! It was filled with great things like seeing Linda from the regional center, going to baseball, going to my horse show, seeing Savi, and going to the aquarium.

On Friday, I saw Linda from the regional center who was interviewing me. We talked about my life, and my new website project which will start in a few weeks.

Saturday, I watched the wizard of Oz then, I played piano and played Wii and the game was broken. Oh no!!! So we decided to play Super Mario Galaxy. Then, I went to baseball and I played well. After that, I went home and got ready for my horse show and the theme was movies so they had music from Cars, Frozen, Monster Inc., Ratatouille, etc. I rode well so I got a trophy. Next, there was a soccer game across from the horse place and I watched it for the longest time as you can imagine. My friend Savi came over to my house around 3:30 and so we talked and played games. Soon, Vincetta and Mary Jane came and Vincetta painted my toenails green. So pretty!

Sunday, I went to the aquarium and I touched a sea star, saw fish like Nemo, the clownfish who was in the sea anemone. Also I saw seahorses and leafy sea dragons. After that, I came home and played piano for Mary Jane. Soon, my dad and I watched football and we were cheering and so it was a tie during the whole 2nd and 3rd half. Then the team intercepted the ball so we had it and we got a touchdown so we won!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite part of the weekend was my horse show because I won a trophy. My least favorite was nothing because it was super great! Overall, my weekend was so nice! Next weekend, I will have a bowling birthday party!!! I also want to either open my gifts or go get a pumpkin. I want to do one of these things because I just want to have fun!


Ready for baseball



Riding at the horse show



Check out my trophy!



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