Birthday Weekend of October 17, 2014

My birthday weekend was so fun. It was filled with awesome things like taking a nap, going to baseball, going to the aquarium, and going bowling.

On Friday, I went home and took a long nap. I thought that it was a great nap.

Saturday, I woke up and I saw Rio on TV. Then I practiced baseball, ate, did piano and drums, had lunch and went to my baseball game. I played great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I went home.

On my birthday, Sunday, I went to the aquarium for a little while and even the diver said happy birthday to me. Then I looked around and touched a sea cucumber. That was cool. Then I came home, got ready because, grandma Rhoda, uncle Robert, my dad, and I all went to Poway Fun Bowl because my friends, Savi, Jaydon, Carla, Matthew, Anne-Marie, Alison, Lisa, my dad and I all did bowling and I won the first game so it was fun. In the 2nd game I didn’t want to play because I was eating. So Jaydon took my turns and I thought because I couldn’t bowl, someone needed to take my turn so Jaydon decided, “ok, I will bowl for you!” aww, how nice!!! Anyways then I did cake and Delanee and Alison helped me blow out the candles. After everyone ate, I opened my gifts. I got clothes, and 2 new wii u games. Oooh! Also, I gave Savi and Jaydon each a party bag with a iTunes gift card in it. Wow! Then we opened the last gift at home and it was another game called Scribblenauts for the wii u and I love that.

My favorite part was bowling because it was SO FUN!!!!!!!!!! My least favorite was when Chargers lost. Overall, my weekend was super. Next weekend I will go to the haunted aquarium with aunt laurie and david. I also want to either go to legoland or go to seaport. I want to do one these things because it will be a spooky weekend plus, the lawrence welk theme for next weekend will be Halloween.


Celebrating at home plate



Goodbye 18 I’m having my golden birthday!




Celebrating my birthday and Halloween is almost here

P1020280 - Version 2



Celebrating with the gang



Relaxing at home afterward



Weekend of October 10, 2014

My weekend was so amazing! It was filled with great things like seeing Linda from the regional center, going to baseball, going to my horse show, seeing Savi, and going to the aquarium.

On Friday, I saw Linda from the regional center who was interviewing me. We talked about my life, and my new website project which will start in a few weeks.

Saturday, I watched the wizard of Oz then, I played piano and played Wii and the game was broken. Oh no!!! So we decided to play Super Mario Galaxy. Then, I went to baseball and I played well. After that, I went home and got ready for my horse show and the theme was movies so they had music from Cars, Frozen, Monster Inc., Ratatouille, etc. I rode well so I got a trophy. Next, there was a soccer game across from the horse place and I watched it for the longest time as you can imagine. My friend Savi came over to my house around 3:30 and so we talked and played games. Soon, Vincetta and Mary Jane came and Vincetta painted my toenails green. So pretty!

Sunday, I went to the aquarium and I touched a sea star, saw fish like Nemo, the clownfish who was in the sea anemone. Also I saw seahorses and leafy sea dragons. After that, I came home and played piano for Mary Jane. Soon, my dad and I watched football and we were cheering and so it was a tie during the whole 2nd and 3rd half. Then the team intercepted the ball so we had it and we got a touchdown so we won!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite part of the weekend was my horse show because I won a trophy. My least favorite was nothing because it was super great! Overall, my weekend was so nice! Next weekend, I will have a bowling birthday party!!! I also want to either open my gifts or go get a pumpkin. I want to do one of these things because I just want to have fun!


Ready for baseball



Riding at the horse show



Check out my trophy!



Weekend of October 3, 2014

My weekend was so awesome and was filled with great things like going to services, going to the Natural History Museum, and going to DJ’S surprise birthday party.

On Friday, I came home and got ready to go to Carlsbad High school performing art Center Theater because it was Yom Kippur and we said and sang prayers about forgiving our sins. The leader was Rabbi Josh; he is so nice. Usually, for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we go to Temple Solel but not this year. There was just a acapella. It was so nice because my dad, grandma, Alison, Trevor and I had fun.

Saturday morning, I woke up and I exercised and played Wii Fit. My Wii fit age was…31. Wow! Then I played more Wii for an hour from 9:30 to a little after 10:25 I think because again, we went back to the high school for the morning service and this time there was a guitar, a Cajon and vocals. I didn’t like the sermon though, I decided, “this will be too long so I want to go out and eat.” So I did and my dad and I took a break and we saw beautiful paintings. One picture was of a flamingo and another was 3 cute baby birds. After the sermon, it was time for the Torah and I kissed It Awl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to remind you, the Torah is the 5 books of Moses. In the old days, they didn’t have books like we have today, instead the books are on a big and long scroll and when a person who is 13 has a bar/bat mitzvah, he/she reads from it. It’s so fun. I did it once at my bat mitzvah in sign language you know… Later, we went home and Vincetta came at 3:30 because my dad and grandma went to the afternoon service not at Carlsbad, but at Solel and it sounded like it was good. Then around 6:15 pm, while I ate and was watching Lawrence Welk, Robert my uncle came and Alison came and she and I saw Lawrence Welk. The theme was say it with music and there were 3 girls who looked a lot like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift; they had sexy legs and Mary Lu was so cute she looked like Kyler, Linda’s grandson. She was a young girl and I was thinking about them and I finally thought, “Huh! These girls are really nice and friendly too!” Also, there was this boy who was only 13 years old. Not only is the show for adults it’s for all ages it’s just the music that is for adults I am positive, ok? Anyways, then I went to sleep.

Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and Ms. Frizzle was about bats and it was in the theater instead of the classroom because it was the first show of the month. We learned that bats are mammals, warm blooded and some are really scary, and I think it’s a lot of fun learning about them. After that we stayed in the theater to watch a movie in 3d about mummies. After that, I decided to walk around and I saw a dozen costumes for Halloween I think and we didn’t go to the carousel. I rather go there then walk around I thought. Then we drove home and my dad and I made a card for DJ’s birthday. Next, we drove to this Italian restaurant in Rancho Bernardo called Vittario’s and it was a surprise party. Because it was a party, there was this lady who sang and there was also this awesome guitar player and they played songs like, Rolling on the river. A few minutes later, DJ wasn’t there yet so I thought hmm where are u but shh, I didn’t say that I wasn’t supposed to say that because that will ruin the surprise right? Anyways, “Ok,” I said to myself “Shh, here he comes,” and we yelled, “Surprise! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear DJ, happy birthday to you. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” So DJ talked to other people while I listened to more music played by what I like to call, “the DUO Band!” and by the way, we didn’t have a menu there is no menu but I wanted one so badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there was salad, and a special cake and instead of singing the birthday song, Happy birthday to you…, the small band played today is your birthday, by the Beatles. So I danced to it for a long long time. At first, I thought it was so loud but then I loved it.

My favorite part of the weekend was the birthday party because boy was it so exciting celebrating his 18th birthday. My least favorite was the sermon because I didn’t hear it. Overall, my weekend was awesome/fun/amazing/great/good/boring/exciting/fabulous/fantastic/super/ and swell. Next weekend, I want to either plan for my bowling birthday party, or go to a behind the scenes museum for the Nutcracker. I want to do one of these things because it will be interesting.


Going to services



With the birthday boy DJ




With the DUO band



Weekend of September 26, 2014

My weekend was so fantastic, and was filled with awesome things like seeing my best friend Natalie, going horseback riding, and playing baseball.

On Friday, I saw my friend Natalie Fry. She told me that she will be in college in Santa Barbara. We sang the song, Popular from Wicked. I showed her one of HMKG, His Majesty The King’s Guard videos. Natalie also showed me the new Taylor Swift music video, Shake It Down and one part was so funny because her butt was showing. “Man was she sexy!” I thought. After Natalie left, I rested.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Mark. Then I did an obstacle course on my horse. At first, when she timed me, the ride was smooth with gentle pulling on Mark’s reigns. However, when Gretchen, my teacher timed me again, that moment my riding was too rough, causing me to make a mistake by circling around the ground poles 5 times. THAT’S NOT OK, I thought. Then I practiced going to an area, called letter M to get the ring and weaving cones. I turned 1 time to the ground poles to go over them and was successful in placing the ring on a tall pole. BIG Improvement!! 2 thumbs up and a clap, clap, clap! After I fed Mark peppermints, I saw Craig who is my music teacher from Sunday school, and from camp Simcha. Then I went home and got ready for baseball. So, when we arrived at the Engel Family field, I thought, “hmm I wonder where my brother Matthew, my sister in law Anne-Marie and their dogs Otis and Macie were?” Finally they came and I was so excited to see them! After my game, we drove to a restaurant called Pizza Nova. There’s a sporting goods store next to the restaurant. Mathew, Anne-Marie, my dad and I went there so that Mathew could buy a basketball.

Sunday I had a new nurse. There was a big problem because Rachel needed to orient the new nurse, but she forgot to confirm her schedule. Sunday was so boring because I stayed home all day!!!!! Then around 4 pm, I watched football on TV and saw the Chargers score 3 touchdowns. Amazing! Woo… they won, 33 to 14! Then Matthew and I played the game “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?“

My favorite part of the weekend was when I was with Natalie. My least favorite was Sunday because it was really boring. Overall, my weekend was fantastic. Next weekend, I want to either go to a costume store or go find a pumpkin. I want to do one of these things because it will be super exciting!

With Natalie


Baseball time!