Weekend of September 19, 2014

My weekend was so fun. It was filled with awesome things like going horseback riding, playing baseball, and helping the homeless people.

On Friday, I went home and relaxed. Matthew, my brother stopped by.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Mark and I practiced doing a figure eight. It was so cool! Then Jonah, my other rider and I played a game called Red light Green light and I was straight on the line. After that, I came home and got ready for baseball. Omg, I want to tell you something exciting! You see, I got a HOMERUN because I was first and last in the lineup. It sure seemed windy. Oh then I was asking my dad if I had a friend coming again and again and again. So finally my dad got a text, Jaydon will come at 2, BUT when he called my dad at home, he said, “How about in 5 minutes, I will come.” My dad suggested, “How about in 10 minutes?” He agreed and he came so I played the March by Bach on the piano, which he knew because he just heard it at his last concert. Then he played a piece by Diablerie. Then we played a duet which was a blues song. Then, I told him that I have a new game for my DS so he tried it and he loved it. Later, his mom came with a cold. That was on Saturday.

Sunday, I woke up and I not only watched the Lawrence Welk show, but I also saw Americas Got Talent, and there was this 12 year old kid singing with Jennifer Hudson and when Nick Cannon, the host, gave the results he told everyone, “America has voted, the act finishing in 5th place and leaving the competition is… I thought, “Please don’t be Quinines Johnston”… Quinines Johnston!” I thought what! He’s out? Oh no. Anyways then Delanee, my nurse, and I went to this place called Jewish Community Service because the friendship circle helped pass down food for the poor people. So it was an assembly line and teens love that because it is so fun. First, I put in soup cans into bags to pass to another boy who then passed down to etc.. We did this until the last person ties a knot to put in these boxes. So I passed down, milk, piece of gilt, tomato soups, and afterwards I got a certificate and an invite for sukkah on October 11, 2014. Also everyone got a group picture for fun. Then, I got home and I decided to go in my spa. I got in and it was 98 degrees. It was so nice, I thought, “What a lovely day it is so far!” After that, my friend, Savi came and I told her that I had no dance class. Well Savi had tap class, but she didn’t learn a tap dance. Luckily, she danced tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz and contemporary for me. After my friend left, I practiced my music, March by Bach on the piano and on drums I played Taste like Chicken, Respect, and the famous Georgia On My Mind. I also did my drum fills. After that we finished Americas Got Talent, the finale and when Acro Army was out I was so sad. They are a group of kids who do acrobatics. But luckily… the magician won the $1,000,000 prize and the headline in Las Vegas. Cool!!!!!!!!!

My favorite part of the weekend was when I watched Americas Got Talent, and when I helped the friendship circle give food for the homeless because I thought it was amazing! My least favorite part was when that boy didn’t stay in the competition in order to win because we thought he could win the whole thing! But, America decided to not vote for him but we did. Also, this week, I will be so sad because of him. Overall, my weekend was awesome. Next weekend, I want to either go on the SEAL bus, or see Ratatouille. I want to do one of these things because it will be so tremendous! Also, on Friday my friend Natalie will come over. The following weekend, I want to either meet Nick Cannon or go to SeaWorld. I want to do because it will be super.

With Mark the horse and teacher Gretchen


Getting a home run


Thanks buddies!


Helpful bag food for the homeless


Go Friendship Circle!



3 thoughts on “Weekend of September 19, 2014

  1. Cousin David says:

    Hi Casey,
    I like to watch America’s Got Talent also. I can’t figure out how the magicians do their tricks. It’s amazing. This week I will start an after school activity called the Builders Club, which is a community service club. We will have toy drives, clothing drives, food drives, but what seems lot a lot of fun is when we have to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the local soup kitchen.
    Cousin David

  2. Elizabeth Freed says:

    Great pictures (and of course your narrative) Casey. I missed you at Rosh Hashana and finally texted your grandmother. She said you went with rabbi Josh to the park. My husband would rather do that, too. Maybe next year. This year I have to get ready for my bnai mitzvah.

    So many things you did remind me of things I did with you last year. I’m glad you enjoyed the line putting food together for the poor. Last year, your Dad didn’t think you would like it. This year you did, and it sounds like you helped a lot. It is a sign of your maturity that you are up for doing things for people who have less than you do. I am proud of you.

    I want to know if you shake the lulav and etrog at the friendship circle Sukkot celebration like we did last year. I plan to order one and shake it every evening at home with my husband and maybe his companion (if he wants to). I miss you, but I am so happy you are doing well. L’Shana Tova Tikutevu.

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