Weekend of September 5, 2014

My weekend was really fun. It was filled with amazing things like meeting my new nurse, going to o.t., going horseback riding, etc…

On Friday, I had a new nurse named Delany and I liked her. She, Arlie and I went to school. After school, we went to o.t.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Mark and then I went to opening ceremony for miracle league. Next, we went home, rested before my friend Jaydon came and we played piano, and Wii.

Sunday, I went to the Natural history museum and we saw Ms. Frizzle, which was all about dinosaurs. Then, we rode the carousel and it was so neat!

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Jaydon because I love him! My least favorite part was nothing because it was all really fun. Overall, my weekend was exciting. Next weekend I want to either go to SeaWorld or buy a costume. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fantastic!

Miracle League opening day


At the Natural History Museum


With Ms. Frizzle



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