Weekend of August 29, 2014

My weekend was fun! It was filled with awesome/swell/amazing things like seeing my family, going to the cemetery, going horseback riding, celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday, etc…

Friday, I had half day of school because I then went home right away because grandma m and grandpa m were home. Because it was my dad’s 60th birthday, I gave him a funny card. A few hours later, my cousin, Jonathan and Uncle Ron arrived from the train ride from LA to SD. Then Eric and Alex were there too. He was the one who only helped me with a level on frozen free fall. At around 1 pm, each person of the family took different cars to the cemetery in Sorrento Valley because we said prayers for momma. It’s called a reveling [unveiling]. The best part was when my dad gave a speech about how he missed Joan so much. I really miss her. Aww!!!!!!!! After that, we went home, and around 5pm, other people came and Kendra, my friend, came so she talked to me, it was nice!!!!! After that we ate, and we sang happy birthday to my dad and other people. It was so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, I woke up early, and I saw my jazz band concert from the summer while my dad ate breakfast. Then I practiced baseball, and went to riding with Jonathan, Ron, Grandpa M, and my dad. I rode excellent!!!!!!! Then we came home because around 10 to 11, we drove grandma and grandpa to the airport because they flew back to New York. I was so sad. I almost cried! Boo hoo…anyways, then Ron, Jonathan, my dad and I drove all the way to SEAPORT VILLAGE for lunch. There was this man who dressed appropriately for his performance; he played guitar and a pan flute with extra things with it like wind chimes, and a bass drum. It was amazing because there were some teens there and they loved the music. In fact, when I went to the line for the carousel, there was some little kids but mostly, there was some teens riding it. It was so cool… because I rode a horse I named it Silver. Awww. Then, we walked down near the boats and after, we drove back home and played Wii. Then around 4:15 after [nurse] Rachel came, my dad drove Jonathan to the train; he went back to LA.

Sunday, I woke up and feeling happy, I decided to go to the zoo. Meanwhile, I bumped into Ron and dad because I said bye to Ron; once again my dad drove Ron to the airport without me. That’s ok I thought, zoo it is. When we got on the freeway, Rachel wanted some food, and then we drove to the zoo. We walked past snakes, past the potty and into the back side of the Children’s zoo because we saw RIO 4D and one part Nigel said, “I can’t…” the other parrot said, “Can’t do what?” Nigel said, “I can’t…flyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”So after that we headed to camp critters and campfire Dave entertained the people in the stands by singing songs, and had some fun before camp opens. When camp opened there were some amazing animals like 3 parrots that were flying around the stadium. Then, I went on the bus, after that we went home and we saw Eric and Alex not at my house but at grandma’s house. It was fun because Alex and Eric spent time with me and we danced and hung out there until like almost 6. Then, my dad and I went home.

Monday was so fun. Arlie took me to her mall, and there was a massage chair and my back felt good. Then I walked around the mall and saw this area which looked like an arcade and a café and I wanted to go check it out but Arlie said, “JOE IS WAITING FOR US AT MY HOUSE!” I was like OH MANNNNNNNNNN………. so we finally got out of the Bonita mall and we drove to her house and who was there but Erik and Joe. Erik was watching youtube and Joe was walking me to the couch. At her house, I saw TV, and played with my ipad while eating lunch. Mmmm!! Then around 2:30 pm we went home because my friend Savi came over. She told me that she went not to Israel but to Germany. We hung out for an hour and then she left.

My favorite part was Arlie’s house because it was so special. Also, Seaport Village was really great! My least favorite was when my family flew home. I was upset. Also, I didn’t like the fact that grandma m didn’t go horseback riding. Overall, my weekend was the best ever! Next weekend I want to go to the organ pavilion in Balboa Park or see the movie Twilight. I want to do one of these things because it will be super.


With the birthday boy




Partying with Eric and Alex



Enjoying the carousel with Uncle Ron and cousin Jonathan


Finally! – relaxing in the message chair at the mall 



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