Weekend of August 22, 2014

My last week of summer was ok. It was filled with terrible but fun things like staying home, going to LEGOLAND, watching a drill team on YouTube, seeing my grandma and grandpa, etc…

On Monday, I stayed home because I was sick; I was coughing a lot, had some coughing fits, and I didn’t feel well to go anywhere. Luckily, I did see this Norway drill team which is amazing! The King’s Guard is the name of the team. It’s a marching band with a drill team who are men with rifles and sometimes they have flags. They do synchronized moves with the band like color guards do. Anyways, during the rest of the week, I slept, rested, and on Thursday night, my grandma and grandpa flew all the way here for a week and I was so excited to see them. Also, grandma told funny jokes and riddles to me.

Sunday evening we went to Sheryl and Sid’s house and it was past the turn to Jaydon’s house and they have 2 cats and a dog. The dog’s name was Danny and it was a poodle. So cute!!! Then it was late so we went home.

Monday, I slept late and Arlie and I first went to the glasses place to tighten my glasses. Then, we drove to the outlets near LEGOLAND because I needed some new black tennis shoes.   When we looked in the first shoe store, first of all, it was huge and the music was WE ARE FAMILY and WALK LIKE A EGYPTION, but there was no size for me. So when we looked in the next, no right size, the next HAD a very comfortable setting because the shoe I tried on was just right!!!!!!!!!!! Happy right? Then we drove to LEGOLAND and when it was time to go in, we were late for the fire show so we saw where Marco was hiding and it ended great! Then I rode the bike ride and the Fairy tale boat ride which had no lines. Nice! Then I took a picture with Wildstyle from the Lego movie. It was in the WATER WORKS area where kids can get wet like a big pool or like a water machine, oooh! Next, I went to the aquarium and before we went in, I got 2 stamps on my right and left arms. I saw fish and a Lego guy in a suit on a ship! It was so cool like the nemo ride at Disneyland. Lastly, we drove home.

My favorite part was when I saw that drill team because teens love that. My least favorite was when I got sick because I whined a lot. Overall, my week was all right. Next weekend since Monday is a holiday, I want to either go to Arlie’s house or go to her mall. I want to do one of these things because it will be wonderful!!!


With Grandma and Grandpa M



With Wildstyle at Legoland



Check out the new shoes!



One thought on “Weekend of August 22, 2014

  1. Marjorie Latz says:

    I always have to laugh when I read your posts. So glad you like the shoes. It sure is a funny picture. It’s always fun being with you and we miss you already. Love and Kisses, Grandma and Grandpa M

    On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 12:10 AM, I Have a Lot to Say (for someone who can’t

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