Weekend of August 15, 2014

My weekend was terrible because I was sick. I was coughing.

Friday, I stayed home.

Saturday I was at home.

Sunday, I stayed home, and I slept.

Monday, I was bored at home.

My favorite part of the weekend was sleeping in. My least favorite was staying home. I was so bored! Next weekend my grandma and grandpa will be here. I want to either go to the spa or go to a park because It will be better for me.


Under the weather



Weekend of August 7, 2014

My weekend was so cool, and was filled with awesome things like going to Zumba, Zoo, Seaport Village, Camp Simcha, having my last Summer Jazz Band Concert of 2014, going to the [Boys and Girls Club] Youth of the Year Gala, and etc.

On Thursday, I went to Zumba, which was so amazing. Then I went to the Zoo, and while we are walking down to the Hippo trail, I had bug bites on both legs. Say it with me, bug bites. Isn’t that weird? Anyways, we went on Skyfari, Camp Critters, etc…

On Friday, I went to Bonnie, Seaport, camp, and Jazz band concert. It was so fun, because there was a lot of people watching, and so many kids in my group. When we were done performing the song, Harlem Nocturne,  suddenly some of the kids and other musicians like Elizabeth, Emmett,…I meant Lenny, Martin, and Scott, did a combo of their own. It was beautiful. One song was The Surrey with the Fringe on Top from the musical, Oklahoma.

During the Gala, I had trouble getting in. But then, I got an award [Youth of the Year for the music program], and [my friend] Madison also got an award. The [overall] winner was not us, it was Meliza Espinoza who was there for 12 years.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout, and it was pretty good. Then I saw Craig, who was in his car not outside. I went home, and rested until 3 pm when Dr. Magit checked my ears. Then I watched T.V.

Sunday, I decided to go to a movie and Rachel showed me a trailer of How to Train your Dragon 1 and 2. I saw dragon 2 at the Mira Mesa theater. It was so funny. Then, I went home and I got my dad and I in my spa. I wanted it 99 and took a long time for it to heat up to 99 from 97, 98, to 99. Then I ate and practiced piano.

Monday was the first day of Camp Let Loose. We first introduced ourselves. Also, we did animal charades, dance, art, music, lunch, playground, and a magic show. And at the end of the show, there was a really cute baby bunny and I petted the bunny, aw! My buddy’s name was Emiliano and Jaydon. It was fun.

My favorite part of the weekend was my concert because I saw many old and new friends. My least favorite was the gala because I was so scared. Overall, my weekend was part fabulous part terrible. Next weekend, I want to either go to GAP or go to a garden. I want to do one of these things because it will be so swell!


Link to a video about the Boys & Girls Club Youths of the Year


Jazz band concert



Youths of the Year at the Boys & Girls Club Gala



With groupies at the Gala



With Jaydon and Emiliano at Camp Let Loose




Weekend of August 1, 2014

My weekend was swell. It started on 8-01-2014 and was filled with awesome things like going to SeaWorld, going to camp Simcha, and going to jazz band practice.

On Friday, Arlie, Linda and I went to SeaWorld and we saw shows like Blue Horizons, Clyde and Seamore, and Pets Rule. I thought that those sea lions were so funny. We stayed on the left side of Blue Horizons and when the whale got people wet, I moved back so that I didn’t get wet.   After Pets Rule, we rode the Wild Artic ride and it is sort of like the Star Tours ride at Disneyland. It was so fun. I screamed “Ahhhh!” We left SeaWorld because boy was I tired. Phew! Soon, we drove down all the way to the park near my baseball field because it was the last day of camp Simcha and after that, I had Jazz band.

Saturday, I didn’t go horseback riding. BUT, luckily I slept in till 8:30 am. At first, I thought, “Hey, we can go out to eat in UTC, tender greens maybe?” but then at about 12, it rained so we didn’t go anywhere. We stayed home. I was thinking, “What will we do at home? Do nothing? I mean come on.” Yeah we stayed H O M E all day long. Weird day huh? Not funny ha-ha but funny weird!!!!!!!! What was even more weird was we saw a TV show called Spooksville on the hub channel. It was about a teen girl who was at school and she plays basketball with her friends and she landed in the hoop, one part she said, ”I wish you would bug off.” Then, her friends turned into flies. Isn’t that funny and weird? At the end, the girl says, “I wish my friends hated me.” Then she changed her wish and said, “I wish I loved my friends.” The girl turned into a statue. “Weird ending” I thought. When she made a wish, instead of having normal things happen strange things happened.

Sunday, I slept in till 8:30 and I exercised. Soon, Rachel and I went to the Natural History Museum and I saw this lizard that was 5 inches long. Also, Ms. Frizzle was about cats even lions and tigers, (Not bears, oh my!) Then, we saw 2 movies one was about sharks and other was about dinosaurs. After, I went home, practiced piano and drums, played UNO and I played a Wii game called Nintendo Land. It was fun.

Monday, I went to the aquarium and I saw sharks, touched a stingray, and saw this baby leafy sea dragon. Aww! Then Arlie and I went to Zumba and I didn’t take a break I was good the whole time I was there (Applause). I loved one song which had the word, Ow! And the YMCA. After all that, we drove to the Torrey Pines beach near route 56 and it was calm and I even took a video of people on the beach. I then rushed home, ate while practicing piano, and got ready for Jazz band. When I am at jazz band I always like to see Martin and his sister Stacy who play well on both drums and piano. Then I went over to my mom’s old friends Lisa and Rick’s house not because it was Christmas, silly, but because they have a new fish tank. I helped by getting the fish food ready and it was so cool, because every bit of food the fish got was plenty.

My favorite part of the weekend was going to jazz band, and seeing Rick and Lisa’s new fish tank because it was SO COOL! My least favorite part was when I stayed home because it was so weird. Overall, my weekend was so fantastic. Next weekend, I will have my jazz band concert and go to the gala on the same day. I also want to either get my clothes ready for camp let loose, or buy some new art stuff for the camp. I want to do one of these things because it will be so exciting.


At Seaworld with Linda



Guess who won at UNO?



Enjoying the Birch Aquarium




A coral in Lisa and Rick’s aquarium



Weekend of July 25, 2014

My weekend was fantastic! It was filled with things like going to the nutritionist, going to UTC, practicing my piano and drums, jazz band, etc…

On Friday, I went to UTC with Arlie; I saw skaters and played on my ipad. Then I picked up my dad because we drove over to the other side of Children’s Hospital to see my nutritionist, Elizabeth English and while we were waiting for her there was a movie called Pinocchio that I watched part of and I told dad that I don’t need to see English to check my food and he said, “every 6 weeks [months] we have to see her.” After that, I came home and rested…at 5:40 ding, my dad and I went to jazz band and I saw Madison and she said hi and was on the bottom floor of the BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF SAN DIEGO. On the upper floor there was my jazz band and we played Bad attitude, Besome mucho, (Kiss me much) and I got you under my skin with a pretend vocal feature.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and I rode Noodles and with Ethan we played Tic Tac Toe and we tied because both he and I both put a beanbag on the other block we were so close. Oh after that I saw Craig and we talked and I showed him my videos of me playing in the last jazz band. Now Jonah was so bored he didn’t see it. Anyways, then I went home practiced piano and drums, ate lunch (On the weekends, my dad always eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch), and played Wii and in baseball, I tried for a home run and I didn’t. BUT LUCKILY, in bowling I got a strike for the first time. Yahoo!!!!!! In golf my dad won. The next thing I did was play another fun game Wonder world’s amusement park. It was like a carnival and it was a super duper fun game. Yes fun!

Sunday, I finished exercising and I was getting ready to play a note on the piano when suddenly I heard, boom boom boom the thunder started to rumble and I said ”AHHHH..HHH…HHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I was so scared because I didn’t expect to be thunder so I was shocked. It was too loud! Woah wow what is that? I thought as I practiced more piano. Then it was pouring down hard. And Rachel and I went to boomers and it stopped raining and so I was like phew finally. So I didn’t go on the Ferris wheel but we did go on the go Karts and go on the go kart get it? Ha. Anyhow, we rode like crazy monkey or crazy butterflies and after that, we played games and in the end, we won 238 tickets wow so I bought a mini T-Rex dinosaur toy, and 3 erasers for school. One of them was a dog. Next, we rushed home and I went in my spa and the temp said, it was a 101 degrees and it was so perfect! Ahh, and calm too.

Monday, I had [tutor] Bonnie and I finally finished my report on the statue of liberty and the conclusion was so challenging. Then we drove over to the library kind of on the way to UTC because I had Zumba and my favorite songs that we danced to were the Cupid shuffle, the Cha Cha Slide, the Macarena, and the YMCA. It was so fun. We then drove to UTC and we didn’t get out of the car I was busy figuring something out and it didn’t work. I was trying to decide to go there or go home so we did what? The answer is we went home. Surprised? Well we did that and then I rested, and did my Do you Want to Build a Snowman song from the movie Frozen on the piano. I know everything till the part when Elsa was like, “Go away Anna.” And Anna sang ”ok bye”. Sad part, right? Speaking of that at jazz band, while we were changing songs, Scott played let it go from Frozen and it was so fun.

My favorite part of the weekend was my spa because it was just right. However, my least favorite was the thunder because I hated it but other than that overall, my weekend was swell! Next weekend I want to either go to a rainforest in a zoo or go to a pond. I want to do one of these things because everything will be so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


With Lisbeth at Zumba



First place in Wii Fit






Enjoying the carousel