Awesome Weekend of July18, 2014

My weekend was so awesome! It was filled with fun things like going to O.T., going to jazz band, going horseback riding, having dance, seeing Savi, seeing the Lego Movie, going to the Safari Park, and going to the Zoo.

On Friday, I went to O.T. [occupational therapy] and Colleen, my teacher, and I played a game called Pop up Pirate. It was so great and I then went home and hung out. I saw this drill team on you tube and I love it nowadays. I also went to jazz band and Mark, our teacher said, “on Monday, Scott will be here to help with some of the kids for maybe putting together a combo for the concert, even though he missed last week because he went to Maui.” I played songs like Besome Mucho, Bad Attitude, and Jive Samba which is my favorite song. Then I came home again and slept.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding and I was wearing horseshoes for my earrings. We went on a trail ride to the barn but we didn’t see pigs or cows. Gretchen, my teacher, showed me the horses Noodles and Spur’s shoes and Noodles had a round foot, but Spurs foot is halfway round. “That’s Interesting!” I thought, and that the horses were awesome! Then I rode up to the activity center where there are different stations for games. I threw a beanbag through the hoop and almost into one of the shapes. I was so close but I didn’t make it in. After that, I went home and got ready to see the Lego movie. When I first turned it on all these previews came on and I was like. “OK, where is the menu for the movie?” Finally 3 min later… “Phew! Menu” and I turned on close captioning and I thought Emmet the main person was cute as a Lego guy. One part I liked was when the girl asked Emmet, “What is your favorite movie? Where are my Pannnnnnnnnts? Favorite song? Emmet says, Everything is awesome!!!!” So I was like “wow!” so another thing that was amazing was when in the background this saloon piano plays a ragtime/improve version of everything is awesome! So that song is stuck in my dad’s head . That is why dad asks me “How is everything?” I said “awesome.” It is a great new teen movie because it just came out. It’s so hilarious!

On Sunday, I went to the Safari Park with Rachel, my nurse, and we first went to the Lorikeets and I had a picture with these popular parrots. It was so cute! Then after lunch I went home, relaxed and practiced my piano and drums. Then I finished the movie and I loved it.

On Monday, I woke up late so I asked Arlie, “can we go to the zoo Arlie please?” She said “Yes.” I practiced piano and I left a little bit after 9:30. I was relaxing in the car when all of this sudden, we thought the carousel was closed I thought, “oh man.” So Arlie is like, “What the heck? We can’t park there. Besides, Monday they are closed.” By the time we parked far away, I heard music in the distance from the carousel so it OPENED AT 11. In fact I didn’t know it opened on Mondays, I thought it was closed like Boomers, but nope. Surprised? Well it actually wasn’t a lie. We walked down Reptile walk and these campers were doing a hunt but I didn’t go to that camp so I decided to check if they were finding the right animals and they were. Then we saw a new version of camp critters. I liked it better. I also went to Rio 4d and I loved it too. Then we rode the Skyfari, the train and the carousel. I had snack while sitting on the benches, and then I got ready for home, snack and jazz band. Remember when I said Scott will be there? He was there.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Lego movie because everything is awesome! I also liked seeing that drill team [Youtube video] because it was amazing. My least favorite part was nothing because it was so spectacular. Overall, my weekend was fabulous! Next weekend, I want to either go to SeaWorld, or go to Moonlight beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be so swell!!!


Feeding the lorikeets




Riding the carousel



With Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie



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