Weekend of July 11, 2014

My weekend was fun. It started on Friday and was filled with fun things like going to camp Simcha, seeing my cousin, going horseback riding, going to Souplantation, going to a movie, and celebrating Anne Marie’s 30th birthday.

On Friday, after school, I went to the park near Ashley falls school for a bit. Then, I drove all the way in the upper level of my baseball field to a park because there was camp simcha and the theme was saying sorry and listening. So the kids did their skits and it was so cute. The little kindergarteners through 6th graders were so cute. I also saw David my cousin for dinner.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout then I saw Craig who is one of the leaders of camp. He had a baby girl aww she is so cute. Then I saw my friend Charlie Quig who usually rides at the afternoon but he rode after Jonah because he had family visiting. Then, I came home and got ready to eat not at home but at Souplantation. After Souplantation, my dad and I went to Vons and wanted to find a container for applesauce, but he didn’t find the right container. So I decided to go look in the pet store and I saw cute fish and dogs and stuff for pets. I didn’t buy anything. After that I came home and practiced my music.

Sunday, I hung out until 1030. Rachel and I went to the movie theater and saw Maleficent. I loved it. After the movie I went home told dad about the movie, practiced my music, and got ready to go to Bob and Julie’s house to celebrate Anne-Marie’s birthday. Then I went home and slept.

My favorite part of my weekend was the movie because it was so cool! My least favorite part was nothing. It was all good. Next weekend I want to either practice my new jazz band music or go to a beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be awesome!


 At Camp Simcha



With cousin David



Celebrating Anne-Marie’s birthday



With Anne-Marie



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