Weekend of June 27, 2014

My weekend was so fun, why you ask? Well, because it was filled with awesome activities like going to Arlie’s awesome house, going horseback riding, seeing my nurse Rachel early, going to the aquarium, and watching TV.  

On Friday, after school Arlie and I drove to the store kind of past Boomers. Then, we drove all the way to her house and I saw her cats, Bogart and Felix. Also, there was a big squash and I took a photo with it. Another thing I did was played piano and saw Deal or No Deal on T.V. After that I saw Katelyn and Joe. But, I thought, “Where is Ken, he is an expert on piano oh Ken where are you?” He is working in LA now.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding and the first part of my lesson I was a little slow waking up so then when I was riding I woke up. I said whoa and I spelled out, r e d red…l i g h t light…. And my leader of my horse Donna said, “red light green light.” We asked Ethan, “Hey, do you want to play a round of the game red light green light with me?” Ethan said, “Ok, sure.” [Teacher] Alicia said, “First, we warm up a bit by ourselves, maybe do a few exercises and then we play it near the end.” And when we played it, I did well in the game. I was so powerful. Then I fed Scout mints and he loved it. Aww! I saw Craig and we said hello to each other. When I got home, I changed my clothes and it took forever. Then I played my Hungarian Jazz dance song based on the duet for piano called Hungarian dance no. 5 by Brahms. I played it on the piano and I pretended to sing it. Then we ate lunch mmm. After that we read part of a book called, If You Were In A Covered Wagon… I learned about the Organ Territory and this guy I forgot his name I think its Alack anyhoo, he lived in there during the 1850s that’s a long time ago. I also practiced drums that went a little like this, “and a 1 and a 2… a   boom boom a rat a tat tat a bang and a loud crash!” It was like that. After that, Rachel came at 3:30 guess why. It wasn’t because my dad went wine tasting, or a restaurant, it was because he went to the fair. But, he was going on [route] 56 and he forgot his ticket and his wallet. “Oh great. Really? Oh please.” I thought. Also I thought oh don’t worry he’s got it… I said, “what! are you crazy?” Anyways, then I took a fast bath and she put on the song, The Climb. Then, we saw the Lawrence Welk show and it had the theme of Broadway musicals like the Sound of Music, and My Fair Lady. See the word FAIR? Well that’s because the fair is still open until July 6th. I can’t go again I already went silly…anyways.

On Sunday, I wanted to go to the zoo but Rachel was tired and I said, “how about the Natural History Museum?” Did we go there you might ask? No, because they have the same stuff we had seen many times and besides we already went there 3 weeks ago… so Rachel asked “how about this then, do you want to see the fish at the aquarium?” I said, ok. So, did we go there? Yes we did. We went to the aquarium and we saw fish, touched a sea cucumber gently, and saw sharks. When we finished our voyage at the aquarium, I came home and practiced piano and drums. Lastly, I saw TV mostly Animal Atlas on Smile of a Child.

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Lawrence Welk because most of the time Bob Ralston played celesta. It’s a keyboard instrument that sounds like bells, it’s so pretty and I love them. My least favorite part was nothing because it was stupendous. Overall, my weekend was so fantastic! Next weekend I want to either see “A capital 4th” on TV, or go out to Souplantation. I want to do one of these things because it will be a July 4th awesome weekend.


Casey and the big squash



Getting on Scout



With nurse Arlie



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