Awesome Weekend of July18, 2014

My weekend was so awesome! It was filled with fun things like going to O.T., going to jazz band, going horseback riding, having dance, seeing Savi, seeing the Lego Movie, going to the Safari Park, and going to the Zoo.

On Friday, I went to O.T. [occupational therapy] and Colleen, my teacher, and I played a game called Pop up Pirate. It was so great and I then went home and hung out. I saw this drill team on you tube and I love it nowadays. I also went to jazz band and Mark, our teacher said, “on Monday, Scott will be here to help with some of the kids for maybe putting together a combo for the concert, even though he missed last week because he went to Maui.” I played songs like Besome Mucho, Bad Attitude, and Jive Samba which is my favorite song. Then I came home again and slept.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding and I was wearing horseshoes for my earrings. We went on a trail ride to the barn but we didn’t see pigs or cows. Gretchen, my teacher, showed me the horses Noodles and Spur’s shoes and Noodles had a round foot, but Spurs foot is halfway round. “That’s Interesting!” I thought, and that the horses were awesome! Then I rode up to the activity center where there are different stations for games. I threw a beanbag through the hoop and almost into one of the shapes. I was so close but I didn’t make it in. After that, I went home and got ready to see the Lego movie. When I first turned it on all these previews came on and I was like. “OK, where is the menu for the movie?” Finally 3 min later… “Phew! Menu” and I turned on close captioning and I thought Emmet the main person was cute as a Lego guy. One part I liked was when the girl asked Emmet, “What is your favorite movie? Where are my Pannnnnnnnnts? Favorite song? Emmet says, Everything is awesome!!!!” So I was like “wow!” so another thing that was amazing was when in the background this saloon piano plays a ragtime/improve version of everything is awesome! So that song is stuck in my dad’s head . That is why dad asks me “How is everything?” I said “awesome.” It is a great new teen movie because it just came out. It’s so hilarious!

On Sunday, I went to the Safari Park with Rachel, my nurse, and we first went to the Lorikeets and I had a picture with these popular parrots. It was so cute! Then after lunch I went home, relaxed and practiced my piano and drums. Then I finished the movie and I loved it.

On Monday, I woke up late so I asked Arlie, “can we go to the zoo Arlie please?” She said “Yes.” I practiced piano and I left a little bit after 9:30. I was relaxing in the car when all of this sudden, we thought the carousel was closed I thought, “oh man.” So Arlie is like, “What the heck? We can’t park there. Besides, Monday they are closed.” By the time we parked far away, I heard music in the distance from the carousel so it OPENED AT 11. In fact I didn’t know it opened on Mondays, I thought it was closed like Boomers, but nope. Surprised? Well it actually wasn’t a lie. We walked down Reptile walk and these campers were doing a hunt but I didn’t go to that camp so I decided to check if they were finding the right animals and they were. Then we saw a new version of camp critters. I liked it better. I also went to Rio 4d and I loved it too. Then we rode the Skyfari, the train and the carousel. I had snack while sitting on the benches, and then I got ready for home, snack and jazz band. Remember when I said Scott will be there? He was there.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Lego movie because everything is awesome! I also liked seeing that drill team [Youtube video] because it was amazing. My least favorite part was nothing because it was so spectacular. Overall, my weekend was fabulous! Next weekend, I want to either go to SeaWorld, or go to Moonlight beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be so swell!!!


Feeding the lorikeets




Riding the carousel



With Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie



Weekend of July 11, 2014

My weekend was fun. It started on Friday and was filled with fun things like going to camp Simcha, seeing my cousin, going horseback riding, going to Souplantation, going to a movie, and celebrating Anne Marie’s 30th birthday.

On Friday, after school, I went to the park near Ashley falls school for a bit. Then, I drove all the way in the upper level of my baseball field to a park because there was camp simcha and the theme was saying sorry and listening. So the kids did their skits and it was so cute. The little kindergarteners through 6th graders were so cute. I also saw David my cousin for dinner.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout then I saw Craig who is one of the leaders of camp. He had a baby girl aww she is so cute. Then I saw my friend Charlie Quig who usually rides at the afternoon but he rode after Jonah because he had family visiting. Then, I came home and got ready to eat not at home but at Souplantation. After Souplantation, my dad and I went to Vons and wanted to find a container for applesauce, but he didn’t find the right container. So I decided to go look in the pet store and I saw cute fish and dogs and stuff for pets. I didn’t buy anything. After that I came home and practiced my music.

Sunday, I hung out until 1030. Rachel and I went to the movie theater and saw Maleficent. I loved it. After the movie I went home told dad about the movie, practiced my music, and got ready to go to Bob and Julie’s house to celebrate Anne-Marie’s birthday. Then I went home and slept.

My favorite part of my weekend was the movie because it was so cool! My least favorite part was nothing. It was all good. Next weekend I want to either practice my new jazz band music or go to a beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be awesome!


 At Camp Simcha



With cousin David



Celebrating Anne-Marie’s birthday



With Anne-Marie



Weekend of July 4, 2014

My weekend was so fantastic. It was filled with great things like going shopping, going to Carla’s house, going horseback riding, going to the Natural History Museum, taking a nap, and seeing Savi.

On Friday, I went to UTC, mostly Macy’s with Grandma and Arlie. Then, I went home and rested before my dad and I made a birthday card for Lisa. After that, I got ready to go to Carla’s house because we had Sabbath dinner. I was so scared about the fireworks that were happening at the fair and I thought, “I don’t want to see them.” But my dad was so mad. What happened was I liked the fireworks after all but I stayed up so late because besides that, we saw ‘A Capital 4th’ on TV. If you didn’t see it, one part had Ms. Piggy and Kermit and they were glad that they celebrated the 4th of July. So some of the kids sang, “This land is your land” and “The Rainbow Connection.” I thought that was fabulous! After the fireworks, I went home.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and it was so thrilling! Then I played Wii with my dad and we played Think Fast. After that, we ate, rested and played my music. It was so nice.

Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum with Rachel and we saw the Great White Shark movie in 3d and I liked it a lot!!!!! So then, I saw Ms. Frizzle and it was about different birds, mostly raptors. After that, when I came home, my dad said “Check your email. ” It said that my friend Savi was back and was coming over at 4:30 so in-between that, it was the time that we played Uno and I was so tired so I took a nap. Then, I woke up and saw Savi, who went to Florida. I missed her so much, that I even gave her a big hug. Aww!!!

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing fireworks because it was so cool. My least favorite part was fireworks because I was too tired. Overall, my weekend was so exciting. Next weekend, since the fair is over, I want to either go to LEGOLAND, or have a BBQ. I want to do one of these things because it will be so relaxing.


With Lisa and Carla

P1020010 copy


Fireworks at the fairgrounds




Weekend of June 27, 2014

My weekend was so fun, why you ask? Well, because it was filled with awesome activities like going to Arlie’s awesome house, going horseback riding, seeing my nurse Rachel early, going to the aquarium, and watching TV.  

On Friday, after school Arlie and I drove to the store kind of past Boomers. Then, we drove all the way to her house and I saw her cats, Bogart and Felix. Also, there was a big squash and I took a photo with it. Another thing I did was played piano and saw Deal or No Deal on T.V. After that I saw Katelyn and Joe. But, I thought, “Where is Ken, he is an expert on piano oh Ken where are you?” He is working in LA now.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding and the first part of my lesson I was a little slow waking up so then when I was riding I woke up. I said whoa and I spelled out, r e d red…l i g h t light…. And my leader of my horse Donna said, “red light green light.” We asked Ethan, “Hey, do you want to play a round of the game red light green light with me?” Ethan said, “Ok, sure.” [Teacher] Alicia said, “First, we warm up a bit by ourselves, maybe do a few exercises and then we play it near the end.” And when we played it, I did well in the game. I was so powerful. Then I fed Scout mints and he loved it. Aww! I saw Craig and we said hello to each other. When I got home, I changed my clothes and it took forever. Then I played my Hungarian Jazz dance song based on the duet for piano called Hungarian dance no. 5 by Brahms. I played it on the piano and I pretended to sing it. Then we ate lunch mmm. After that we read part of a book called, If You Were In A Covered Wagon… I learned about the Organ Territory and this guy I forgot his name I think its Alack anyhoo, he lived in there during the 1850s that’s a long time ago. I also practiced drums that went a little like this, “and a 1 and a 2… a   boom boom a rat a tat tat a bang and a loud crash!” It was like that. After that, Rachel came at 3:30 guess why. It wasn’t because my dad went wine tasting, or a restaurant, it was because he went to the fair. But, he was going on [route] 56 and he forgot his ticket and his wallet. “Oh great. Really? Oh please.” I thought. Also I thought oh don’t worry he’s got it… I said, “what! are you crazy?” Anyways, then I took a fast bath and she put on the song, The Climb. Then, we saw the Lawrence Welk show and it had the theme of Broadway musicals like the Sound of Music, and My Fair Lady. See the word FAIR? Well that’s because the fair is still open until July 6th. I can’t go again I already went silly…anyways.

On Sunday, I wanted to go to the zoo but Rachel was tired and I said, “how about the Natural History Museum?” Did we go there you might ask? No, because they have the same stuff we had seen many times and besides we already went there 3 weeks ago… so Rachel asked “how about this then, do you want to see the fish at the aquarium?” I said, ok. So, did we go there? Yes we did. We went to the aquarium and we saw fish, touched a sea cucumber gently, and saw sharks. When we finished our voyage at the aquarium, I came home and practiced piano and drums. Lastly, I saw TV mostly Animal Atlas on Smile of a Child.

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Lawrence Welk because most of the time Bob Ralston played celesta. It’s a keyboard instrument that sounds like bells, it’s so pretty and I love them. My least favorite part was nothing because it was stupendous. Overall, my weekend was so fantastic! Next weekend I want to either see “A capital 4th” on TV, or go out to Souplantation. I want to do one of these things because it will be a July 4th awesome weekend.


Casey and the big squash



Getting on Scout



With nurse Arlie