Weekend of June 20, 2014

My weekend was so fantastic! It started on June 20th, 2014 and was filled with fun things like going to summer school, seeing my friend Natalie, going horseback riding, playing around with my new tablet, going in my spa, and going to the Making Music museum with Rachel.

On Friday, I had my first day of summer school. I met new and old friends like Karen, Jacob, Rachael, etc… My teacher is named Melissa and she is so nice. I had her last year for summer school and I like her a lot. So we basically introduced ourselves on the first day. Then we took a tour of the school and when we headed to the field my wheelchair couldn’t go up there (because the weight room isn’t there anymore plus there is construction zone so there was no ramp). So, I decided to go back to the classroom and do my journal for my week. After that, we had snack break and I talked to Karen and she told me about adult transition and that’s what I will do when I am 21! So exciting. After school, I came home and saw my friend Natalie Fry who just graduated from high school and will go to college in Santa Barbara. So we talked, and we also listened to music, and played on my iPad. It was also fun because we hung out like what teens do. Teens love that!

Saturday, I was so busy because I went horseback riding and then I saw my good friend Craig who is Jonah’s dad, because Jonah’s mom will have a baby girl. Aww!!!! So when he showed up, I thought dude, hi!!!!!! I was glad to see him and he had an air guitar phone and when he played it, dogs from a big yard across the fence were barking so hard. It seemed that someone left the dogs out of the gate. One big dog, I think a golden retriever was hurt and one of the trainers walked him and the dog felt better. One dog I also saw was blind like Miracle, one of Linda’s dogs. Anyways, I came home and I thought I might want a picture with the tablet outside and so I did but one part of my yard was too sunny, the other part was shady. My dad positioned me in the shady part for the pictures. When my dad said, “don’t smile.” I smiled. And then we took a look at the new tablet and the book with it says to charge it and I was thinking ok we did not charge it before the picture… oh no I forgot to tell my dad to charge it before we looked at the book for it. Argh I thought as we started on the registration for the phone like what network, home network, password I can’t type it up because I may not know it.

Around 4:15 Rachel got me ready in my swim suit because I went in my… my spa or Jacuzzi and it was 93 degrees. I was like, “Hotter, hotter hotter…” I WANTED IT HOTTER. It was so nice with the bubbles and was like a pool, but my dad explained, “Pools are not hotter they’re colder.” After that   there was a Lawrence Welk show called “Summer sounds.” It was so refreshing because it was about sounds of summer. It was summer fun!!!!

Sunday, I went with Rachel to the Making Music museum. She had never been to the museum before. For one thing about the museum she loved it. Also, she loved the different instruments. Also before we looked around the cashier had a little xylophone like in the movie Grease. We spent a long time there then I went home.

My favorite part of the weekend was the museum because it was awesome! My least favorite part was the traffic going and coming back from the museum because of the busy summer fair traffic. Awful! Overall, my weekend was so calming but also too short. Next weekend, I want to either see the game of life on TV or go hiking. I want to do one of those things because it will be so exciting.


With friend Natalie



With new tablet (gift for being Youth of the Year for the music program of the Boys and Girls Club)



Enjoying the jacuzzi with her Dad



Teen wardrobe including new shoes



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