Weekend of May 30, 2014

My weekend was so great! It started on May 30th and was filled with fun things like going to Old Town with my class, seeing Savi, going horseback riding, playing Wii, going to a music festival, seeing Sarah without having a dance lesson, and going to grandma’s house for dinner.

On Friday, I woke up and got ready to go on the AMTrack to Old town with my class. When we got there, I thought, “Holy cow.” I went in the shops and it was so precious because there were different types of Mexican objects and Linda thought that she wanted to give Dr. Palmer a nice gift. She found some beautiful earnings with stones. So pretty! Then our class went on a walking tour and this lady was so clear that I could understand her well, so it was really fun and interesting because you learn the history of Old town which is also a nature park. It’s true. Then, I got so confused. I thought there was a show at noon but actually we saw a sign in this area called Fiesta de Reyes which said, “it’s Friday Saturday and Sunday night at 5:30.” I thought, “oh! We will miss it!” When we finished having lunch, we walked back to the train station and I thought, “Ok if that is the area for the trolley, the coaster line for handicapped must be under the smelly tunnel.” It wasn’t because we asked a police where the coaster line was and he showed us and then I was like, “where’s our class?” and finally I saw Mr. Wickman in his pink shirt like what my dad wears. So we went back to Solana beach and when we were riding the train I could see the back of the Del Mar fairgrounds and the beautiful ocean. At night, Savi came and we talked but my friend had a small headache.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout and my instructor’s favorite horse is Mark which Ethan rides. So I rode around and across the arena, which teens like. I also fed him peppermints. Then, me and my dad walked to the animal hospital to go potty and I saw 3 horses. 1 of them was sick and it was getting better. I then went home and I was supposed to have a friend but Judy, my mom’s friend who played duo violinists together in the La Jolla symphony Orchestra conducted by Steven Schick, said that Hunter and Paul, her kids were so busy so they didn’t come. Too bad. Also, the worst thing that ever happened to me was I wanted to play a special Wii game that I haven’t tried before called Epic Mickey and all of a sudden this popup said “This game disk could not be read.” I thought, “maybe it’s dirty.” It must have dirt you know? So after that didn’t work I tried ANOTHER game called Petz Horse club and it worked. It was the loveliest game you can ever imagine. You basically practice a race then you explore the farm. In one part of the game, you get instructions from the game on how to brush, wash and pick hoofs on a horse and it’s an inspiring game for me. Also there was no new Lawrence Welk show because I think the next theme is the county fair, maybe or the 4th of July. Who knows, anyways that was on Saturday.

Now, on Sunday boy was it busy. First though, Rachel came and I exercised and had meds late. I finished eating late that was ok. Then, I drove over to temple Solel. Why? There was a music festival like the fair. Let me tell you everything we did. First Craig’s band had the most wonderful students that I knew like there was Craig Parks who was the host of their show, and an amazing guitarist and harmonicist and I saw Andrew Sweet from the Advanced jazz band. They were so powerful. They did some pop Jewish songs like Weird Al and I loved it so much. In fact, I even greeted them after their show. It was so hot outside and I walked around. We ate, then saw another band in the teen stage, drove to Rachel’s house, and practiced drums for my concert tonight. Also, when I played my song there was Sarah knocking at my window and waving to me. Oh no I forgot there was dance. So she came and I was like, “too late, we have to go to dinner.” We went to grandma’s house and the dogs were running around. Plus, we called Grandpa M because it was his 93rd birthday. Also, we heard birds and wind chimes ooh! After dinner, my dad showed my family a sideshow of his trip to Saint Croix, and there were some videos of the glowing fish under the Bioluminescence. Others were when he was in the ocean diving underwater and there was this octopus and this big lobster. It was so cool, like a giant eel. Then we came home and I was so tired and it was like almost 9. So I fell asleep. Zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz……..

My favorite part of the weekend was when we went to the music festival and when we went to Old Town. Also, I loved when my dad showed us his sideshow on the TV screen because it was so cool. My least favorite part was when I forgot about dance not because I didn’t like it, it was because I just forgot that’s all! Also, when I got in to the temple, there was no parking plus it was so loud at first. Overall, my weekend was I guess fine part bad again I don’t know but if my next weekend turns out part bad again who knows what will happen right? Next weekend, I want to go see that new tiger trail at the Safari park or go shopping for my new shoes. I want to do one of these things because it will be awesome!


At Old Town




Practicing drums



3 thoughts on “Weekend of May 30, 2014

  1. A really good blog this week – I like it when you talk about how you “feel” about things and when you describe things in detail. Your writing is really getting interesting! Pat

  2. Marjorie Latz says:

    Casey, your last 2 blogs were awesome. Love, Grandma M

    On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 11:45 PM, I Have a Lot to Say (for someone who can’t

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