Memorial Day Weekend May 23, 2014

My long weekend was so awesome. Wow! It was filled with great things like going to Moonlight Beach,  going to Linda’s house to see her dogs,  going to O.T., going to the Aquarium, going to LEGOLAND, going to the Zoo, and having my last jazz band practice.

On Friday, I went to Moonlight beach with my class.  It was so pretty because the waves that I saw were like birds gliding along the water. Then we walked to go to the Lumberyard for lunch and after that, I went to this garden that looked like a big jungle. After we were done, Linda, Arlie and I were walking back when there were 2 houses that looked like a ship. They were so amazing. Ooh we then drove all the way to Linda’s house which is past my temple and it was up on a hill and she showed me her dogs, Gabi, Bonsi, Lucy, and Miracle who is a blind dog! Then I saw [husband] Mark and the chickens he had. It was so funny Mark found 60 toy chickens. In fact, I got one from him as a gift for my dad. I loved her house so much I thought, “I want to move there!” Later, I went to O.T. There, I practiced turning nobs like when you have a music box. After that, I practiced tying.

Saturday, I slept in, then I was tired when I first woke up so I went back to sleep. At around I think 8 I finally woke up and in the morning I didn’t practice piano or drums and same as on Sunday. So I watched Jessie and I Didn’t Do It which are the funniest Disney channel shows for teens not for babies. So one part I saw was when Jessie said “I can’t beat you at this game of Chess anymore.” Her sister is like “Oh yeah? Well, I can beat you for sure like a monster, just you watch. ” I was thinking “what! Whoa, are they crazy? I think that’s so dumb!” Oh yeah the girls really ARE funny after all! Anyways, so around 11:30 Rachel and I drove to the zoo but guess what happened that was weird. This time, it was when we were trying to park our car but there was …NO PARKING… p a r k i n g! Wait what did I say? No parking! That’s right! I am telling you that we couldn’t park even if there’s a little room to park there wasn’t. It was packed of cars. So what did we do? We didn’t go inside it, or around it, what we did was we went to the aquarium and AH! Finally! The most wonderful thing happened to me I was so happy because we found parking. Phew finally. Again, we did something wonderful. We saw this dive show. And it was on a projector in the middle of the walkway on the wall and it was like videotaping the fish. I saw one funny fish that had pursed its lips like a baby fish. Another funny thing was there was this scary fish but it was so funny it looked like a small baby piano. I then went home and Rachel and I saw Frozen and I heard this great song that I love, ”Let it go, let it go, la la la la…here I stand in the light of day, let the storm move onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! The cold doesn’t bother me anyway.” Another song was called “do you want to build a snowman?” and Anna was saying, “Elsa? Come do you want to come and play? La da da de da….I know that you’re in there.”   

Sunday, Rachel had never been to LEGOLAND, NEVER! We got there and we rode some of the awesome rides that they have like the Fairytale boat ride but they changed some of it. Now, instead of seeing Hansel and Gretel and the witch on the other side of the lane you see Snow White. But the music for that stayed the same with the same bells in it. Then I went on the bike ride twice. Why two times you ask? Well you see, at 12:00 there was the fire show and after that the kids can say hi to the performers up close like a meet and greet. After the kids left, the performers changed clothes and went back to work in the back of fun town. One actor came up to me to say hi and I wanted to ask him if he wanted to go on the Sky cruiser with me and his boss is a signer so she said sure but at what time? Well I told him 1, BUT, UNFORTUNATELY HE HAD A SHOW AT 2. I was like, “wait a minute, if he has a show at 2 that means that we can meet at either 2:15 or 2:30.” I chose 2:15 but when we were waiting in line he didn’t show up so Rachel was like “2 more minutes and then we go on it.” But finally he came and we went on it.

On Monday, I went to the zoo with Arlie and there was parking. So I walked down past the apes and into Monkey trail. There were 12 chimps and 3 were eager to find food. Some birds that I saw were when we were in the line at the funniest showing of Rio in 4d and 3d and at camp Critters. Jake was so funny. Then when we went to the snakes we were like,” wow, and ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! So gross! I am getting out of here Noooo!!!! Run for your life.” So we went to sky Safari, the train and the carousel, plus, I had jazz band with Lenny, Estray Ejhon, Mark, me, and Scott.

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing my friends at jazz band and that the guy accompanied me on that fun ride. My least favorite part was we didn’t find parking to go to the zoo on Saturday.  Plus, I didn’t like the fact that my dad was not here either because I miss him. Overall, my weekend was thrilling and part bad. Next weekend, I want to spend time with my dad since he will be back tomorrow night. I also want to either go to Old Town or go to another beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be so delightful.  


With Arlie at Moonlight Beach



Who loves her Dad?



With Linda’s husband Mark and friend



Boat houses



At Old Town



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