Weekend of May 16, 2014

My weekend was part terrible but mostly great. It was filled with outdoor and indoor things like going to Boomers, seeing Bonnie, going to UTC, going horseback riding, having my last baseball game, and going to the friendship walk.

On Thursday, I went to Boomers but it was so hot so I stayed inside and omg I played this game called Island Adventure. I love that game. I also played Artic Thunder. I like that game too. oh I forgot to tell you I also saw Frozen the movie and I loved it. It was so good. If you didn’t see it you would love it. Anna is so funny omg so so funny.

On Friday I had my car washed, then Rachel my nurse came and she checked my breathing. After that I had Bonnie and we read about kids playing and learning about Minecraft. Then I went to UTC.

Saturday I went horseback riding on Mark and because of the fires I went on a trail ride to the barn to see the other horses and my instructor told me the different colors so Mark has a white mane and black skin, so Marks a gray and it is so cool. Then I went home and I was sad because it was my last baseball game of the season and I did so amazing. It was great… in fact, I got a trophy and I was thinking of you Linda [school aide] because I felt so happy. In the afternoon I saw the horse race on TV.

Sunday it was my friendship walk and I was so excited. When the cello played and I saw goats and a baby goat. It was so cute,aww… but then as the ceremony started the loudspeaker was so so so so loud it hurt my eardrum! So I walked back to the grass area until it stopped. After that Jaydon showed up. I also saw flamingo dancers and I got an award and I was thinking hmm if I get an award it would be special. Guess what? I got an award! I had fun although some parts were too loud for me. When I got home, I was calm. I saw TV, even recorded family game night on the hub network, then I had dance [lesson], and I learned a new cheerleading dance to the song Now or Never from High School Musical number 3.

My favorite part was the fact that I did the walk because it was so special to me to get an award. Fantastic right? My Least favorite part of the weekend was the walk because some parts were too loud. Next weekend I want to either go to the zoo, or the beach.


With Coaches Dave, Steve, and Jeff, and buddy Carly




With her team at the Friendship Walk



Getting her award




Dancing to the music







Someone more silly than Casey



2 thoughts on “Weekend of May 16, 2014

  1. Uncle Ron says:

    Congrats on the friendship walk achievement. My favorite picture was with the silly faced person. It just makes me laugh to look at it.
    Uncle Ron

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