Weekend of May 9, 2014

My weekend was awesome. It started on May 9, 2014 and was filled with amazing things like going to Seaport Village with my class, going horseback riding, playing baseball, seeing friends and going to the Aquarium.

On Friday, I went on a train to Seaport Village with my TAP class. It was so fun because we walked all the way looking over the ocean, to the Marriott hotel and back. Then, I rode the carousel 2 times. After that, I went home. I had the best time ever and I am looking forward to going on the other field trips that are planned!

On Saturday, I went horseback riding on my favorite horse, Mark. Then, I had baseball and Cousin Alison, Aunt Laurie, Cousin David, grandma Rhoda and Uncle Robert all came to my game. They all loved it! It was lovely, just lovely! When I came home I got my meds and I ate lunch and my dad and I made a Mother’s Day card for my grandma. Then my friend, Natalie came and I had fun. We danced; I showed her Lawrence Welk on TV. Remember with Bob Ralston? After that, I showed her my new ipad game called FROZEN FREEFALL. It’s like Candy Crush. When she left, I was like ok…. So I then got ready for my next friend Savi and let me tell ya, we also had fun. I showed her another game called Hidden Words and it’s a fun word game for teens. Later, when Rachel my nurse came over to my house, I was like, “hi!” and when Savi went home, Rachel said hi to me. Then I took a nice and warm bath. Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! The last thing I did was ate, saw Lawrence Welk and slept.

Sunday, my dad was my nurse until 11 because he went to a wedding. In fact, Rachel came late and so I was like I want the zoo. Rachel is like,”No we don’t have much time.” so I was like, “Pleaseeee!!!!!” Rachel had the same response. I was thinking, “how about the Aquarium?” she sighed and said, “Ahh Ok fine!” So we went and we saw jellyfishes, sharks, stingrays, and fishes and we saw a staff member measure the temperature of the water in the seahorse’s area. So, if you haven’t seen it before you would love it a lot!!!! Anyways…

My favorite part of the weekend was the Aquarium because it was so nice! My least favorite part was nothing because it was all so fabulous!!!!!! Overall, my weekend was the best! Next weekend, I will do the friendship circle walk for charity and I will have my last baseball game. I also want to either see the Odyssey or go to a park. I want to do one of these things because it will be super.


Near Seaport Village



With cousin David, Grandma Rhoda, Aunt Laurie, and cousin Alison



With friend Natalie



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