Weekend of May 2, 2014

My weekend was awesome. It started on May 2nd, 2014 and was filled with amazing things like going on the train, seeing Bonnie, going horseback riding, playing baseball, going to the Natural History museum, and seeing family for dinner.

On Friday, I went on the train with my class and it was so fun because I took a train to downtown, then, another train close to Petco [Park], but when we got to the gate, it was closed! I thought what!!!! Oh yeah I forgot before we went back to the train we went to the new [San Diego city] library and it was the most beautiful library I have ever seen. Then after ASL [sign language class], I went to Bonnie and read an article about this teen that played a special piano called a Disklavier piano. It is a cool way to record the attack of your fingers when playing music.  

Saturday was horseback riding and baseball and I met [Skyler’s sister] Amanda and her dogs. There was an opportunity for us to take pictures to add to my blog, so when my dad sends the pictures to you, you might like them. During the afternoon I saw HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2, which was so funny like Saturday Night Live. In the evening, around 6 PM, Rachel and I saw Lawrence Welk and this time Bob Ralston was interviewed by the host, Mary Lu Megser after the show. He played a popular song called, Tonight We Love, based on Tschoky’s [Tchaikovsky’s] piano concerto number 1 on the piano. Another part was when they had a pretty good song with the saxes after that one piano player Bob Ralston, play the melody in the bass of the piano, the other player played the fill in that’s when one person sings or plays a tune then the rest of the singers add little words to make the song more lovely like, Me: oh baby, whoa Rest: “wah ooh

Me: the sky is falling,

Rest: Lord, ooh”

It was like that!

On Sunday, I decided to go to the Natural History Museum. Here is an idea, why not go to the MUSEUM? I thought to myself. It was a GREAT idea. “Shall we?” I said. “Not yet,” Rachel, my nurse, responded. Oh no I forgot to exercise! So I was so happy because the lovely Rachel made me have a lovely exercise workout. It was indeed amazing! At the museum, I first met a pirate, then we went upstairs to look at the Fossil Mysteries and I am dead serious, it was so interesting. Oh yeah and seriously, I am truthful but the one bone was the bone of a Flapasorus and I was thinking “aw cool, man!” Also in the middle of the day, I saw a pendulum that looked like a rock swinging and rocking back and forth, from one side to the other. Then it was time to see a new 3d movie called the Great White Shark. The staff said, “Attention museum guests. This is the 11:00 showing of the GREAT WHITE SHARK in the Kapatin [Kaplan] Theater located on level 1 next to the museum store. Reminder no drinks, or food in the theater, and remember to have your tickets ready… once again, this is the first seating call for the eleven-o’clock showing of the Great White Shark in 3d”. It was a big theater and so many people saw it. It was about the history of sharks and even a rare white shark. After that I saw a play area on a ship and I was like, “Can I go on the ship? Please?” “No,” Rachel said as she hooked up my feeding. I thought, “WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOO BIG FOR THATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I’m 18 not 5. When she fed me I heard Katie, “Wahoo, hi guests. Do you want to learn all about butterfly today? If you do go to my classroom on level 2 next to the 2nd door on right. Wahoo. See you soon!” So when all of us sat down Katie said to us are we having a good Sunday at the museum. We said, yes! “Wonderful so today we will learn about a neat animal what is it? Can you guess here is a clue? It’s an animal that flies like a bird and it has antennas… maybe like a bug and it starts as an insect eating, and the 2 animals are Butterfly and ___. Is it a beagle or a caterpillar? If you guess a beagle that’s wrong. If caterpillar is your best guess, That’s right! Yay! Hip hip horay!” After Ms. Frizzle, we rode the carousel 2 times.

After all that, my family came for dinner not my whole family but Skylar’s mom and dad, Pat, her boyfriend Chris, Lisa, Rick, my grandma and uncle [Robert], and the dogs. Plus, Aunt Laurie, my dad, and me Casey were there. It was so fun. I first told everyone welcome and thanks for thinking of my mom, here’s dad to tell you a joke. I helped with it a little.

My favorite part of the weekend was when I was with my family and the fact that Ms. Frizzle gave me stamps because teens love stamps. In addition, I also loved when this man gave me a free ticket for the carousel because it was awesome, I was like YAY! My least favorite was nothing because I had the best weekend ever. Overall, my weekend was so fascinating. Next weekend I want to either go to a fancy dinner or go to a frizz store. I want to do one of these things because it will be good. I also want to either go shopping for my pants or go to a piano concert. I want to do all of these things because it will be the BEST TOO!


With nurse Arlie at the City Library




With Skyler’s family and friends (Amanda is 2nd from left)




With Ms. Frizzle (it’s butterfly theme this month)



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