Weekend of April 25, 2014

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with great things like going to O.T., seeing my friend Savi, going horseback riding, seeing Rachel, and going to the Safari Park.

On Friday, I went to O.T with my dad. I practiced zipping up a jacket, and I played a fun game. The game had a pirate sitting on top of a bowl and each player had to put a ring in a hole. You have to be careful because you never know when the pirate will pop out, like in the song, “Pop goes the Wessel.” Then, my friend Savi came over to talk to me. It rained Friday night.

On Saturday when we got to the Helen Woodward center I started to put on my helmet when the wind blew on me so hard that my horse got scared and didn’t know what to do! My instructor took Scout on a walk and when he came back, I was so confused. I thought, “Will I ride or go to the barn?” Then I looked and I saw puddles in the arena and I thought, “Hmmm it’s too muddy to ride in there.” Ended up that I didn’t ride my horse. I was so upset… what did we do instead? We walked to the barn and brushed Sammy a new horse, and I was kind to Sammy because I liked him. Then my teacher taught me the parts of a saddle. I need to remember skirt and crown for next week. I need to memorize them. You can help me right? Then I saw a puppy and that little horse. Later I saw Rachel at 1:30 pm at home and I was glad to see her. I was like, “Hey Rachel can we play wheel of fortune or WOF?” She said “Sure” and we did. Then I wanted to see Cinderella and I was singing with Rachel and I was thinking, ”ooh pretty dress, look at the sister’s hair it’s pretty.” After that I said to myself, “What are you talking about? That girl has a rats nest for her hair.” Then I saw the lovely fairy godmother, so I was thinking bibity botoby boo. In fact, I was imitating what she sang. Then I had a bath. Ahhh!!!!!!!! After that I saw Lawrence Welk and OMG the singer’s Sandy, Sally and Marry Lu were so pretty, like Taylor Swift. Bob Ralston and Bob Smule were also on the show. They are twins but not like just any kind of twins. They were twin pianists! Cool right? Wow!! They played an upbeat version of Tales from the Vienna Woods, by Johann Strauss. I loved it… it was so charming like Adele. Finally Rachel and I sang The Climb, by Miley Cyrus. I love that song because it’s a beautiful song.

On Sunday, I woke up bright and early and I asked Rachel “we can go to the Safari Park?” She said, “yes.” Then a funny thing happened! My dad was walking down the stairs and he wanted to know where I was going. I was said, “just guess.” So he guessed, LEGOLAND….no. SeaWorld… nope . Boomers, not it.   Disneyland….no no I was like, “Here’s a hint somewhere where there are animals and its belongs to the Zoo. Can u guess dad? A minute later…”ooh I know is it the San Diego Zoo Safari Park?” I said,” you finally guessed it. Phew!!!!!” So when we got there I slowly got out of the car. When we got in the park I wanted to go on the tram, but I thought why not take a ride there? So we walked to the area where the golf cart was and the man said, “here you go and watch your step as you are getting in.” We were the only people in the cart so it was so nice, just the 5 of us, the driver, Rachel, me, myself, and I. We saw deer, elephants, giraffes, the hyenas, and k9 dogs. Then, we ate lunch at the café at the bottom of a long hill. After that, I saw butterflies at butterfly jungle, and one was on my walker, and on my hat! Then we rode the carousel 2 times, but I didn’t go on the spinning top. I rode on the seat instead. Lastly, we left and went home.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Safari Park because IT WAS SO FUN! My other favorite part was seeing the twin pianists because I enjoyed it. My least favorite part was not riding my horse Scout because he was scared, plus it was windy. Overall, my weekend was so terrific because I really did a lot of outdoor things. Next weekend, I want to either go to the doctor to check my ears or go camping in Balboa Park. I want to do one of these things because it will be super.


With friend Savi



Learning about parts of the saddle



At riding with Sammy the horse (in background)



Is that a small horse?



With butterfly friend at Safari Park



3 thoughts on “Weekend of April 25, 2014

  1. ohnothankyou says:

    Hi Casey! This is Amanda, Skyler’s sister (and Tracey’s oldest daughter). You and your Dad gave me the address to your blog at Miracle League on Saturday. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE reading about your adventures! Keep up the great blogging!!!

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