Spring break April 4-13, 2014

My spring break was lots of waiting and lots of fun. It was filled with things like, getting my I.D., going to the Van Dealer and car rental, LEGOLAND, Boomers, SeaWorld, riding in a new van, Seaport Village, and UTC.

On Monday, I had [instructor] Tessa which was really nice and after that, Arlie drove me to Claremont because I needed to get an ID, but I haven’t got one yet you see. So, we were waiting for our number to be called, “D66 at window number 16.” I was really bored with that and I thought, ”Oh no, now we’re never going to get to Seaport Village at this rate.” When finally our number was called, we got to the window and the clerk was so handsome like a handsome pianist. Right after my photo, we drove to Seaport Village. We rode the carousel 2 times. I also went to UTC.

Tuesday was a weird day. First I went to Tessa again of course. Then we drove to Carlsbad and to the Dealer for the van, because they needed to check the tires, and then they drove us to LEGOLAND. When we got there, there were many people in line and it took a very, very, and extremely long time to wait for our turn to get the pass for the rides. So, all I did was go on the Dragon ride and Project X ride. Also, I need to add that I saw the Fire Show. Near the end, the fire chief asked them, “What do you do if your house catches on fire?” So then the music started to play “gangnam style”…it was so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. I laughed so hard and it was really hilarious. After that I went to the Sealife Aquarium and they had a new jellyfish that was so cool. Then I went to the hotel because it took forever and ever and ever to wait for my car to be done. It took so long. So we finally finallllllyyy got another new [rental] van and I loved that van!

       On Wednesday, I had Tessa again. Then, I wanted to go to Boomers so I was getting excited but when we got in the parking lot, it turns out that it was still closed. When I looked up what time it opens from the Boomers website on my iPad, it said Monday through Thursday 12:00. I was like what?! So instead I went to UTC and I bought a really nice pair of capris at Justice. When I tried them on they were so cute and I loved them!

Thursday, I went to [tutor] Bonnie and we looked at an article about accordions. Then, I went to Boomers again but it was open this time. I went on the go-karts with Arlie and played a long shooting video game.

Friday, I went to SeaWorld. It is their 50th celebration, and all over the park they had decorations, and sea surprises. So before Blue Horizons started they had a girl who hosted one of the sea of surprises treat. She asked certain people in the stands trivia questions. And I was like, “OK, why can’t they have something better than that, but then I decided it was cool after all.” Also, they had a small marching band and I covered my ears because I was so freaked out. That area was way too loud. When we left that area, I was ok. I also went into Wild Artic. When we got into the Pets Rule show I thought they will have some sort of sea of surprise but they didn’t. It was only a normal Pets Rule show with comedian Hammy, the pig. I also went to Turtle Reef and I played a video game. Each player had 1 turtle and the turtles needed to eat a lot of shrimp. Near the end there was an underwater cave and in it was a shrimp, but there was also a shark who we almost bumped into!

Saturday was a much better day because of horseback riding, and baseball. I hit well! Sunday was not fun, but boring because I stayed home all day. In fact, I don’t want to talk about what I did because I think…it will make you so bored too.

My favorite part of the spring break was LEGOLAND because I saw so many kids. My least favorite part was being bored because man was it not fun…Overall, my weekend was sort of good/fun/boring/terrific. Next weekend I want to write a miss you letter for Arlie or buy her a coming back gift. I want to do one of these things because it will be so precious!!!

At Seaworld




Casey at the bat



2 thoughts on “Spring break April 4-13, 2014

  1. Marjorie Latz says:

    Hi Cssey. Loved your pictures. When you cross your hands, does that mean “I love you” ? What does UTC stand for? You look great holding the bat. Like reading your posts. Love and kisses, Grandma M

    On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 1:53 PM, I Have a Lot to Say (for someone who can’t

  2. vincetta says:

    Casey, I really enjoyed reading about spring break! Keep on writing girl. And whoohooo for the picture of you up to bat.

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