Weekend of April 4, 2014

My weekend was so amazing because I did so much. It was filled with great things like going to the Making Music Museum, seeing Savi, going horseback riding, playing baseball, celebrating Passover with the friendship circle and watching movies.

On Friday, I went to the Making Music Museum in Carlsbad with Arlie. It was fun because I saw new and old things like there was a steel guitar that was 30 years old. Wow! Also, there were many pianos on display. I didn’t think that the museum was about the history of music, because you see, I thought the museum was about how to put certain instruments together in a orchestra, (I have been to a theme park like that before when I was about 5.) It was not about that. It was about the history of the instruments and the relationship to one side of their music industry to the other. The more popular it was, the more people came to it. Anyways, we finally went to the flower fields and I first thought, ”Ooh, those flowers are so beautiful aren’t they ?” I got a text from my friend while we were going home it was Lena and it was her birthday. I texted her…”happy birthday…did you know I hurt my arm?” she texted back, “how?” I was trying to explain what happened to her when I realized and thought, “I could copy part of my journal from a while back then paste it in my text!” so I did. Clever right?

On Saturday, I woke up like at 6 and I got ready and usually batting practice is after I get dressed but since my nurse left at 7, I watched TV for a while. Then I did batting practice and I got the most hits in 15 minutes so I got 20 hits before practice was over and also after I ran the bases. (Imagine me sitting in my family room chair and after 20 hits, I ran from the chair to my couch, to the family table, to the counter in the kitchen, to the other counter where my team picture from last year is, back to the chair; home plate in exactly 15 minutes.) After that, I got ready to go horseback riding in an outdoor area and on each side of the fence was a letter so when my teacher said, “stop at letter A,” you know that it’s means to go to letter a and stop at it.

After riding, I went home and I practiced my piano and my dad gave me meds before I ate. Then we were on our way to baseball, that’s right it was time…for…baseball! And I could hardly believe the crowd was like chickens because it was so loud! So when my turn came I couldn’t hit the ball so I had to think, “swing hard,” and so I did. After the game I went home, and I did chair dancing on my TV.

Sunday, Rachel came at 7:00 and first I hung out in my room while Vincetta and Rachel talked. Then I showed Rachel how to get ready in the morning by putting on my clothes. My undershirt, my pants, my socks, and my shoes all by myself! Then I exercised while I saw Lawrence Welk and each time the theme of the show is different so this time it was “April showers.” After I exercised, I went to Chabad for the friendship circle because we got prepared for Passover.

Jaydon, my friend was there and he was the leader of our group. We first went in an office and there were loaves of bread hiding and it was dark and every kid in the group needed a flashlight, a feather, and a spoon to scoop up 1 hidden bread and discard it into a fire bin. On Passover, my dad always hid the Ailkoman [affikomen] and then after our meal I always find it like a game. Then, there was a therapy dog named Mike and he was too cute! Therefore, it was nice. Then we did music, we had art, and a model Seder. Then I went home and started playing Wii when the system was being updating because probably we hadn’t playing it for a while. Some of the applications needed internet but we don’t have a network id. Then I wanted to watch a movie, and when I put on my tap video, the picture was scratched and it didn’t work. The sound was working perfectly but the picture had grey lines; it went blank but, I ejected it. Rachel put on Thumbelina but I was bored. Then I decided to put on Charlotte’s web.

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing charlotte’s web because there was a harpsichord and the rat was so funny. My least favorite part was nothing it was like so great. Overall, my weekend was so fabulous! Next weekend, I want to go to the shores or go to the Safari Park. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fantastic!




One thought on “Weekend of April 4, 2014

  1. julielatz says:

    Sounds like such a great weekend Casey! You always have so much fun. We are having a great time spending time with Jonathan. It’s really nice to have him home. I think you will be seeing him next weekend. Have a Happy Passover. Love Aunt Julie

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