Weekend of April 25, 2014

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with great things like going to O.T., seeing my friend Savi, going horseback riding, seeing Rachel, and going to the Safari Park.

On Friday, I went to O.T with my dad. I practiced zipping up a jacket, and I played a fun game. The game had a pirate sitting on top of a bowl and each player had to put a ring in a hole. You have to be careful because you never know when the pirate will pop out, like in the song, “Pop goes the Wessel.” Then, my friend Savi came over to talk to me. It rained Friday night.

On Saturday when we got to the Helen Woodward center I started to put on my helmet when the wind blew on me so hard that my horse got scared and didn’t know what to do! My instructor took Scout on a walk and when he came back, I was so confused. I thought, “Will I ride or go to the barn?” Then I looked and I saw puddles in the arena and I thought, “Hmmm it’s too muddy to ride in there.” Ended up that I didn’t ride my horse. I was so upset… what did we do instead? We walked to the barn and brushed Sammy a new horse, and I was kind to Sammy because I liked him. Then my teacher taught me the parts of a saddle. I need to remember skirt and crown for next week. I need to memorize them. You can help me right? Then I saw a puppy and that little horse. Later I saw Rachel at 1:30 pm at home and I was glad to see her. I was like, “Hey Rachel can we play wheel of fortune or WOF?” She said “Sure” and we did. Then I wanted to see Cinderella and I was singing with Rachel and I was thinking, ”ooh pretty dress, look at the sister’s hair it’s pretty.” After that I said to myself, “What are you talking about? That girl has a rats nest for her hair.” Then I saw the lovely fairy godmother, so I was thinking bibity botoby boo. In fact, I was imitating what she sang. Then I had a bath. Ahhh!!!!!!!! After that I saw Lawrence Welk and OMG the singer’s Sandy, Sally and Marry Lu were so pretty, like Taylor Swift. Bob Ralston and Bob Smule were also on the show. They are twins but not like just any kind of twins. They were twin pianists! Cool right? Wow!! They played an upbeat version of Tales from the Vienna Woods, by Johann Strauss. I loved it… it was so charming like Adele. Finally Rachel and I sang The Climb, by Miley Cyrus. I love that song because it’s a beautiful song.

On Sunday, I woke up bright and early and I asked Rachel “we can go to the Safari Park?” She said, “yes.” Then a funny thing happened! My dad was walking down the stairs and he wanted to know where I was going. I was said, “just guess.” So he guessed, LEGOLAND….no. SeaWorld… nope . Boomers, not it.   Disneyland….no no I was like, “Here’s a hint somewhere where there are animals and its belongs to the Zoo. Can u guess dad? A minute later…”ooh I know is it the San Diego Zoo Safari Park?” I said,” you finally guessed it. Phew!!!!!” So when we got there I slowly got out of the car. When we got in the park I wanted to go on the tram, but I thought why not take a ride there? So we walked to the area where the golf cart was and the man said, “here you go and watch your step as you are getting in.” We were the only people in the cart so it was so nice, just the 5 of us, the driver, Rachel, me, myself, and I. We saw deer, elephants, giraffes, the hyenas, and k9 dogs. Then, we ate lunch at the café at the bottom of a long hill. After that, I saw butterflies at butterfly jungle, and one was on my walker, and on my hat! Then we rode the carousel 2 times, but I didn’t go on the spinning top. I rode on the seat instead. Lastly, we left and went home.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Safari Park because IT WAS SO FUN! My other favorite part was seeing the twin pianists because I enjoyed it. My least favorite part was not riding my horse Scout because he was scared, plus it was windy. Overall, my weekend was so terrific because I really did a lot of outdoor things. Next weekend, I want to either go to the doctor to check my ears or go camping in Balboa Park. I want to do one of these things because it will be super.


With friend Savi



Learning about parts of the saddle



At riding with Sammy the horse (in background)



Is that a small horse?



With butterfly friend at Safari Park



Weekend of April 18, 2014

My weekend was so awesome. It was filled with great things like seeing my family for dinner, going horseback riding, watching movies, hanging out with friends and going to the zoo.

On Friday, I went home and Thursday night my brother Eric and his wife, Alex, came from New York to surprise Matthew because tomorrow [Tuesday the 22nd], it will be his 29th birthday you see… so Eric, Alex, Grandma Rhoda, Uncle Robert, Matthew, Anne-Marie, Curt, Cooper, Macie, and Otis came for dinner. It was nice because before we ate, we took family photos. That’s only because usually we do it during the December holidays, and we didn’t do it this December.

On Saturday, I had baseball practice, horse-riding, omg I was so busy. After I rode, I went over to see the dogs and I saw a puppy and a baby horse. Aww!!!! I kind of thought it was a mix between a puppy and a baby horse and it was!! Anyways, we went home and there was no baseball game. I was so sad that I almost cried. OHHHH!!!!! Then Savi, my friend came and she told me about her trip to see many colleges like UCLA (fight fight fight), University of California Santa Barbara and others. She showed me a video with Ellen degenerus and her game called win it or drop it, so if you get the question wrong you fall into a pit of mud so her mom was on it and Savi was one of the answer helper’s people, so when she incorrectly answered the question her mom fell into the pit. She was out! Oh no…poor thing. I laughed so hard because it was really funny. Then I asked my dad can we see finding Nemo and he said sure but what is amazing is you know dory right? Her voice is really Ellen that why she is so funny. I didn’t know that. There’s a finding Nemo ride at Disneyland. Anyways so when we saw the beginning I was like ok nice but when the diver took Nemo I was like ahhh nooooo do not take him away like that. And Nemo was like, ahhh daddy help me……….. I got so nervous because it was so freaky bad, ridiculous in fact. So when dory helped Marlin I was like phew finally. I like this line “when you feeling down u know what u do? Just keep swimming keep swimming and what do we do we swimmmmmmm!!!!!. I also like crush.

Soon, Carla came and I was so happy because we played piano she brought a Debbie Friedman book and songs of the 70s book and she played jazz songs and Beatles songs like yesterday. After that jaydon came and we played piano and Wii sports resort and we played for a long time.

On Sunday, I saw my cousin Jonathan and we played Wii and had a photo. Then, I went to the zoo with Rachel and she hadn’t been before. So first, we went on the bus tour and I saw flamingos, a tiger that was hidden, polar bears, skyfari east, elephants, condors, cheetah, hyena, bears. It was so cool I saw so many neat animals this time because it was Easter so I decided that lets celebrate by going somewhere that is funky fun like the zoo. Plus, the zoo is one of the awesome places because there are tons of animals for us to see. We also saw RIO and camp critters and went on the carousel 2 times it was also so awesome!!!

My favorite part of the weekend was believe it or not the zoo because it was a fun Easter although I saw an Easter bunny. My least favorite part was nothing because it was so enjoyable not precious. Overall my weekend was awesome and so great. Next weekend since Arlie will come back I want to go shopping and get her a really nice dress or get her some pearl rings with a piano on it. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fantastic!


With Uncle Robert, Dad, Grandma Rhoda, Eric and Alex, Matthew and Anne-Marie, Macie and Otis





With cousin Jonathan




Spring break April 4-13, 2014

My spring break was lots of waiting and lots of fun. It was filled with things like, getting my I.D., going to the Van Dealer and car rental, LEGOLAND, Boomers, SeaWorld, riding in a new van, Seaport Village, and UTC.

On Monday, I had [instructor] Tessa which was really nice and after that, Arlie drove me to Claremont because I needed to get an ID, but I haven’t got one yet you see. So, we were waiting for our number to be called, “D66 at window number 16.” I was really bored with that and I thought, ”Oh no, now we’re never going to get to Seaport Village at this rate.” When finally our number was called, we got to the window and the clerk was so handsome like a handsome pianist. Right after my photo, we drove to Seaport Village. We rode the carousel 2 times. I also went to UTC.

Tuesday was a weird day. First I went to Tessa again of course. Then we drove to Carlsbad and to the Dealer for the van, because they needed to check the tires, and then they drove us to LEGOLAND. When we got there, there were many people in line and it took a very, very, and extremely long time to wait for our turn to get the pass for the rides. So, all I did was go on the Dragon ride and Project X ride. Also, I need to add that I saw the Fire Show. Near the end, the fire chief asked them, “What do you do if your house catches on fire?” So then the music started to play “gangnam style”…it was so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. I laughed so hard and it was really hilarious. After that I went to the Sealife Aquarium and they had a new jellyfish that was so cool. Then I went to the hotel because it took forever and ever and ever to wait for my car to be done. It took so long. So we finally finallllllyyy got another new [rental] van and I loved that van!

       On Wednesday, I had Tessa again. Then, I wanted to go to Boomers so I was getting excited but when we got in the parking lot, it turns out that it was still closed. When I looked up what time it opens from the Boomers website on my iPad, it said Monday through Thursday 12:00. I was like what?! So instead I went to UTC and I bought a really nice pair of capris at Justice. When I tried them on they were so cute and I loved them!

Thursday, I went to [tutor] Bonnie and we looked at an article about accordions. Then, I went to Boomers again but it was open this time. I went on the go-karts with Arlie and played a long shooting video game.

Friday, I went to SeaWorld. It is their 50th celebration, and all over the park they had decorations, and sea surprises. So before Blue Horizons started they had a girl who hosted one of the sea of surprises treat. She asked certain people in the stands trivia questions. And I was like, “OK, why can’t they have something better than that, but then I decided it was cool after all.” Also, they had a small marching band and I covered my ears because I was so freaked out. That area was way too loud. When we left that area, I was ok. I also went into Wild Artic. When we got into the Pets Rule show I thought they will have some sort of sea of surprise but they didn’t. It was only a normal Pets Rule show with comedian Hammy, the pig. I also went to Turtle Reef and I played a video game. Each player had 1 turtle and the turtles needed to eat a lot of shrimp. Near the end there was an underwater cave and in it was a shrimp, but there was also a shark who we almost bumped into!

Saturday was a much better day because of horseback riding, and baseball. I hit well! Sunday was not fun, but boring because I stayed home all day. In fact, I don’t want to talk about what I did because I think…it will make you so bored too.

My favorite part of the spring break was LEGOLAND because I saw so many kids. My least favorite part was being bored because man was it not fun…Overall, my weekend was sort of good/fun/boring/terrific. Next weekend I want to write a miss you letter for Arlie or buy her a coming back gift. I want to do one of these things because it will be so precious!!!

At Seaworld




Casey at the bat



Weekend of April 4, 2014

My weekend was so amazing because I did so much. It was filled with great things like going to the Making Music Museum, seeing Savi, going horseback riding, playing baseball, celebrating Passover with the friendship circle and watching movies.

On Friday, I went to the Making Music Museum in Carlsbad with Arlie. It was fun because I saw new and old things like there was a steel guitar that was 30 years old. Wow! Also, there were many pianos on display. I didn’t think that the museum was about the history of music, because you see, I thought the museum was about how to put certain instruments together in a orchestra, (I have been to a theme park like that before when I was about 5.) It was not about that. It was about the history of the instruments and the relationship to one side of their music industry to the other. The more popular it was, the more people came to it. Anyways, we finally went to the flower fields and I first thought, ”Ooh, those flowers are so beautiful aren’t they ?” I got a text from my friend while we were going home it was Lena and it was her birthday. I texted her…”happy birthday…did you know I hurt my arm?” she texted back, “how?” I was trying to explain what happened to her when I realized and thought, “I could copy part of my journal from a while back then paste it in my text!” so I did. Clever right?

On Saturday, I woke up like at 6 and I got ready and usually batting practice is after I get dressed but since my nurse left at 7, I watched TV for a while. Then I did batting practice and I got the most hits in 15 minutes so I got 20 hits before practice was over and also after I ran the bases. (Imagine me sitting in my family room chair and after 20 hits, I ran from the chair to my couch, to the family table, to the counter in the kitchen, to the other counter where my team picture from last year is, back to the chair; home plate in exactly 15 minutes.) After that, I got ready to go horseback riding in an outdoor area and on each side of the fence was a letter so when my teacher said, “stop at letter A,” you know that it’s means to go to letter a and stop at it.

After riding, I went home and I practiced my piano and my dad gave me meds before I ate. Then we were on our way to baseball, that’s right it was time…for…baseball! And I could hardly believe the crowd was like chickens because it was so loud! So when my turn came I couldn’t hit the ball so I had to think, “swing hard,” and so I did. After the game I went home, and I did chair dancing on my TV.

Sunday, Rachel came at 7:00 and first I hung out in my room while Vincetta and Rachel talked. Then I showed Rachel how to get ready in the morning by putting on my clothes. My undershirt, my pants, my socks, and my shoes all by myself! Then I exercised while I saw Lawrence Welk and each time the theme of the show is different so this time it was “April showers.” After I exercised, I went to Chabad for the friendship circle because we got prepared for Passover.

Jaydon, my friend was there and he was the leader of our group. We first went in an office and there were loaves of bread hiding and it was dark and every kid in the group needed a flashlight, a feather, and a spoon to scoop up 1 hidden bread and discard it into a fire bin. On Passover, my dad always hid the Ailkoman [affikomen] and then after our meal I always find it like a game. Then, there was a therapy dog named Mike and he was too cute! Therefore, it was nice. Then we did music, we had art, and a model Seder. Then I went home and started playing Wii when the system was being updating because probably we hadn’t playing it for a while. Some of the applications needed internet but we don’t have a network id. Then I wanted to watch a movie, and when I put on my tap video, the picture was scratched and it didn’t work. The sound was working perfectly but the picture had grey lines; it went blank but, I ejected it. Rachel put on Thumbelina but I was bored. Then I decided to put on Charlotte’s web.

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing charlotte’s web because there was a harpsichord and the rat was so funny. My least favorite part was nothing it was like so great. Overall, my weekend was so fabulous! Next weekend, I want to go to the shores or go to the Safari Park. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fantastic!




Weekend of March 28, 2014

My weekend was awesome!!!  It started on Friday, 3-28-14 and was filled with fun things like seeing my friend Savi, going horseback riding, playing baseball, having my friend Natalie over, and going to the zoo. 

On Friday, I came home and I was ready to go to O.T. but, what happened was my O.T. teacher was so sick. Oh no!  I took a nice warm bath. Then, Savi my friend came and I told her about my day.  

On Saturday, I rode my horse, Scout which was a white horse with a long mane. Next, I came home and got ready for my baseball game and I did great!  After that, I saw my good friend, Skyler who played after my game. Then, I went home, had lunch, meds, and started to play my piano and my drums when my dad had good news. He said, “Guess what?  I have good news!” I thought, “What is it?”  He was like, “Well, Natalie is coming over in a little while.” I was so excited. Omg yes!!!!!! Wait a min… I knew that a friend is coming over but I didn’t know who. I thought it was Savi, Jaydon, Emily, or Illanna…

On Sunday, [nurse] Chris came and I knew we hadn’t seen each other for a while. So, we went to the zoo for our nice day. Something amazing happened and that was, we were waiting in the bus line and I saw Zooman and I asked him “sir would you like to be the tour guide?” he first said, “No I can’t.” A few minutes later, another bus with another bus guide came and she complained, ”Oh I can’t be the tour guide.”  And so Zooman and the other staff talked for a while about what to do. So finally, Zooman was the tour guide indeed. So I was like, “phew finally.” So before we even got on, Zooman told me that there was a baby hippo that was born about an hour ago. I thought, “How cool!” So it was in the corner of the pool and the mommy was taking care of the baby. Aww, how cute!!!! Right up the middle of the zoo, we also saw a baby deer that was following the daddy deer to protect itself. Also, in tiger trail there was a rock and behind it was a little bird that hid behind the tiger and it was like a fairy. Also, I saw the Easter bunny and took a picture with it. In addition we rode the train 2 times and the carousel 2 times. It was so fun. Then I was sad when I got home because after we played piano, she told me…get ready for this. “I will not be working anymore because I will have a baby so I need to take care of my kids… it is so important to me. I’m sorry!!” I was like so sad so so so so so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought, “How disappointing!” (It’s ok don’t worry guys everything will be ok. But… I am scared, I mean, what if she doesn’t come back after all, and then what?)

  My favorite part of the weekend was the zoo because it was so fun. My least favorite part was nothing because it was all so lovely!! Overall, it was so important to do the fun things the right way, so all of it was a fun weekend and yes, it’s true folks. Next weekend, I want to either go to a farm festival or go to Knots Berry Farm. I want to do one of these things because partners, it will be the wildest weekend in the west.


Goodbye nurse Chris