Weekend of March 21, 2014

I had a fun weekend; however some of it was not good. It was filled with fine things like going horseback riding, playing baseball, meeting a new nurse, seeing my friends, playing Wii sports resort and going to the Discovery Center.

On Friday, I had Bonnie. We talked about grammar, and vocab.  Then, my friend Savi came over to my house.  

Saturday, I had horseback riding and then, I had baseball and I did fantastic! Then I drove over to the Del Mar Highland because I got my new 3ds game called Yoshi’s New Island. It is an awesome game because Yoshi has a small partner on his back like a camel…ooh! Then my friend, Jaydon came and I played my jazz piano piece called In a Mellow Tone.   Plus, I played it with my old band I have on my iPad, under videos. After that, we played Blue Train by John Coltrane on the piano. Then I played the bottom part and learned the top part of his own Boogie Woogie which is one type of a blues style. After piano time, it was Wii time because Jaydon asked me if I wanted to play on the Wii. I said yeah, sure… but which game you might ask…well…it was… Wii sports resort. And it is like the Wii sports game but…it has a Wii motion plus that’s a little thing you hook in the bottom of the Wii remote kind of like the h drive cable. And one game I absolutely loved is a cycling game…ooh which by the way goes around the island, through the rock. So it basically was a fun Wii game. Another game your flying and you link other Miis and takes pictures. After that, he went home. Then, my new nurse Rachel and Mary came and we finally saw Lawrence Welk just for spring.

Sunday, Elizabeth and again, Rachel came and she basically taught her the routine of exercising, giving meds, piano, and puppets. Then at 11:45 am, we were in the car and we drove all the way past BP, Balboa Park and into Chula Vista or CV. In CV (it also stands for Carmel valley like Carmel valley Middle school,) we met some of the friendship circle staff because we all went on a fun shuttle bus ride to the Discovery Center. When we got there I met 2 friends who were my buddies. It was part indoors, part outdoors. We saw snakes, an eagle, and sharks that we could touch. Also, once we got outside they had arts and crafts. It was a lot of fun because I made a turtle.  Aww!  But the bad thing was I was following the birthday party group over to the tide pool when suddenly my handle on my walker slipped off. Oops and I forgot; I hurt my arm so now there’s a big scratch and if you look below my right hand about 3 spaces down from my palm, you will see a long line of a scab probably an inch long so that is where and how I hurt my arm.

My favorite part was the Discovery Center because the eagle looked like a cute baby. My least favorite part was when I hurt my arm because it was bad. Overall, my weekend was so so. Next weekend, I want to either have a massage or have my nails done. I also want to either go see an Adele concert or go shopping for my summer clothes. I want to do one of these things it will be a teentastic time.


Buying her new game (with salesperson) 




With nurses Elizabeth and Rachel




Ouch! See the scratch on my right wrist?



2 thoughts on “Weekend of March 21, 2014

  1. Helen M. Cohen says:

    Sassy, I hope your arm is feeling much better! Sending lots of hugs to you and your dad, Helen

    Sent from my iPad Helen M. Schlossberg Cohen


  2. Your new nurses look really nice. I’ve never heard of the Discovery Center in Chula Vista. I wonder if it’s a place that would be interesting to visit (for old folks like me)!

    See you soon, Casey.


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