Weekend of February 28. 2014

My weekend was so fantastic because I did so much; I was busy.  It started on Friday 2-28-14 and was filled with awesome things like going to O.T., having a barn lesson at Helen Woodward, seeing my friend Savi, watching  T.V. and going to the Natural History museum.    

 On Friday, I had O.T.; I did some squeezing exercises, and practice tying. It was so wonderful!!

On Saturday, I had a barn lesson because it was too muddy to ride and I learned some of the horse parts like the cannon bone.  When I got home, my friend Savi came and we danced. When she left, I saw the Lion King movie. Then I practiced music, took a bath and  I turned on my TV but, there was no Lawrence Welk, instead it was the Ed Pavilion [Sullivan] rock and roll show. I liked the band, The Animals because I liked how they were  inging, plus they had  a Hammond organ player and I thought it was so cool like a Rhodes keyboard.

Sunday, [nurse] Chris and I went to the Natural History  Museum and I saw a new exhibit about pirates. It was so cool. Also, I met some real pirates who greeted me and said, “Argh ahoy there mates.” In fact, it reminded me of that pirate ride at LEGOLAND and Disneyland.  Between exhibits, we saw Ms. Frizzle before the lower level area of the exhibits and after the upper level because you see, most exhibits start and  end  in the same place but it was not true in this case. It started upstairs when you see a short 5 minute movie. Then you go see the history of pirates and they had pictures of the treasure. That’s only the first part. The second part was on the lower level. Not the very top but the very bottom to get that straight. Uh anyways there you see more pictures of pirates and I think they had Jack Sparrow.  In the middle was a ramp which leads inside the ship, like the Star of India. There was  a girl pirate who showed me the ship. It was so cool why? Because it was like, “Anchors away! Whoosh!” Anyways, it was so fun because many pirates have a hook, an eye patch, peg legs, and a ship. When we walked outside we were headed to the carousel and guess what happened? It was closed. I thought, “I cannot believe it!  The carousel is closed now wait a minute; it can’t be closed because the rain stopped…oh well! It closed.” I was so upset. Bad carousel…  I was like, “No way! I couldn’t go on it if it’s raining right?” Anyhow, when I went home and when I got out my iPad, I was having trouble turning on my Easy remote app  because once I hit the app, my AT&T cable was supposed to turn on. But, it didn’t so my dad told me that in order to do that, then you have to first turn the TV on…using, the remote control. After it was on, I searched the guide and I DID find a game show called (get ready for it) Family Game Night, also known as FGN on the Hub channel. It was a fun game show because each family plays a game to win trips and to get a combination for the community chest at the end of the show.     

My favorite part of the weekend was FGN because they had fun games like Battleship, Barrel of Monkeys, and Monopoly remixes. Also, it was for teens. My least favorite part was the fact that the carousel was closed because it was so disappointing!!!! Overall, my weekend was a- raining-cats-and dogs-weekend because boy was it raining. Next weekend, I will go to the friendship circle fun Purim event with Chris. I also will have my baseball opening ceremony. In addition, I want to either go horse-riding or go walk around Del Mar Highlands. I want to do one of these things because I think it is going to be not a rainy weekend, but a nice weekend.   


With nurse Chris



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