Weekend of March 21, 2014

I had a fun weekend; however some of it was not good. It was filled with fine things like going horseback riding, playing baseball, meeting a new nurse, seeing my friends, playing Wii sports resort and going to the Discovery Center.

On Friday, I had Bonnie. We talked about grammar, and vocab.  Then, my friend Savi came over to my house.  

Saturday, I had horseback riding and then, I had baseball and I did fantastic! Then I drove over to the Del Mar Highland because I got my new 3ds game called Yoshi’s New Island. It is an awesome game because Yoshi has a small partner on his back like a camel…ooh! Then my friend, Jaydon came and I played my jazz piano piece called In a Mellow Tone.   Plus, I played it with my old band I have on my iPad, under videos. After that, we played Blue Train by John Coltrane on the piano. Then I played the bottom part and learned the top part of his own Boogie Woogie which is one type of a blues style. After piano time, it was Wii time because Jaydon asked me if I wanted to play on the Wii. I said yeah, sure… but which game you might ask…well…it was… Wii sports resort. And it is like the Wii sports game but…it has a Wii motion plus that’s a little thing you hook in the bottom of the Wii remote kind of like the h drive cable. And one game I absolutely loved is a cycling game…ooh which by the way goes around the island, through the rock. So it basically was a fun Wii game. Another game your flying and you link other Miis and takes pictures. After that, he went home. Then, my new nurse Rachel and Mary came and we finally saw Lawrence Welk just for spring.

Sunday, Elizabeth and again, Rachel came and she basically taught her the routine of exercising, giving meds, piano, and puppets. Then at 11:45 am, we were in the car and we drove all the way past BP, Balboa Park and into Chula Vista or CV. In CV (it also stands for Carmel valley like Carmel valley Middle school,) we met some of the friendship circle staff because we all went on a fun shuttle bus ride to the Discovery Center. When we got there I met 2 friends who were my buddies. It was part indoors, part outdoors. We saw snakes, an eagle, and sharks that we could touch. Also, once we got outside they had arts and crafts. It was a lot of fun because I made a turtle.  Aww!  But the bad thing was I was following the birthday party group over to the tide pool when suddenly my handle on my walker slipped off. Oops and I forgot; I hurt my arm so now there’s a big scratch and if you look below my right hand about 3 spaces down from my palm, you will see a long line of a scab probably an inch long so that is where and how I hurt my arm.

My favorite part was the Discovery Center because the eagle looked like a cute baby. My least favorite part was when I hurt my arm because it was bad. Overall, my weekend was so so. Next weekend, I want to either have a massage or have my nails done. I also want to either go see an Adele concert or go shopping for my summer clothes. I want to do one of these things it will be a teentastic time.


Buying her new game (with salesperson) 




With nurses Elizabeth and Rachel




Ouch! See the scratch on my right wrist?



Weekend of March 14, 2014

My weekend was so amazing! It started on 3-14-14 and was filled with awesome things like seeing Bonnie, baseball game and seeing the Wizard of Oz.

On Friday, I saw Bonnie and we talked about linking verbs. Then I had my friend Savi over.

 On Saturday, I didn’t go horseback riding but I had my picture taken at baseball and I didn’t smile. I was so upset that I thought “I didn’t smile? Now I’m annoyed at myself.” Then, I had my game and I did great!

 On Sunday, I exercised, then I saw TV, practiced piano, and got ready to go see the Wizard of Oz at JCC. It was so entertaining because the good witch was my old friend named Hannah Houts. Also, the lion and the wicked witch of the west were so comical. In addition, we sat in row DD 115 and 116 across from [fellow student] Jacob.

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing the play Wizard of Oz because before the show started, these 2 violinists played songs from the wizard of Oz to get in the mood for the show. My least favorite part was nothing because all of it was splendid. Overall my weekend was fantastic!!!  This week, I will get a new ds game called Yoshi New Island!! Next weekend I will go to the discovery center with the friendship circle. I also want to either play my new ds game or go to Hawaii.  I want to do one of these things because it will be so super!!! 


Too hot to smile




With Hannah the good witch



Weekend of March 7, 2014

My weekend was so great. It started on March 7th, 2014 and was filled with great things like seeing Bonnie, hanging out with Aaron and his family, going horseback riding, going to Miracle League’s opening ceremony, taking a nap, going to the aquarium, and going to Purim.

On Friday, I went to [tutor] Bonnie’s house in La Jolla. I noticed that in front of her house, there was not a tree. Why you ask? Because, I think somehow the wind blew her tree away, so now there’s a big empty hole in her soil. Oh no. Then when I got home, Aaron, a graduate student from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and his mom and dad came for happy hour. I told them about corals because Aaron is studying about them now. I explained that one time I saw a TV show about corals and behind the corals was a small tunnel to a cave and inside the cave there was this fake small piano fish and I thought it was so cool. It was like smiling with all his piano songs. Then we took a picture just because I wanted to have a nice photo. After that, I got out my iPad and I had an app called Classical guitar and first, Aaron tried it and then his dad tried it. It was so fun because his dad tried to sing and played folk songs like “Blowing in the Wind” and “This Land is Your Land.”

Saturday, it was a fun day because I first went horseback riding and that was good. Then I went to Miracle League just across from this church because it was opening day and I had my uniform. In the front it said number 7, Boston Red Sox and on the back it said Live like Joan. Joan’s Purple Sox. Also, they had this card for all the players on their teams and each had their name and you write about them like this:

Casey Latz


Casey is a 12th grader at Torrey Pines High School and Canyon Crest Academy. She is 18 years old. She enjoys horseback riding, piano, baseball and dance.

Then it was time for the opening ceremony where there were many teams: the Rays, the Pirates, the Storms, the Boston Red Soxs, the Ravens, the Padres, and the Mets who walked up to the middle of the field some in a single file line. Then the announcer asked if anyone would like to come up and sing our National Anthem and I signed it. After that, I saw part of their first game but it was so hot. It was like burning hot. Once the first inning ended, I went home and ate and took a long nap. Really, I did!

Sunday, [nurse] Elizabeth came and at first I was like crazy because I thought, “what? Chris can’t come? Aw man come on I mean… what’s going on with her?”  It’s because one of her kids was sick. Oh man! Anyways, when she came I exercised and I showed her the [Olympics] closing ceremony with Micah the bear. After that, I played piano, and went to the aquarium. I saw the new kelp tank for my very first time. They changed it so now they had a school of fish, many fish and sharks. After that we went outside to the tide pool to touch a sea cucumber. It was so gentle and soft. Then we headed to the other area where they had a game about the parts of a fish and a seahorse. Then we headed out to the courtyard and I saw a photo station that looked so cool. When she tried to put the money in this slot, I didn’t want to do it. Besides it was broken. She thought, “Hmm maybe it’s a problem.” And it was…. So there was another machine behind us so we went there and it worked just right. The photo machine asked us if we wanted classic or black or white print. We said classic. Then the machine said “which background do u want? Choose using the up or down arrow and press ok.” We chose aquarium. We took 4 pictures. The first second and third were all really bad, but the 4th one was perfect!

 After that, we drove to Poway for the friendship circle Purim and every kid had a costume. My costume was a good witch and Elizabeth was a bad and mean witch. When we got there, I met 2 girls who were my buddies and I saw Jaydon. First, we split up in groups and our group first made Hamintashin but my family didn’t want me to make it because it has eggs and milk but I accidently touched the dough so my hands were so dirty. After I washed them, I made a Purim bag with candies, noisemakers, and chips. Then we went to music and first we played with instruments, then we followed along with movements with hanky scarfs, then we saw a Purim play. It is about how Esther is a good princess and she wanted to rule all her people’s land. There’s also the bad king, Hangman [Haman] who the crowd say “boo” whenever we hear his name.

My favorite part of the weekend was when I had that Purim party because I wore a costume. My least favorite part was the aquarium because the first 3 pictures were not good but, a good time was had by all.

Overall, my weekend was great! Next weekend will be exciting because first of all, I have no riding. Second of all, I will have my first baseball game and finally I will go to JCC to see the kids version of “The Wizard of Oz.” You know with follow the yellow brick road? Anyways, I also want to either watch the movie Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen or see Wicked. I want to do one of these things because it will be a fabulous weekend.


With Aaron and his parents Barbara and Paul




With buddy Sophia at Miracle League Baseball Opening Day



With nurse Elizabeth at the aquarium




Weekend of February 28. 2014

My weekend was so fantastic because I did so much; I was busy.  It started on Friday 2-28-14 and was filled with awesome things like going to O.T., having a barn lesson at Helen Woodward, seeing my friend Savi, watching  T.V. and going to the Natural History museum.    

 On Friday, I had O.T.; I did some squeezing exercises, and practice tying. It was so wonderful!!

On Saturday, I had a barn lesson because it was too muddy to ride and I learned some of the horse parts like the cannon bone.  When I got home, my friend Savi came and we danced. When she left, I saw the Lion King movie. Then I practiced music, took a bath and  I turned on my TV but, there was no Lawrence Welk, instead it was the Ed Pavilion [Sullivan] rock and roll show. I liked the band, The Animals because I liked how they were  inging, plus they had  a Hammond organ player and I thought it was so cool like a Rhodes keyboard.

Sunday, [nurse] Chris and I went to the Natural History  Museum and I saw a new exhibit about pirates. It was so cool. Also, I met some real pirates who greeted me and said, “Argh ahoy there mates.” In fact, it reminded me of that pirate ride at LEGOLAND and Disneyland.  Between exhibits, we saw Ms. Frizzle before the lower level area of the exhibits and after the upper level because you see, most exhibits start and  end  in the same place but it was not true in this case. It started upstairs when you see a short 5 minute movie. Then you go see the history of pirates and they had pictures of the treasure. That’s only the first part. The second part was on the lower level. Not the very top but the very bottom to get that straight. Uh anyways there you see more pictures of pirates and I think they had Jack Sparrow.  In the middle was a ramp which leads inside the ship, like the Star of India. There was  a girl pirate who showed me the ship. It was so cool why? Because it was like, “Anchors away! Whoosh!” Anyways, it was so fun because many pirates have a hook, an eye patch, peg legs, and a ship. When we walked outside we were headed to the carousel and guess what happened? It was closed. I thought, “I cannot believe it!  The carousel is closed now wait a minute; it can’t be closed because the rain stopped…oh well! It closed.” I was so upset. Bad carousel…  I was like, “No way! I couldn’t go on it if it’s raining right?” Anyhow, when I went home and when I got out my iPad, I was having trouble turning on my Easy remote app  because once I hit the app, my AT&T cable was supposed to turn on. But, it didn’t so my dad told me that in order to do that, then you have to first turn the TV on…using, the remote control. After it was on, I searched the guide and I DID find a game show called (get ready for it) Family Game Night, also known as FGN on the Hub channel. It was a fun game show because each family plays a game to win trips and to get a combination for the community chest at the end of the show.     

My favorite part of the weekend was FGN because they had fun games like Battleship, Barrel of Monkeys, and Monopoly remixes. Also, it was for teens. My least favorite part was the fact that the carousel was closed because it was so disappointing!!!! Overall, my weekend was a- raining-cats-and dogs-weekend because boy was it raining. Next weekend, I will go to the friendship circle fun Purim event with Chris. I also will have my baseball opening ceremony. In addition, I want to either go horse-riding or go walk around Del Mar Highlands. I want to do one of these things because I think it is going to be not a rainy weekend, but a nice weekend.   


With nurse Chris