Weekend of February 21, 2014

My weekend was so exciting.  It was filled with great things like relaxing at home, going horseback riding, visiting my grandma, watching TV, going to the Zoo, and hanging  out with my family.

On Friday, I came home and I practiced piano and drums before I ate and slept.

On Saturday, I first went horse-riding on Mark… aw! Next, my dad and I went to my Grandma Rhoda’s house and she sang me a Lilac tree song which goes like this……

A little boy and a little girl in an ecstasy of bliss. Said the little boy to the little girl, “Pray give me just one kiss.”The girl backed up with great surprise “you’re a stranger sir” said she.  “And I will give you just one kiss when the apple grows on the lilac tree. ”The boy was very sad at heart; she was the only one. The girl was quite remorseful at the terrible wrong thing she had done. So bright and early on the very next morn, he was quite surprised to see his little sweetheart standing in the garden tying apples on a lilac tree.


After that, I played a new piano piece called Cathedral Chimes and it’s hard because I have to do pedaling in the piece. After that, I went home, and I watched the Olympics, the ending of the Polar Express, and a scary TV show called SpooksVille on the hub channel. I didn’t like that show because it was so scary that I was too nervous. My dad turned it off. [Nurse] Cindy came at night and we saw the Lawerence Welk show on KPBS.

Sunday, Cindy came and we went to the Zoo. We went on the bus and saw tigers, polar bears, koalas, deer, antelope, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, and bears.  We also went in the Children’s Zoo because one area had a 4d/3d movie called Rio which was about parrots in the rainforest. I think some parrots were trapped and they wanted to get out to rescue these baby birds but the father tells the robins “You need to be alive, not dead.” One part I liked was when they have bubbles coming from all around the theater. I didn’t like the fact that whenever the birds run fast these lights blinked and made a really loud hissing noise which made me so nervous. Rio was also so funny. After the Zoo, I went on the carousel 2 times and I was thinking about Linda because when the horse I was riding went up I thought “Linda was”… and when it came down… “Having a good weekend!” I had a fun and special ride in honor of Linda too!! I also realized that the rocking chair is for babies and the horses are for teens and adults. I came home late because the traffic was so bad. We waited for 30 to 40 minutes. Can you believe that? I know, right? 30 stinky long minutes. Not as an hour and 30 minutes way too long.  Anyways, then when we got home, my dad and I read this kids magazine about animals and there was a joke, Why can’t you trust the fastest animal in the world? Because it’s a cheetah! Get it?  Cheetah sounds like “a cheater” so makes sense right?

My favorite part of the weekend was going to the Zoo to see Rio because I liked the music in it. My least favorite part was seeing Rio because I got freaked out by some parts. Overall, allow me ahem…my weekend was part terrific part terrible/awful/filled with frightening things. Next weekend since the Olympics are all over, I want to either go on the coaster or go on the SEAL bus at Seaport Village. I want to do one of these things because going on a tour by land and by sea all over San Diego, maybe sounds like fun. I think Chris will like it too, so I think I will do that. Plus, it will be amazing and interesting.


2 thoughts on “Weekend of February 21, 2014

  1. Rhoda Forrest says:

    Wonderful Casey. You got everv word correct of my song. I love when you sing it with me with your hands. Love you, Grandma

  2. Uncle Ron says:

    So much to keep track of and enjoy! We miss being in San Diego with you. Another snow storm is coming with forecasts of 6 to 12 inches.
    Love, Aunt Julie, Uncle Ron, Benjamin and David
    (not including Jonathan since he his lucky like you having warmer weather in Los Angeles, though it is raining, finally)

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