Weekend of February 7, 2014

My weekend was so awesome. It started on Friday, February 7, 2014. It was filled with fun things like seeing Bonnie, watching the Olympics, horseback riding, seeing Savi, going to friendship circle, seeing Shirley Temple sing along and dance along, and seeing my brother Matthew, my sister in law Anne-Marie, her mom Astrid, my uncles Robert and Steven, my grandma Rhoda, and the family dogs, Macy, Otis, and Cooper.

On Friday, I saw Bonnie and I did some content mastery. When I came home, I saw Lisa and we watched the Olympics on T.V. We saw slopestyle skiing and figure skating from the recording of yesterday. I liked the skating because of the music and I thought most of the skaters were very impressive.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout. After that, I came home and practiced my music. While I ate, I saw the Olympics’ opening ceremony on TV. It took place in Russia, and I liked how they had children with these eggs floating, it looked so cool. In the afternoon, my friend Savi came and we tap danced. It was so fun!

On Sunday, my nurse Elizabeth came and after I exercised, I got ready to go to friendship circle. I met 2 new friends who were my buddies; the first girl was named Lilly, and the second girl, I forgot her name. Anyways, first we played kick ball and that was so amazing. Then we did yoga and it was so calming to me because I was like “Ah! Feels so good!” After that, we played with the parachute and teens love that I know they do, right? After that was over, we came home, and saw the Olympics.  One part I liked was when this couple figure skated to a medley of the music from the most classic show, “My Fair Lady”. I loved it because first of all, they were from the USA so I had to watch that. Second of all, the guy did a great job spinning the girl, so they danced so well and finally, their score was 97.8 so they were in first place. Wohoo! USA is number 1! Then at 4 pm, I saw my Shirley Temple dance and sing along video.  She sang and danced to “Animal Crackers in my Soup, He was a Dandy, Be Optimistic, When I Grow Up!, Early Bird, and I Love to Walk In the Rain!”. Then around dinnertime, my brother Matthew, my sister in law Anne-Marie, her mom Astrid, my dad, my grandma, my uncles  Robert and  Steven, my dogs Cooper, Macy, Otis, and I all had dinner together. It was so nice because my whole family came.  

My favorite part of the weekend was watching the Olympics on T.V. because it was so much fun and I liked the opening ceremony the best! My least favorite part was nothing because all of it was really exciting! Overall, my weekend was so superb! Next weekend, my cousins Jonathan, Benjamin, and David will visit us for the day so with them, I want to either go to LEGOLAND, or go to Boomers. I also want to go shopping, or get my id. I want to do one of these things because I will have a fun long weekend.


With Uncles Steven and Robert, Macy and Otis (where’s Cooper?)



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