Weekend of February 21, 2014

My weekend was so exciting.  It was filled with great things like relaxing at home, going horseback riding, visiting my grandma, watching TV, going to the Zoo, and hanging  out with my family.

On Friday, I came home and I practiced piano and drums before I ate and slept.

On Saturday, I first went horse-riding on Mark… aw! Next, my dad and I went to my Grandma Rhoda’s house and she sang me a Lilac tree song which goes like this……

A little boy and a little girl in an ecstasy of bliss. Said the little boy to the little girl, “Pray give me just one kiss.”The girl backed up with great surprise “you’re a stranger sir” said she.  “And I will give you just one kiss when the apple grows on the lilac tree. ”The boy was very sad at heart; she was the only one. The girl was quite remorseful at the terrible wrong thing she had done. So bright and early on the very next morn, he was quite surprised to see his little sweetheart standing in the garden tying apples on a lilac tree.


After that, I played a new piano piece called Cathedral Chimes and it’s hard because I have to do pedaling in the piece. After that, I went home, and I watched the Olympics, the ending of the Polar Express, and a scary TV show called SpooksVille on the hub channel. I didn’t like that show because it was so scary that I was too nervous. My dad turned it off. [Nurse] Cindy came at night and we saw the Lawerence Welk show on KPBS.

Sunday, Cindy came and we went to the Zoo. We went on the bus and saw tigers, polar bears, koalas, deer, antelope, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, and bears.  We also went in the Children’s Zoo because one area had a 4d/3d movie called Rio which was about parrots in the rainforest. I think some parrots were trapped and they wanted to get out to rescue these baby birds but the father tells the robins “You need to be alive, not dead.” One part I liked was when they have bubbles coming from all around the theater. I didn’t like the fact that whenever the birds run fast these lights blinked and made a really loud hissing noise which made me so nervous. Rio was also so funny. After the Zoo, I went on the carousel 2 times and I was thinking about Linda because when the horse I was riding went up I thought “Linda was”… and when it came down… “Having a good weekend!” I had a fun and special ride in honor of Linda too!! I also realized that the rocking chair is for babies and the horses are for teens and adults. I came home late because the traffic was so bad. We waited for 30 to 40 minutes. Can you believe that? I know, right? 30 stinky long minutes. Not as an hour and 30 minutes way too long.  Anyways, then when we got home, my dad and I read this kids magazine about animals and there was a joke, Why can’t you trust the fastest animal in the world? Because it’s a cheetah! Get it?  Cheetah sounds like “a cheater” so makes sense right?

My favorite part of the weekend was going to the Zoo to see Rio because I liked the music in it. My least favorite part was seeing Rio because I got freaked out by some parts. Overall, allow me ahem…my weekend was part terrific part terrible/awful/filled with frightening things. Next weekend since the Olympics are all over, I want to either go on the coaster or go on the SEAL bus at Seaport Village. I want to do one of these things because going on a tour by land and by sea all over San Diego, maybe sounds like fun. I think Chris will like it too, so I think I will do that. Plus, it will be amazing and interesting.


Long weekend of February 14, 2014

My long weekend was so fun. It started on Friday, February 14th, 2014 and was filled with amazing things like going horseback riding two times, going to Seaport Village, seeing my friend, Jaydon, going to the Safari park, and hanging out with my family.

On Friday, I went horseback riding on Scout who was a good boy. Then I decided to get my ID but I didn’t have the original document, so I think that was upsetting. Oh no!! Luckily, Arlie and I went to Seaport Village and there were many performers. For example, there was a keyboard player playing requests from people. Then I went on the carousel and it was fun. After that, they had a guitar player and a drum set player and OMG, it was so awesome!!! And…I loved it. So cool!!!

Saturday, I went horseback riding again and again, I rode Scout, only this time I fed him mints. Then I practiced music at home and I saw more of the Olympics. Suddenly, we were out of the house at 1:15 pm, because we went to Jaydon’s house and he played Bach on the piano. Me, I played my new Tochanna Twister piece and don’t worry, I didn’t write it. Then we played a few games before it was time to go home.

Sunday, Chris came and we went to the [San Diego Zoo] Safari Park. It was so exciting because we rode on the tram and the carousel too! While we were there, Chris had a craft for Valentine’s day that we did. When we got home, I gave it to my dad!!! Aww! 

Monday, I went to UTC. We saw hockey and it was so nice! Then we went to this restaurant and meanwhile, I saw my cousins Jonathan, Benjamin, and David, Aunt Julie and Uncle Ron. When we got inside the restaurant, I said, “After lunch I want to go to LEGOLAND. Please?” After a long time, I suggested, “Hey I know, how about Boomers?” My dad said, “Listen to me, all the adults go home, and the kids go to Boomers ok?” We all agreed so we did and I won 100 tickets! Wow! After that, I came home and played Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Were we? No!!! So I hung out at home. After dinner, I fell fast asleep.

My favorite part of the weekend was having so much fun with my cousins because it was super! I also liked Seaport Village. My least favorite part was nothing. I had a fabulous weekend. Overall, my weekend was so cheerful. Next weekend since Valentine’s day is over, I want to go to either LEGOLAND, or go to SeaWorld. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fun and amazing!


With cousins Jonathan, Benjamin, and David



Weekend of February 7, 2014

My weekend was so awesome. It started on Friday, February 7, 2014. It was filled with fun things like seeing Bonnie, watching the Olympics, horseback riding, seeing Savi, going to friendship circle, seeing Shirley Temple sing along and dance along, and seeing my brother Matthew, my sister in law Anne-Marie, her mom Astrid, my uncles Robert and Steven, my grandma Rhoda, and the family dogs, Macy, Otis, and Cooper.

On Friday, I saw Bonnie and I did some content mastery. When I came home, I saw Lisa and we watched the Olympics on T.V. We saw slopestyle skiing and figure skating from the recording of yesterday. I liked the skating because of the music and I thought most of the skaters were very impressive.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout. After that, I came home and practiced my music. While I ate, I saw the Olympics’ opening ceremony on TV. It took place in Russia, and I liked how they had children with these eggs floating, it looked so cool. In the afternoon, my friend Savi came and we tap danced. It was so fun!

On Sunday, my nurse Elizabeth came and after I exercised, I got ready to go to friendship circle. I met 2 new friends who were my buddies; the first girl was named Lilly, and the second girl, I forgot her name. Anyways, first we played kick ball and that was so amazing. Then we did yoga and it was so calming to me because I was like “Ah! Feels so good!” After that, we played with the parachute and teens love that I know they do, right? After that was over, we came home, and saw the Olympics.  One part I liked was when this couple figure skated to a medley of the music from the most classic show, “My Fair Lady”. I loved it because first of all, they were from the USA so I had to watch that. Second of all, the guy did a great job spinning the girl, so they danced so well and finally, their score was 97.8 so they were in first place. Wohoo! USA is number 1! Then at 4 pm, I saw my Shirley Temple dance and sing along video.  She sang and danced to “Animal Crackers in my Soup, He was a Dandy, Be Optimistic, When I Grow Up!, Early Bird, and I Love to Walk In the Rain!”. Then around dinnertime, my brother Matthew, my sister in law Anne-Marie, her mom Astrid, my dad, my grandma, my uncles  Robert and  Steven, my dogs Cooper, Macy, Otis, and I all had dinner together. It was so nice because my whole family came.  

My favorite part of the weekend was watching the Olympics on T.V. because it was so much fun and I liked the opening ceremony the best! My least favorite part was nothing because all of it was really exciting! Overall, my weekend was so superb! Next weekend, my cousins Jonathan, Benjamin, and David will visit us for the day so with them, I want to either go to LEGOLAND, or go to Boomers. I also want to go shopping, or get my id. I want to do one of these things because I will have a fun long weekend.


With Uncles Steven and Robert, Macy and Otis (where’s Cooper?)



Weekend of January 31, 2014

My weekend was so fun. It was filled with amazing things like going  to O.T., going horseback riding, visiting my grandma, watching  some dance videos, TV problems, going to the Natural History museum, and seeing the Super Bowl.

Friday, I had O.T. Even though it was an evaluation, my dad went with me. The O.T. person did some tests to measure my hand [strength].

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout and I went on a trail ride. Also, I fed him peppermint. (I always do that with Scout because that way he will have good breath.)  Anyways, after that, I visited my grandma at her house and her back was much better. Phew! Also, I played piano at her house because she has a Steinway and Sons piano. Next, I went home, and I decided to see a movie, but which movie I wondered? Not a Disney movie, nor a sign [language] movie, nor a musical.  So what you ask? Well let me tell you. 2 movies. First, I saw this tap movie with a famous tap dancer who teaches you how to tap. And yeah it has some steps, but more importantly, it had tap dances with piano and drums in the background. One dance was called The Waltz Clog and its music was to a folk song called the Sidewalk of New York. The second movie I saw was a ballet movie called Let’s Dance with Belle Ballerina and these teddy bears characters like Chip and Dale. It’s not for teens, but I like it because one song teaches you the 5 positions of basic ballet. Another dance was the Happy Swan. Saturday night, there was a problem. I turned on Lawrence Welk and then my [tv] screen went blank. When the red light flashed, I began to think if red lights on, red light usually means recording but in this case, it meant low battery. To make the story short, I fell fast asleep.  

Sunday, Chris and I went to the Natural History museum. We first watched a movie, Dinosaurs Alive, and remember when I said I saw a 3d/4d movie at the zoo? Well this movie I saw was just 3d. Then I went to an area called Campasorous. It was an area for little kids but I loved it. While I ate, I went to Ms. Frizzle. It was all about whales and we learned that whale eats krill. After that, I didn’t go on the carousel because we left early. Then I did something silly. I saw the Super Bowl on a tiny TV. The game was sort of boring but the Halftime was so good. I liked how they had fireworks. My dad thought it was boring because he doesn’t know Bruno Mars or the Red Hot Chile Peppers. BUT, I loved the halftime. It was the best halftime ever. Wow! Can you believe that! In addition, the commercials were so funny like remember the one where many people are in one car and people outside were clapping in tempo? I loved that one!

My favorite part of the weekend was the Super Bowl because the Halftime was so fantastic. I also liked Ms. Frizzle because of the bus that the kids always go on at the end, and I love how there’s sound effects like beep beep. My least favorite part was the TV – because it was broken! Oh no, oh well, better luck next time!  Overall, my weekend was awesome. Next weekend, I want to either see the winter Olympics or practice extra hard for the jazz concert on Monday. I want to do one of these things and more because it will be really great!



With Ms. Frizzle 




Enjoying Superbowl halftime show on the little TV