Long Weekend of January 23, 2014

I had a wonderful vacation which started on Thursday and ended on Tuesday. It was filled with awesome things like swimming, going out to eat,  playing at the beach, flying on airplanes, and going to the zoo.

On Thursday, I woke up and with excitement, took a bath before my dad, my grandma, and I went to the airport [to go to Miami]. Now grandma’s back hurt, it was so painful that she needed a wheelchair. Finally, 2 men came with the wheelchairs, (one for me and one for grandma!) So when we got on the plane, next to me was a station of music like a speaker and one station had pop music on the piano like Royals, and Roar, by Katy Perry. Another station had the soundtrack from the Carrie Underwood version of the Sound of Music. I loved that. I used headphones.

Friday, I went to watch my dad swim at the lap pool. Meanwhile, Grandma M and I played Uno, a Spanish card game. Then we came back to the apartment that we stayed at to have lunch. After that, my dad and I went swimming in the pool and it was just right why? Because the ocean was too cold, the Jacuzzi was too hot, but the pool was just right, just like Goldie Locks. In the evening after Sabbath, we went to a restaurant which was across the street.

Sunday, I went to the beach with my dad and the sand was nice. I put the sand into the bucket of water and it was like a lot of jellyfish floating. When we went in the ocean, I didn’t like it. Why? It was too cold. I hated it in fact. When we went in the pool ah! It was perfect. Meanwhile I heard music and I didn’t know where it was coming from I thought, “was it nearby?” Actually, it was straight ahead aha yes! There were some girls who were singing just for fun and I took pictures with them. They sang “we could make a snow man.” In addition, I danced with them. There were 5 kids and I loved it. Then my grandma and grandpa’s and my dad’s friends Tammy, Bill, and Susan came over for dinner and I did something super funny. You’ll laugh when I tell you what I did… I took a nap. Haha oh yeah. It is funny because while people talked I decided to take a nap. What made that funny was that if you have people over do you sleep? Nope. That’s why it’s so funny!

On Monday, we went swimming in the pool and Jacuzzi and had lunch with an old friend of the family. It was Edythe. Then we were driving to the airport while listening to 89.5 classical south Florida on the radio and when we got to the airport, we had a huge problem. You see, we couldn’t get a wheelchair until we got our boarding pass. Then dad talked to the guard about what to do. Meanwhile, me and my grandma were on kind of like a golf cart. So we waited forever. Finally, 2 wheelchairs came and I was like “phew! I know phew!” On the plane, I listened to that pop piano station, only this time before the plane took off, there was a different piano station. It played Morning Has Broken, The Rainbow Connection, and All I Ask of You from les Miz by the great Andrew Lloyd Weber. Also, it played Clair de Lune by Debussy. (it starts with a quiet tune and then partway it has a strong theme and then it sounds like a harp in the water. It’s so peaceful!!!)

Tuesday when I got home, I went to the zoo and I saw RIO a 3d/4d movie and it was a really funny and fun movie. Before I got in, there was a sign and one part of it says ask assistance for close captioning because I didn’t understand what they said when I first saw it. It was like the Lion king movie. After that, the gate for the Camp Critter show was already open so after we saw that, while I rested, the chimes did something that I thought was weird, the chimes played deck the halls and frosty the snowmen.  

My favorite part of the trip was the pool because it was cool. My least favorite part was nothing because it was all so fantastic. Although, I didn’t like the fact that I had to wait a long time for the wheelchairs. Boring!  Overall, my vacation was so fabulous. Next weekend I want to either see the Super Bowl or go to Seaport [Village]. I want to do one of these things because it will be so much fun.


With Grandma Marjorie and Grandpa Murray




With some new friends




At the beach



4 thoughts on “Long Weekend of January 23, 2014

  1. jay wsc says:

    hey casey, thanks for the beautifully written account of your south florida vacation! nice photos and your grandparents look fabulous – and so do you!! i like your poetic descriptions of the musical selections – particularly the debussy and your take on it ” like a harp in water – very original. ever think of being a music critic???!!??

    love uncle jay

  2. Uncle Ron says:

    Dear Casey,
    Glad you had a good time in Florida. David and I just looked at the pictures and they are nice, especially viewing them from cold New York. Who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl, or do you just want to watch the commercials (like me!).
    Love, Uncle Ron and Cousin David

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